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Monday, March 23, 2009

Whales dream, prediction of unknown species

Before going to sleep last night I instructed my powerful personal pendant and a new astral travel orgone creation (made with strong astral travel gems, elixirs and herbs, empowered with sacred vibrations) to take me astral travel to remote places to do psychic work during the travel. I have injured my knee while scuba diving few days ago and another instruction given was to get my knee healed over night. First my knee healed amazingly over nigh, I was limping the previous day. Second, I dreamt of whales: many of them, many species, colors, dimensions, as well as unknown species. The astral traveled took me to a beautiful place, very pristine and sacred.
Before getting onboard I was boosting to meet whales on this trip. The boat left the harbor, and as I wasn’t satisfied with the direction we were heading, I sent telepathic messages to the captain to change boat’s direction. He suddenly heard on the radio that orcas have been seen around. Yay! The boat changed its course and indeed we saw orcas - a lot of them. They were curious, approaching us. The water was crystal clear and I remember the place being close to the shore. The whole environment was so pristine, so awesome. As we were heading towards the whales, we saw different species: humpback, pilot, grey, blue, white, also unknown species I have never seen or heard of.
A mythological specie with a long swordfish like beak caught my attention. They were so many of them. At some point our boat was running over on of these unicorn whales, while I was freaking out, as I thought the boat injured the whale, however the whale was unharmed and the captain said this type of whales are very intelligent creatures and know how to dive when a boat approaches them. I didn’t like the reply and boosted to correct that. However I saw the whale surfacing again and realized how smart this whale is.
This type of whale intrigued me, so I researched whales today and surprisingly found out about Narwhals - the unicorns of the sea, whales beak horn like. I was so blown away by the similarities and so pleasantly surprised they do exist. They look exactly like in my dream. At first they seemed to appear from another dimension to connect with us. The more we are changing our structure, more souls bring themselves forth to interact with us. Narwhals want to connect and work with us.

Next, all sort of whales showed up one after another, dancing with grace around and under our boat making themselves known and willful to connect with us. Few of them were absolutely unknown species, I saw a big white whale, then another one which in my dream seemed to be a “tiger whale” ( I researched and this one doesn’t exists but have feeling it is yet to be discovered). People on the boat kept Awwwing, saying how lucky we were to see these creatures.
In my dream I asked myself what IF I can look into a whale’s eye? So as soon as I finished that question I found myself underwater with whales, it was a weird feeling as I wasn’t wet, but saw all the whales in front of me very close. Then I realized in my dream that I was astral projecting.
In the dream state whales represent deep emotions, intuition, messages from the spiritual realms, higher sources. It makes so much sense, as lately I am ridding on a spiritual emotional rollercoaster with lots of empowerments received by different ancient masters.
Those unknown species shown in my dream represent a prediction of discovery of more species in the future: the new species I saw very clear were a huge white whale, not a beluga though and a tiger whale (I saw the tiger markings on the skin, very clear).
Also all different species of whales presenting themselves in front of us represent UNITY, spiritual unity.
Whales and dolphins are still slaughtered today and many of us want to stop that. I want to take this opportunity and boost whales and our connections with them. The dream connection I had was to get in touch with whales at deeper levels and work to boost for a strong human cetacean connection. Also the fact that I dreamt about unknown species makes sense that we need to work on preserving the species that exist today.
Migaloo or white (albino) humpback
Larina, my dear psychic friend who lives next to the ocean in Australia mentioned she knew about narwhals so that's a yay!!! She sent me more info on Migaloo whales the white whale that appeared in my dream. They definitelly want to communicate with us. I also hope we'll find something about mysterious "tiger whale" that appeared in my dream.
Here is the website with information about Migaloos: I am reposting some of the facts:Migaloo Research FACTS:
On 28th June, 1991, an all-white humpback whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point.
This unusual whale is, so far, the only documented record of an all-white humpback whale in the world. It has been named "Migaloo"This is the name Australian Aboriginal community elders from the Hervey Bay area in Queeensland use to describe a White Fella.
Migaloo is an adult male.
Researchers from Southern Cross University were able to collect sloughed skin samples from Migaloo in October 2004 when he breached. Small pieces of skin fell off him into the water and were collected and analysed for DNA. From this it was confirmed that Migaloo is definitely a male. A genetic fingerprint for Migaloo was also obtained, allowing researchers to check for relatives of Migaloo amongst the other whales they have samples from, as well as to check whether Migaloo is the father if they obtain skin from a calf.
Migaloo is suspected to be an albino whale, but without definitive evidence for the moment he is known as a "hypo-pigmented" humpback.
Sightings of Migaloo provide valuable insight into the migratory behaviour of humpback whales along the east coast of Australia.
Migaloo is part of the east Australian humpback population, now suspected to number around 8-10,000 individuals in 2007. This population was likely around 30,000 before commercial whaling began, but was possibly as low as 104 individuals after commercial whaling on humpbacks ceased in the 1960s..
This population is one of six in the southern hemisphere that migrate north from Antarctica each year to give birth in tropical waters.
Whale watching guidelines exist to protect humpback whales in Australian waters. These include slow approach speeds when within 300m of an adult humpback, and vessels are prohibited from approaching closer than 100m of adults, or 300m if a calf is present. The full regulations and guidelines can be found at: The Australian Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Because Migaloo is such a unique whale he has special legislation that is enacted each year to protect him from harassment. For this reason vessels are prohibited from approaching Miagloo closer than 500m.
Migaloo was struck by a trimaran off Townsville, Queensland in August 2003 and still bears the scars from the collision on his back. ... read more:
For the whales and oceans, ~Lilly