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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Philippines Journey ~ deeper into the womb of Mother Earth

Woke up this morning by the water spirit that I “met” underwater while diving in the Philippines, who was singing in my ears: “I’ll be there” … by Mariah Carey
“I’ll be there” -- lyrics
You and I must make a pact
We must bring salvation back
Where there is LOVE
I'll be there ...
I'll reach out my hand to you
I'll have faith in all you do
Just call my name
And I'll be there

...So here’s what happened in the Philippines…

It was Dec 1, 2009, full moon in Gemini, while during one of our drift dives I SAW HER!!! – The most beautiful, gracious, mesmerizing woman water spirit (undine)!!!
Two days after I came from Peru, Constantin and I headed for the Philippines for exciting underwater adventures.

~~ Undines ~ ~water spirits ~ ~
My wishes came through after gifting the waters and Land of Mindoro Island. Philippino people awareness rising was one of my deepest intentions, while orgone gifting the ocean and a few places on the island.
Every time we make offerings the spirits bless us with more gifts… I love the exchange!
The undines are water elementals that are governed by the moon, replenish our energy and renew and uplift our spirits. The Archangel associated with the Water Element is Gabriel.

“They govern magnetism and chemistry. They stimulate and feed our various emotions and spiritual impulses, create attraction between people, and nourish our psychic faculties…They can help us heal, develop psychically or attract love.”

The undine I met underwater was very specific in her message to help raise awareness thru sharing my experiences and do my gifting work with orgone. One of the “words” and feelings that are still vibrating in my whole being is FREEDOM.

The water spirit was a woman of an extraordinary beauty, medium height, wearing a white long beautiful watery dress, dark blonde wavy watery long hair. She was standing on a large rock with her arms raised towards the skies, radiating freedom. It was quite a shock for me to watch her. At first I thought I was narked (nitrogen narcosis that happens due too much nitrogen in the body solution). It wasn’t the case. That usually happens at depth (the dive was a relative shallow one) so I watched my computer to make sure I see the numbers properly (if the numbers are fuzzy or showing double, then I know it’s the nitrogen playing tricks). I shook my head, looked back and forth, opened and closed my eyes numerous times… she was still there standing in front of me showing the path towards freedom achieved through “LOVE” only. I was absolutely in AWE! My heart opened unbelievable wide radiating REAL LOVE!!!

I found myself flirting with everything including the full moon!!! Flirting with fish underwater, with the small blue ring octopus, even the jelly fish that stung me few days before, flirting with the whole existence… Felt like I was on my honey (full) moon. And when the real LOVE blossoms within us, we have the courage and confidence to share it with others without being shy!!!


The water spirit sister blessed me also with the gift of finding my spiritual sisters. During the last month I have made many (spiritual sisters) connections: women of power and amazing character, dolphin sisters, past lives sisters, nymphs and so on… The more we dig into the depths of the sisterhood the more we find each other to share our gifts. Looking into each other’s eyes (soul) is beyond words!!! I think we’ll be seeing more of these connections this year. A lot of men also lean towards spirituality, Love, shakti energy, staying centered in the heart. It’s the only way we reclaim our planet!

The water element
Working with water is one of my biggest passions. Water helps one to reinvent him/herself, it is intuition, cleansing, purification, creativity, force of character and this element is responsible for prophetic and enlightened dreams. It is the most powerful element!!! Those who possess the power of the water element have the ability of drawing people to them.

Freedom and surrender
One of the most beautiful and challenging underwater experiences happened during an advanced dive where the current was so strong that we had to abort the dive. The second attempt we could stay down for a while enjoying the volcanic bubbles underwater when the current hit us strong again. I tried to fight it with all my being until I couldn’t do it anymore: I was swept away by the current!!! No more fighting! LET GO!
In theory we all know about letting go, surrendering etc… unless we are faced with challenging situations we cannot really learn and appreciate what we already have, so for me was a powerful opportunity to actually practice “letting go” to experiment freedom. So I learnt to never ever fight the current! Never, ever fight Mother Nature: surrender instead. As soon as I did that, I found myself floating freely in the water column enjoying one of the best dives of my life. When we let go, we are FREE, we are happy… there is nothing left to lose!!! Again the feeling is beyond words!!! One needs to experience it!

Mother Nature knows abundance
Verde Island, a pristine diving spot was hit by a hurricane few years ago, wiping out everything. Mother Nature, who has an amazing intelligence, gave birth to new marine life very fast. There was an amazing abundance of marine life. Underwater everyone eats, no one is starving. Every animal lives its life beautifully using the natural gift of intelligence.
By nature our body also knows intelligence. We have been conditioned to believe our capabilities are limited. As nature regenerates itself, we humans can regenerate and build new bodies.

Scuba like yoga takes you into the present moment: being aware, enjoying life fully.
Awareness is nothing but bringing focus to what happens inside as well as around us. To be able to see all those amazing creatures and feeling the pulse of life flowing underwater is an extraordinary powerful experience. Awareness heals. If there is any sort of pain in the body, depression, negativity etc and as we watch it with awareness, it will simply dissolve and clarity happens.

If I would have to describe our adventure in the Philippines in one word it would be: PARADISE!
Flow yoga and meditation facing the ocean every morning, tropical vegetation, gourmet food, (mango has never tasted more delicious), friendly people, awesome massages!!! including Thai massage that I enjoyed at least once a day (while astral traveling underwater diving with outwardly marine life), diving is one of the best with a diversity of marine life including the most colorful sea slugs (nudibranch), giant clams (which I played telepathy game underwater to see if they can hear me) HUGE turtles, moray eels, octopus, blue ring octopus which is very rare (we were very fortunate to see one), rays, tons of happy fish of all dimensions including clown fish (Nemo), cuttle fish, lion, scorpion, frog, puffer, tuna, barracudas etc… Life is good!!!

We will be going back to this extremely beautiful place again in April to experience a deeper connection with the spirit of the water and Mother Nature through yoga, meditation, breathing, different powerful techniques, singing, dancing and a lot of scuba diving!!!
If you are interested in this unique experience in paradise check our coming retreat in the Philippines: here

~~Waken to the dream… life begins to transform in remarkable ways~~

Yasmine and I are very connected, she could feel the energies of the water spirit that went thru me and channeled the water spirit thru a poem about the moon, ocean and diving around with the undines… Enjoy her Nocturnal Exodus…

Nocturnal Exodus

The spirit of the Undine dances in undulating waters deep
reveals a secret promise when the foolish sleep

All living creatures strive to find a path to him
defying fiercely their own deluded whim

on moonless night be her powerful glow forlorn?
when mortal eyes are blinded by Maya and wisemen sojourn

The ocean however renounces delusion, blossoms within her sight
alive to her nuances every single night

the lunar salutation from afar the ocean doth embrace
its luminous desire caress the tides glistening chase

Can ye weigh the moon or measure its majestic beam
fathom its undying virtues set fourth by its righteous gleam

can ye count the scintillating stars that hold her in place
or touch her glowing reflection and kiss her silvery face

and in the darkest lunar tides
her radiance she coquettishly hides

no seer can the secret tell
lest she becomes a fugitive from her own will

and thus to higher truths aspire
attaining all that she desires

from highest inspirations noble flame
ignites the lovers yearning and wanders into lonely terrain

it burns the wooden legs I bear
exchange the mortal garment that I wear

In boundless love I take my flight
with wings toward the beloveds kindled light

as flesh is partner to the soul
the soul is merely part of the sacred whole

if one drop of God's knowledge be yours
then the wisdom from uncharted shores

would be at thy attentive fingertips
such as tidings whispered from the beloveds lips

all creatures who surpass the night
grow wings and basque in higher heights

as Sylphs their flighty path they know
in fleets they come to overthrow

demons raised from underworlds
with kindred allies in celestial pearls

And those who crawl upon the earth
heedless to their own true worth

how many waste their idle lives until
they enter subtle realms subservient to his will

as dragons breathe their noble gases
their purifying vapours awaken the dying masses

the elven native has prepared
a garden for those whose task was shared

and from gates in heavenly tiers
a symphony for angelic ears

in vast hot deserts or deep cool oceans
the moon divides her bounties and destiny is set in motion

exhale, inhale her waning and waxing tides
through the ebbs and flows of the ocean her capricious nature she guides

oblivious it seems they tango in rhythmic flow
tempestuous winds of change their ecstatic tempo grows

in exodus as lovers outside of space and time
where souls gather and bathe in mercury wine

all creatures borne from earthy womb
abandon thy cage; forsake thy tomb!

yasmine f