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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolphin friends in California

Another great dolphin "meeting" in “real time” in Venice California. I was meditating with a wonderful and open group of souls -yogis and yoginis at the beach when suddenly felt someone boosting me with strong healing energy. At first I thought that was our yoga teacher sending healing energy to us… However the energy didn’t feel like his energy, so I immediately knew the dolphins showed up and wanted our attention, interacting with us. I couldn’t wait to finish my meditation and see if it’s "real". I had to stop meditating because the energy was so playful. There they were!!! My beautiful friends - jumping, leaping, playing, surfing the waves, inviting us to play with them. Their energy is so familiar to me!! I started crying. One of my friend who is a dolphin lover and lives in the area was absolutely amazed as she has never seen them so happy and playful. She said: “Lilly you called them, it’s you”! The whole day I was in playful mood, I laughed all day long, I even had to leave the yoga class as I couldn't stop laughing. Next day while meditating with the same group, the dolphin friends nudged me again… this time was a soft nudge but same energy.. dolphin energy… I opened my eyes and right in front of us there were a couple of dolphin females and their babies… How nice of them to stop and say “Hi!” to us!!! I love their great spirit and every time I interact and gift them, they always return my gifts. This time the gift was to see babies inside pregnant women with so much detail that it's mind blowing for me. I love love love these guys… My heart melts when I am in their presence…

Dolphins can scan your body with their sonar and see inside like an xray. I usually can tell when someone is pregnant, or can tell the sex of the baby but seeing so clearly the fetus inside was a mind blowing experience. I just came across to this article and now it makes sense why I could see so clearly the fetus. Was I a dolphin in a past life? Was I gifted by dolphins with this ability? See the article bellow:

Their powerful sonar can penetrate up to three feet through sand and mud
with resolution significant enough to distinguish between a dime and a penny.
Due to this power, scientists believe that dolphins can view the inside of our
bodies similar to a sonogram performed on pregnant women. Indeed, dolphins are
fascinated with pregnant women, honing in on the unborn fetus. Furthermore, they
often focus on individuals’ specific areas of impairment, as well as places
containing tumors. Many times people who swim with the dolphins can feel himself
being scanned. As if bypassing the ears, the sound resonates in the bones,
traveling up the spine. Furthermore, this blast is delivered through water,
which is 60 times more efficient than air for sound transference, to a body that
is three-quarters fluid. It is believed that ultrasound resonance within the
cerebrospinal fluid is especially important due to the fluid’s key influence on
the brain and spinal cord...from an article at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ancient, sacred sword dream

Last night I placed my Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer under my pillow and asked it to deliver a psychic dream to me from my dolphin friends I visited in Roatan Honduras. I have also asked the dolphins to visit my friend Yasmine. The dream was short but very intense and vivid. A very ancient and sacred sword was given to me and I was supposed to use its powers to empower myself and others. The sword was to be used on this specific day before the ending of the year (2008). When I picked up the sword from its case, people around were sort of intimidated by its power. I was a little intimidated myself but also very attracted to its bright, powerful energy which vibrated with its highest vibration. I picked it up in my right hand, when suddenly I found myself watching my hand moving in very beautiful geometrical healing patterns. These patterns were thought to me by dolphins, recently visited in Rotan, Honduras. The rays of such powerful energy emanating from the sword were being sent out to people. I was in a total state of bliss, truly humble and honored at the same time to be able to use this sword for sending powerful energy out. I am getting this sword can be accessed in the ether by people with highest pure intentions and elevated relationship with a higher power. Try it, it has amazing powerful healing energies. Wishing you abundance on all levels of your life and spiritual growth. Lilly

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Los Coronados islands: whales, dolphins, sea lions

August 8, 2008 Constantin and a group of friends went scuba diving on Lois Anne boat in Mexico, Los Coronados islands, great opportunity to gift and bless the Mexican waters and marine life. Few days prior to this trip I meditated on and prayed for PERFECTION, fun, abundance, prosperity, to see whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and get to communicate with them at subtle levels. Everything was PERFECT indeed! And let me tell you why. The day we went out was August 8, 2008 - (8 - 8 - 08 )!!! Multiple 8’s. The numerology of this day is a rare geometric, symmetric alignment. A day bounded by 8’s is a most favorable configuration within the collective consciousness. Eight represents prosperity, abundance, energy, vitality. When I think of ocean I think abundance. Los Coronados Islands The Coronado Islands are a group of four islands off the northwest coast of the Mexican state of Baja California. They are uninhabited except for a small military detachment and a few lighthouse keepers. As I was experiencing motion sickness on the boat I chose a place where I could sit quietly and meditate on abundance and high vibrations inviting whales and dolphins to be part of our trip. Not long after few whales showed up, which according to Karma (our sweet and great dive master on the boat) were fin whales. Fin whale is the second largest whale and the second largest living animal after the Blue Whale which we encountered two years ago on our trip with Ken Adachi and his wife to Catalina Island. The whales put on a great show for us: breaching, tail slaps and spy hops. I asked the whales what was the message for today and the answer was : “dive safe, dive properly equipped and have lots of fun”. Thank you! I was enjoying and appreciating every single moment, realizing how blessed I am to see and communicate with these wise creatures of the deep.

I was wearing a t-shirt with dolphins while Jammie another girl diver who loves whales, was wearing a whale t-shirt. I told Jammie: “we saw whales, watch for dolphins next”. Soon after a pod of white sided dolphins joined our boat, racing around diving under the boat and then surfacing on a crest of a wave. It was absolutely magical. These guys were having so much fun, putting up a beautiful show for us: spinning, jumping, leaping. Karma and I were applauding and talking to these guys, thanking them for the entertainment. Sea lions These guys came to greet us while we were scuba diving. They were playful and would try to imitate divers' movements. They let out air bubbles, look at you then look at the bubbles like saying: “Hey look at me, I can make those bubbles too”. They are nearly always playful and curious. Remarkably graceful and quick, their underwater acrobatics resemble a graceful and at the same time energetic modern dance or ballet. A Sea lion showed out of nowhere right in front of my nose. They are so agile they catch you by surprise. She blew a bubble and then played with it, inviting us to play with her. I noticed that blowing bubbles at us divers is one of their popular games. She swam so close to us and if you would stay calm she would come and kiss you (your mask). Pete one of the divers had a “romantic encounter” with this sea lion. The sea lion kissed his mask. Pete was ecstatic. It was so funny that I could hear myself laughing in my regulator. Their playing behavior reminds me of dolphins, they use a leaf as a toy. I love interacting with these sea creatures, they are so intelligent and inspirational.

We encountered an abundant and wide variety of marine life. Watch the short video clip here:

An interesting fact I noticed was a trigger fish I saw. Trigger fish are tropical fish but for some reason they made it and adapted to this environment. Karma told me I was lucky to see the trigger fish as they are quite rare.

Heading back to San Diego, we were joined by dolphins again.

Manta ray night dive- one of the best shows on Planet Earth

Although this article is not about dolphins or whales, MANTA rays are great creatures of the sea which were part of activating my DNA in Hawaii

Manta rays also referred to as the "Butterflies of the sea”, have NO stingers so are completely safe to be around. We couldn’t miss the manta rays magnificent show this year! We were so excited to see them again this year performing their night ballet feeding on plankton, delighting us with their gracefulness. The dive master on the boat was a little nervous about mantas not showing up tonight. He said one has to have a good karma to see these creatures. I boosted him as I knew the mantas would show up. As soon as we arrived at the dive site - Garden Eel Cove, two mantas leaped out of water to assure us they will perform tonight. Although it is said that mantas are attracted by light, I think they also love interacting with people and like dolphins, mantas are curious as well. Using dive lights, we are able to attract concentrations of plankton and therefore attract the Manta rays. There were about 40 scuba divers in the water and 30 snorklers above watching the magnificent show. As soon as I started my descent I saw the first manta ray and I had to adjust my buoyancy not to lend on top of her. I made my way thru water to where the show was taking place, waited and boosted them to show up. Imagine praying and meditating under water, what an interesting experience. After about 5 minutes they arrived: one after another dancing their sacred dance through the water. They were quite a few, more then we’ve seen last year. Last year I was a little nervous when I saw these big creatures in the water with us. This year I could not have enough of them. My heart was so open this time that instead of avoiding their touch I let them touch me watching the whole thing in amazement. My body and soul were touched by manta rays. WHAT A FEELING!!! As I write this my heart vibrates and tears come to my eyes, I cannot describe the feeling, words have no value, you gotta be present there to feel these powerful emotions.
Enjoy the short manta ray video clip here: After we left the show we swam thru the night waters to see other night creatures. The night life is different from day life: red sparkle shrimps looking like glitters, moray eels not so shy, interesting fish. When I turned my head to look for Constantin there was a manta ray right in front of my nose. She was swimming right above my head touching my face. Breath taking! Then another one came right towards us, performing her nigh routine. She escorted us as we were heading towards the boat. She did not want us to leave yet, so I had to wait before getting back on the boat while manta somersaulted in circles off the stern of the boat. Whenever I am underwater I think of mantas so I can fly weightless underwater. Manta rays’ supple movement and energy inspired my yoga practice tremendously as I now move from posture to posture with gracefulness. It’s amazing how much we can learn from wild creatures. Before we left Hawaii, I meditated and said few prayers, thanking the ocean for welcoming us, dolphins for sharing their vibrant energies, whales for beautiful concert and wisdom, turtles for their cute nature, mantas for their gracefulness, all marine life and people who shared their energies with us. I also took this opportunity to bless and boost the whole planet and its inhabitants with Hawaii’s sacred energy with all people living in love-based consciousness, in peace and balance with mother earth and nature. Merging with whales, dolphins, marine and other life manta awareness, people open themselves to new levels, appreciating nature and being part of evolution together with other species. ---Lilly

Hawaii - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part2

Swimming with the angels of the sea (dolphins) in the wild
The whole trip to Hawaii I was in detox mode: coughing, high fever and all those cold symptoms. I didn’t feel like going to the ocean today but after checking with my heart I knew the dolphins were at the place of refuge (2 steps) bay ready for human interaction. The Place of Refuge is considered a place of forgiveness. Sure enough, Hawaiian spinner dolphins were swimming peacefully in the bay. Hawaiian waters is heaven for them. Dolphins never stop to amaze me whenever they call me, or when I call them.
We got in the water really FAST to meet our sweet old friends. There was a pod of about 30 to 40 dolphins. Some of them were resting, some playing and chasing each other like kids do. As we got in the water they greeted us with friendly nodding of their heads. That’s their way of saying “HELLO”, inviting you to swim with them. “Great!” I said to myself: “they are ready to interact with us, so I thanked them for the invitation.” Connection was established and let me tell you it was absolutely MAGICAL. Two adult dolphins swam towards me, surrounding me. Another two followed the previous ones and slowed down to check me out, scanning me curiously with their sonar. My body was vibrating in harmony with their vibration. “I came in peace guys, I would love to interact with you beautifully” I said telepathically to them. Great! They accepted us as they started to surface for air right next to us. I got a little message from the two adults: “Open your heart”. “It is already opened” I said “Open it wider” hmmm… I pictured my heart opening wider.
Wow, what a feeling!! LOVE penetrating all my cells!! Two of them swam under me nodding their head up and down which in their language means “Hello”. I did the same, with a huge smile on my face. My mask would get flooded because of too much smiling and laugher under the water. I started to laugh and send telepathic messages of happiness and joy to them: “I love you guys, I love you guys, I love you“… Thank you… Then I started to speak to them though my snorkel. I could hear my own words and soon after vocalizing underwater I heard them chirping and whistling. They responded with a great amount of love and happiness. What a joy! How much fun!! A lady who was swimming around, noticed dolphins swimming very close to me and asked me: “How do you that“? “They are always next to you”. I winked and I told her my magic tricks: I usually stay very calm, allowing myself to be opened to their energies and wait for them to interact with me. If you swim towards them they will most probably swim away. Stay calm and wait for them to initiate contact. Also tell them telepathically or even say it out loud that you love them, meaning that!!! She was WOW!!!… I saw her glowing and aura expanding. Later on she was having the time of her life interacting with them so beautifully. I was happy to see others in the state of bliss I was also experiencing. They were involving us in their behavior, inviting us to play their “leaf” game, being part of their pod. I knew that game from last year trip to Hawaii and observed it with so much joy. The pattern of their swim was geometric, resembling some sort of sacred dance and/or a DNA pattern. When I returned to the shore, I was no longer sick, being fully energized, vibrant and centered. YES!!! NO LONGER SICK!!! Constantin asked me if it would be a good idea to go back to the farm and grab the video camera and photo camera to take few pictures and video shots. I said: “why not, if the dolphins want us to take few snap shots that means they will wait for us, so we can share their energy and joy with others.” I hope you enjoy and feel some of their amazing vibration while you see the pictures and watch the short video clip where you’ll also see whales. here: .

Next day we went to the bay again to meet our beloved friends. Asked permission to get in the water and waited for dolphin contact. Contact established. There were greetings, interaction, healing, playing time. We met with a local who is also a dolphin lover, whom we met last year…how interesting we cross our paths!!! The local swam towards me and said: “How interesting the dolphins chose to interact with us so beautifully today” as he saw me in the middle of the pod all the time. All night long I was present on the astral level with my dolphfriends in their magical environment, a very deep special place for me where I surrender and let go of things which no longer serves me, got renewed and healed on different levels. I still carry their frequency in my cells and intend to do so always. I can see a lot of dolphin interaction and vibratory communication with people in the near future as dolphins can assist humans with ways of healing at deeper and subtle levels. Because they emit these vibrations abundantly and freely, dolphins and whales have a profound impact on humans. In their presence, people experience tremendous increase in energy, vitality and awareness on all levels: physical, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dolphins message: “follow your bliss” ---Lilly

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hawaii trip - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part1

What a birthday present! My husband and I had such an amazing experience last year in Hawaii that we decided to go back this year. We immersed ourselves in the spirit of Aloha for 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii, the land of power and mystery. We were drawn by this special, strong energy place on earth where heaven joins the earth, to experience the art of living through the eyes of nature physically and spiritually, to embrace a higher path on our journey, taking our life dance to a new level. When there is a will the doors will open, so we focused on having the best time of our lives, swim with the dolphins, experience the birth of new earth - the volcano erupting, connect with whales, dance with manta rays, “cuddle” with green sea turtles.

Humpback Whales of Hawaii On our first scuba diving trip we were greeted by a humpback whale and her calf, soon after we left the harbor. The captain stopped the boat to watch the whale and her calf. Breath taking! So far so good, the law of attraction and boosting we are applying works really well. I wanted to see whales so bad, and my wish was fulfilled. We had to leave and go to the diving spot, so we had to say good bye to the whales. However there was no such a “good bye” as the whales were present everywhere. People on the boat were very excited and happy. “Wow!!! There are tons of them” people were exclaiming very pleased. Last year we haven’t seen so many, so I was pleasantly surprised. They probably roam freely around Hawaiian waters where they are loved and can communicate with great elevated souls instead of being hunted by the Japanese whalers. Sea Shepherd- Paul Watson does a good job by chasing the Japanese whalers, keeping the whales from being unharmed. After I thanked and gifted the whales, I gifted, blessed and thanked the ocean for allowing us to jump in and have fun diving. We were happy: we saw whales, we had two great dives, was something else missing? Dolphins!!!
Well they didn’t let us down, there was a pod of about 15 bottle nose dolphins swimming towards our boat. Bottle nose dolphins are rather shy and solitaire comparing to spinners and common dolphins which are more curious. Nevertheless they swam straight to our boat. The personal message from them was to work on improving my social skills. I am usually reserved due to my empathic abilities, and in order to grow spiritually I need to develop my social skills, so thank you bottlenose guys.

South Point - (more whales) and Kilauea Volcano - Goddess Pele
Heading towards the Kilauea - volcano, we stopped to gift the very south point of the United States of America. The beauty of this place was enhanced by the presence of whales. We don’t remember going to the beach or being around the ocean without seeing or hearing whales. Many people from around the world come to see the volcano and make offerings to the Goddess Pele, which is the Goddess of Fire according to Hawaiian culture. The volcano has been erupting nearly continuously since 1983. About 90 percent of Kilauea's land surface is less than 1,100 years old. The eruption reminds me that the whole universe is moving and continually changing. Everything has a rhythm and our planet is an ever changing environment. Volcano which is the youngest and one of the world's most active is filled with such a strong feminine energy. For my birthday this year I felt like I had to honor the spirit of the volcano, get in touch with its feminine energy and make my own offerings. My gift to Pele was very special: it was one of my personal healing orgone cones I have offered to Pele Goddess. Soon after we arrived at the volcano I felt the whole left side of my body tingling and vibrating with a rush of intense energy in my left hand (left side of the body is associated with feminine side). The energy of the volcano was so strong that I was really overwhelmed. Being an empath I felt all the “sympathetic” birthing symptoms such as headache, intense overwhelming energy, third eye throbbing, strongly opening, temples pulsating continuously.

More vents at one of the craters

As we stayed quite late we decided to walk through hardened lava on a trail to watch the volcano erupting from the distance. We turned off our flashlights and experienced the power of the complete darkness and silence. It was an amazing feeling to see and hear Mother earth giving birth… if we could only listen to her heartbeat and what she has to share with us… The whole experience at the volcano made me get in touch with my feminine side.

Diving and swimming with green sea turtles at place of refuge (Two step)
We love, love, love so dearly green sea turtles - cute, wise, ancient beings which are one of the few species on earth to have witnessed dinosaurs evolving and going extinct. We planned to interact with Hawaiian green sea turtles, so we went swimming and free diving at “place of refuge“ - (2 steps site), where green sea turtles ("honu" as locals call them) usually rest and feed. As we were looking for them, we spotted one at about 30 feet down, when out of nowhere a cute little turtle swam really fast from the depth towards the surface right between Constantin and myself, looking very curious at us. Ohhhh WOW!!! He was right on my nose almost touching me, he was so funny. We wanted so much to hug and pet her, but respecting their privacy, we refrained from touching this very little guy. He even enjoyed few of our photo shots and then dove where he came from. He just came to check us out, say “hi”, play a little with us and then left. How neat! And to add to this funny show a large turtle this time, swam up to us from below, checking us out as well, “smiling” at us and then dove back. We kept being relaxed but joyful, swimming in a gentle and relaxed manner so they could approach us. My meditation on turtles became reality as I visualized swimming with these “green” cute guys before we went out searching for them.

Whales concert - one of the best performances on Earth ever!!!
We went on a boat for a scuba dive trip and as soon as we left the harbor, we were greeted by two pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. The captain stopped the boat so the dolphfriends could play around the boat. When the boat started to move, four adult spinner dolphins started to ride the bow wake in the figure 8 pattern (infinity or DNA activation, chakra balancing - I like to call). They seemed to enjoy our presence to the maximum, putting up an amazing show for us while we couldn’t stop “awww-ing” and “ahhhaaa-ing” and applauding. I allowed their vibration of clearing to permeate every cell of my body, while getting all the chakras balanced. For their wonderful show they’ve been rewarded with a special orgone dolphin heart.

The most wonderful day dive (the manta ray night dive was the best though) I have ever done so far was at the place called Kaiwi Point in Kona Hawaii… As soon as we got in the water we could hear humpback whales vocalizing, sharing their repertoire of relaxing songs with us, the divers. We were so fortunate to hear the whales song for almost the whole duration of our dive. The dive master said we must have had a great karma to be so fortunate. The sound was really loud and clear, no hydrophones... LIVE concert from the vastness of the ocean. They seem like they were next to us, but as sound travels much faster in the water then air (approximately 4 times faster) they were probably further away. Althought there was some distance between us, there was no distance between our hearts. Quite a lot of messages were exchanged at subtle levels. Whales’ concert relaxed me and put me into a such a trance healing mood and bliss that I wanted to stay in the water forever. In order to experience bliss, the vibration of peace has to happen - well… whales are the essence of the ocean and our dear planet’s Peace keepers. To Hawaiians, the whale is a representation of the Hawaiian god, Kanaloa - the god of animals in the ocean. After an hour or so of diving the dive master asked me by the end of the dive if I am not cold, because everyone ended the dive except Constantin, myself and the dive master who had to stay with us in the water. What an inspiration! You’ve got to be present and experience something like this in order to appreciate… “Mahalo“ - “Thank you, thank you thank you“ . No wonder my husband says that I breath like a whale…

Whale watch trip

As whales were present everywhere we were this year (the research indicated about 10,000 humpback whales this year!!!) we went on a whale watch trip. We saw amazing breaching, various acrobatic displays, tail slap, flipper-slap, whales teaching their babies lessons of life and so on… Whales come a lot in my meditations and their energy always reminds me of peace, making me achieve the state of bliss. For quite sometimes I pray for an end to their suffering, they are still hunted and killed by humans (Japanese are few of the hunters). However the peace vibration of the planet is rising with whales and dolphins continuosly connected with the universal vibration coming from the Source. The human growing sense of protection is surprising. If almost 40 years ago, first divers were primarily hunters, nowadays divers’ spear guns were replaced by underwater cameras.

The power of a dolphin ball (orgone)

Dolphin ball - two interesting words of great vibration.

Dolphins are considered great healers and the round shape of the ball is one of the most friendlier shapes on earth. Constantin and I experienced weird attacks since we use these friendly dolphin balls. We don’t pay much attention to these attacks but it’s worth mentioning because attacks most of the time mean confirmations. Blood cells are sphere shaped. The Earth is sphere shaped allowing its atmosphere to flow over, creating life… I personally love this shape of a dolphin ball, it gives out pleasant vibes. Donna’s cat favorite toy is a dolphin ball, Cristina sleeps with a dolphin ball in bed since the attempted alien abduction

Even the authorities are interested in the orgone dolphin balls: a dolphin ball was confiscated in Romania at the customs The package was held and as soon as we made a complaint the package left the very next day. Thanks God for delivery confirmations and insurance. I’ve sent a dolphin ball to Tommy in Texas and he received it after 2 weeks, usually it takes 2-3 days. It is obvious someone has an interest in checking that ball out.


Dear Lilly, I did in fact receive the dolphin ball today, January 24th. Though I don't think I'm yet able to sense energies, I felt a nice vibe when my mother walked in the door with the package. I'm curious as well to know why it took so long to get here, but it was well worth the wait. I appreciate you sending another one in spite of what happened. I've never come in contact with a dolphin, though I do plan on interacting with some soon. Now I will have a ball for them to enjoy, and one to keep for myself. I greatly appreciate your kindness. I've been lucky enough to be enlightened over the past few years, and I often visit your websites (as well as Ken Adachi's Educate Yourself site). I want to start making my own orgone to gift the area that surrounds me. However, before I start making my own, I must know; what is this zam zam water and Agnihotra Ash you speak of? If they amplify the energy, I would like to make my own orgonite with this stuff. Could you explain to me how it works and how I could get a hold of some? Thanks again for your kindness and guidance. Take care. Love & Light, Tommy

Dear Tommy, First thank you for the nice words. I believe everything has a purpose, now you have a ball for yourslef and one for the lovely dolphins. I am sure that someone was “curious” to “learn” more about this dolphin ball, it is not the first time we experience this sort of delays and held packages. I have a feeling it has to do with dolphin ball’s charged water orgone energy and its round shape. Zam zam water is a very strongly charged water, it comes from underground Mecca and I believe it is not polluted by man yet. I have no scientific explanation of this water, I just use my feelings and abilities and they tell me its very powerful. One dolphin ball with charged water has the same energy if not stronger then my fresh homemade juice (carrots added). Raw juice which is live food, nourishes ones body, a dolphin ball will nourish and heal the environment. Cloudbuster charged water is also a very strong. I love adding water into my creations, it gives strength to orgonite and most of all has the power to heal and amplify energy. Water heals and purifies. I believe it keeps the orgonite matrix energy clean and pure.
I bought zam zam water online. No wonder why my orgone creations have been attacked lately.

Usually people with low frequency cannot bear the power of strong orgone, which sometimes will create what’s called “Healing CRISES” if the physical body or spiritual body is really intoxicated. If the physical body or mental, etheric, emotional, spiritual etc. are polluted with drugs, alcohol , unexplained fear, hatred, anger etc, or are under some sort of entity possession - in other words low frequencies, the power of orgone will create a vibratory field which will try to heal. The result will be the body (bodies) detoxing really fast, creating all sorts of reactions, going into elimination process in order to achieve good health including “spiritual” health. Old, stagnant, unhealthy energies get repaired and replaced with new healthy ones.

“Agnihotra is an ancient science given in Sanskrit language at the time of creation.
Sanskrit was never anyone's mother tongue; it is a language of vibration. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love. It is a great aid to drug and alcohol deaddiction. Agnihotra also nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) and can be used to purify water resources.” read more here:
Alicia and her friend Miguel know more about this healing method, which they use in healing the atmosphere in San Diego. I strongly encourage anyone to use their own healing methods and make their own gifts, this way you’ll get in touch with the divine and grow spiritually.

The matrix and dolphins

The matrix - “Man made world reality” locks us into past, present and future. We live in the third dimension and we are chained by time (an illusion). This linear time creates fear, boredom, frustration, anxiety, tension, etc. I believe dolphins don’t understand linear time, as they do not have to pay bills, struggle financially, not having to wash the dishes, or take the garbage out etc...

In the Spirit world there is no such linear time, it is difficult to explain, one needs to elevate to a higher dimension to have a deeper understanding of this past-present-future timeless concept. In the fourth dimension and higher, we become unchained from time and space measurements. There we have freedom in moving around space/time and travel, moving objects with our minds, doing miraculous healings, etc are instantaneous and effortless. However we still live in this 3RD so I guess we need a foot planted into this world and the other planted into the spiritual world in order to keep balance. By freeing our mind: quoting from the matrix Movie:
“stop trying to hit me. Hit me!”… “What are you waiting for? You are faster then this. Don’t think you are, KNOW YOU ARE”.


Dolphins, blue whales, California gifting trip

Connecting with dolphins is one of my many interests. For a couple of weeks we prepared for gifting the ocean in California. Gifting the ocean with Alicia last year was a lot of fun and very interesting experience. About four weeks after we gifted the ocean we went back and noticed amazingly crystal clear waters. This time we had with us around 60 dolphin balls and 60 TB’s, all made with strong charged water in our cloud buster and/or zam zam water. According to quite a few energy sensitive including myself, a Dolphin ball or a TB with charged zam zam water is approximately equivalent with 20 dolphin balls (DB‘s) or TB’s without zam zam charged water. A simple example of what boosting/praying does We have a few outdoor plants which I water them everyday. As we don’t have a sprinkler system to water my plants before we go away for a few days, I usually do a strong boosting/prayer invoking the rain and Indian spirits, and every time I do that it rains. This time we’ve been away for five days and I was worried that my plants will die as Las Vegas is quite brutal hot in the summer. I looked at the weather forecast: - no sign of rain whatsoever. So, I did my raining meditation and prayer and after few days our friend Art called us: “hey guys what did you do again? It rained big time here in Vegas”. He actually noticed that every time we go gifting it rains heavily.

Implants (obstacles) interfering with psychic abilities
The morning we left I noticed a tiny blood spot on my right nostril. I showed it to Constantin and he nodded unsatisfied. That blood spot was a sign that I was implanted. I am struggling to understand how in the world they manage to do that. They do it during the night when we are most vulnerable. Its not the first time I woke up with a similar blood spot on my right nostril. It happened many times. Anyway, I worked on that implant for about half an hour or so and as soon as I started the work I felt pain in my forehead - third eye area, right nostril, back of my right eye, right ear, and jaw, in fact the whole right side of my face was completely numb. The implant was meant to block my third eye and right side of my brain which has to do with spirituality.

Visiting friends and gifting in San Diego We visited Alicia in San Diego and we finally met her gifting buddy Miguel who has such a wonderful heart and very deep understanding. We did lots of testing, we exchanged gifts as well as energy. Apart from orgonite they use ash-agnihotra clay balls to disable towers and clean the environment. What I have noticed is that the ash they use in their clay gifts are stronger if they add zam zam water and if the shape is round. Later in the afternoon the four of us went gifting: we had dolphin balls, Tb’s, ash clay balls, and charged water. We went to La Jolla Cove where the water was still amazingly crystal clear, since last year and the beautiful seals pleased our eyes again. Alicia gifted the whole area in the past , however we did some more gifting over there. Then we went gifting from the Ocean Beach pier. Next morning Constantin and I gifted from the Imperial beach pier and later in the afternoon we met Alicia and did some more gifting around San Diego. Alicia gave me some ash-clay balls and as soon as she showed me a building with microwave towers on it, my hand which was holding the ash balls was starting to pulsate really strong. Wow! Even after I gifted that ash ball, my hand was still vibrating and the vibration lasted until I washed my hands. It's really interesting how this ash works. I couldn’t feel the energy of the ash ball until I saw the microwave towers. We ended up our day by doing healing on Alicia’s dogs.

Meeting Ken Adachi and his wife
Next day we met Ken Adachi and his wonderful wife, spending around 5 hours together having fun talking. I did some healing work on Ken and showed his wife some healing techniques. She is energy sensitive, she could feel the sore spots on Ken’s feet, she could feel the energy from a dolphin ball made with zam zam, she said she felt very relaxed and saw beautiful colors while she was tuning into the ball. Working on Ken, at some point I picked up some nasty energy and a huge pain in my back. It was a similar stab the gals from our forum and I experienced before in the boosting sessions or when we were onto something. Ken experiences these “stabs” from time to time and I am sure the ones responsible for his “stabs” are the same ones responsible for our attacks. Breathing slowly and deeply thru pain when these attacks happen and sending back the energy where it comes from, usually works. Ken looked more relaxed at the end and the color of his skin looked much more healthier. Folks, keep Ken in your prayers and boostings. He does a great job on for so many years, no wonder he is getting all sorts of attacks. We told him about our plan to go to Catalina Island to gift the dolphins and interesting enough he had similar thoughts. Cetaceans must have communicated with him at subtle levels. His wife had to cancel few classes (she teaches music) in order to go with us. How nice of her.

Trip to Catalina Island- gifting the cetaceans
So, the next day the four of us went to Catalina Island, starting point - New Port Beach. The water looked very clean. I told Ken that I have a feeling the ocean was gifted before and he mentioned he has the same feeling. So thank you guys out there who are gifting the ocean!

New Port Beach - clean water view from the boat

Now out in the ocean I did my own meditation technique to communicate with cetaceans. I knew exactly where they were and asked them to show up and pick up our gifts. There were quite a few pods of dolphins swimming happily in the water, dancing in front of our faces. They were next to the shore or out in the ocean. My heart filled with joy, it’s impossible not to feel love when you see these wonderful creatures. Dolphins swimming happily, New Port Beach This is my meditation technique I used: I relax, close my eyes and smile. (when you smile you automatically get centered in your heart). I expanded my aura and I connected to Christ luminous frequencywhich I was shown in one of our boosting session when I left my body. Then I send the energy above my crown chakra towards universe and I asked the dolphins to show up. Usually I have visuals; in this case I saw dolphins swimming happily. Every time I used this technique the dolphins would show almost immediately or within minutes. This technique could be done as fast as a few seconds if you are familiar with meditation techniques. We arrived to Catalina Island. The water was crystal clear, beautiful. We split in two teams, Ken and his wife gifted one side of the Island (ocean), Constantin and I gifted the other side.

Catalina Island view from the boat

Crystal clear water and beautiful colorful fish - Catalina Island Constantin and I rented kayaks and snorkeling gear and off we went. Kayaking is amazingly peaceful and relaxing, we loved it and gifting is done very easily. After about 20 minutes of paddling I stopped and did my own meditation asking the dolphins to show up. Few seconds after I opened my eyes I saw a big dolphin on my left side very close swimming towards me. I screamed with delight at Constantin, very excited, asking him if he can see the dolphin. I have to admit I was shocked and sort of shaky, as I couldn’t believe the dolphin would swim right under my kayak almost touching the kayak immediately after I asked them to show up. Constantin didn’t see it but then I showed him the dolphin swimming close to the shore about 20 feet away from us. I wanted to actually prove myself that I am not dreaming and I am still in 3D. I still have tears in my eyes when I connect with that energy. While he was swimming under my kayak I got this very strong message: “YOU CAN FIGHT THE CORPORATE GREED”. I asked “HOW?” . The answer was amazingly simple: “LOVE”.

I strongly believe the cetaceans want to communicate with us and teach us about LOVE. I was also getting this message: “Keep doing what you are doing”. Folks I believe this message is not for me only, it’s actually for all of us, we can fight the corporate greed with love. I know its hard, looking around and see so much greed and corruption makes me feel sad and sick to my stomach but there are the good guys out there who are helping us and I believe in the divine force which will make justice in the end, we just need to continue to do what we are doing, be respectful to each other, learn from each other, be aware of our weaknesses and work with them not against them. Love is the answer, if we know how to tap into the love frequency and actually use it, than I believe we’ll win over the corporate greed. Another interesting thing we noted: we have spotted chemtrails out in the ocean and I got that the chemtrailing program has actually to do with global warming. I have to retype this part again as my computer rebooted out of blue, so that must be important. We were driving from San Diego to Irvine and the temperature was pleasant: around 79-82 degrees, as soon as we entered a populated area, the temperature raised to about 92-96 degrees in a matter of 5-10 minutes. I have a feeling that they manipulate not only the weather but our minds as well. They know how to manipulate energy and we don’t, well at least some of us started to learn how to manipulate it. We can all do that by meditation: meditate on raising or dropping your body temperature to achieve a decent pleasant temperature of your body as well as environment. Ask for balance and harmony. We create our own reality, so why not give it a try? It's not complicated, in fact all these energy meditations are quite simple, the key factor is patience.


After our wonderful experience kayaking and snorkeling we left Catalina Island going back to New Port Beach. We still had some gifts left so Ken and us decided we’ll throw a gift every 5 minutes or so. Soon after we started gifting I connected with the cetaceans again. I saw a whale but I was not sure If I saw it interdimensionally or in 3D, so I asked Ken and Constantin if they saw it too, but they didn’t. I also knew that the whale season - the gray whales season starts in December/January and ends in March/April, so the chances of meeting the whales in July were low. I thought: “okay its only me seeing it, I saw the whale interdimensionally“, it happens many times. However after my mediation dolphins showed up again. There were many large pods of white-sided dolphins, they were offering us an amazingly beautiful show. A big mama dolphin with her baby jumping at the same time caught my attention. People on the boat were happy to see them, laughing, applauding, screaming with delight, I felt an unspeakable rush of emotion and energy through my whole body, my eyes and body crying of happiness, it was absolutely amazing. I was mesmerized by them, I could spend hours just watching them. We were throwing all the gifts we had because the dolphins were literarily following our boat for quite some time now, picking up our gifts. That was the most beautiful show I have ever seen!

Note: this boat is just a shuttle and doesn’t stop to watch the cetaceans like the whale watching trip boats do. We didn’t followed the cetaceans they followed us. I only had a dolphin ball left and I was getting a strong message that I need to keep this one for a special experience. Suddenly I heard the captain talking on the microphone: “look at your left side, there is a big BLUE WHALE”. WOW!!! That was my special experience! I was profoundly moved and honored by “meeting” the whale. At subconscious levels I felt a deep understanding, I just knew things which I cannot explain in this realm. Immediately after he heard the captain talking, Ken came very excited to ask us if we saw the blue whale. I told him that was not a coincidence, the whale showed up for a reason, to communicate with us telepathically - which is a gift we were born with and need to reconnect and develop it. When we arrived back to New Port Beach I asked one of the sailors how often do they see blue whales. He replied that the whales arrived for two weeks but never seen them before on this route. Blue whales are considered endangered species and they are the largest animals on earth. I believe the whales are the wisdom keepers of planet earth. They showed up to communicate with people. They teach people wisdom and respect for each other and the environment.

Let me give you a silly example about LOVE learned from the dolphins. The day we went to Catalina Island we left our stuff in the hotel room and when we came back I noticed that almost all my shea butter lotion was gone. The container was full with lotion when we left and now I only had a little, almost nothing left. I knew someone took some of my lotion but instead of getting annoyed I felt sort of happiness and talked to myself: “someone needed that lotion so let him/her have it”. I know this is silly but I also know that my reaction to this has to do with the Dolphins’ LOVE. I believe if we connect with them, they teach us LOVE, compassion and forgiveness. They show us how to transform fear into joy, fun and confidence. They teach us how to grow spiritually and heal ourselves helping us to fight for our freedom, freedom of our own minds. The experienced we had was of a profound beauty and it moved every single cell in my entire body. The word LOVE is very simple but very deep, one has to feel its energy. If you want to feel the deepest meaning of the word LOVE, make a few dolphin balls, pray over them, go gift the cetaceans and meditate for a pure connection with them. Your life will not be the same once "their spiritual healing” touched you. Lilly

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hawaii, dolphins, whales, mantas, sea turtles, fish, orgone…

My husband Constantin asked me “what do you want to do for your birthday this year?” I replied: “I am a fish (Pisces) I want to be in the water with my “family” where I feel at home. So this is how we got to go to the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. But before going on our vacation we “accidentally” bumped into a scuba diving center and as everything happens for a reason we got Scuba diver certified just two days before going to Hawaii.
I will always remember my first breath underwater, the scuba diving instructor and his energy. He loves the yellow color and there is no coincidence his aura is yellow as he is a great teacher/ instructor (all great teachers and masters have the aura yellow). We got certified in rough conditions in Lake Mead: in 4 feet waves, thunders, lightings, 2 feet visibility underwater, 53F water temperature I was freezing cold, tired and frightened. I was ready to quit when Constantin gave me what’s called “wings” “come on you can do it”. Yes we both did it!

Time to go to the Big Island of Hawaii - “the umbilical cord of the universe” (quoting Len Horowitz)
We noticed one of our luggage was way too heavy, orgone gifts can be heavy. The woman who checked our bags told us we have to pay extra for one of our bags. The machine who supposedly prints out the fee didn’t seem to work while I was boosting. However I gave it up seeing that woman so frustrated and said to myself “lets pay this time”, so she finally printed a ticked out after numerous attempts…and we paid for the extra pounds. On our way back we noticed again one of our bags being over the 50 lbs limit. This time I started a serious boosting and asked God to reward our efforts by not paying for the luggage. The young man at the luggage check in let us go without paying. Boosting works! The law of attraction flows thru us continuously.

While on the plane to Hawaii I watched the skies and the funniest thing I noticed was, two sylphs waving at me. At first I had to close my eyes and then reopen them to see if that’s real. As we were about to land to Kona Airport I could feel the island’s orgone energy vibrating strongly in my hands. The west part of the island has a great energy.
We stayed at the Kona BayView Inn Farm a beautiful bed and breakfast with view of the ocean. Pat, the host is a wonderful woman with whom we bonded really well. On the good side there is free wireless Hi Fi internet connection, but even better, there is no TV on the property. Imagine waking up by birds and roosters, doing yoga on the grass while watching the ocean, smell the sublime perfume of the primeria and other flowers, eating papaya from Pat’s property, drinking Kona Coffee! Pat complained about not getting enough water the last couple of weeks and guess what since we started gifting the Island it rained daily!!!

Getting in the water with the dolphins- Kona Coast We went on a “swimming with the dolphins” tour with Michael Yee (China). We usually stay away from all sort of tourists attractions but this one was really tempting and we are happy with the choice we made. Sunlight on water is a great tour we would recommend. Michael (China)Yee the owner of this small business has a great love and respect for the dolphins, whales and all creatures that inhabit the Hawaiian waters. I was impressed with their concern for the dolphins.
He introduced me to his wife, Melainah who was waiting at the harbor. Melainah and I connected immediately, we were suddenly “speaking the same language” - the dolphin lovers language. She mentioned she heard about our website, which I find interesting. She heard about chemtrails but never seen one. Well, the whole time we stayed in Hawaii we haven’t seen a chemtrail plane in the sky, although we watched the skies really close. We ended up our conversation hugging each other hoping to meet again soon in etheric realms.
Before departing for our amazing journey Mike blew his bamboo 4 times clockwise starting from east, the rising sun, to honor all four directions. He then asked everyone to get grounded, centered, reach and hold hands saying a prayer to all of creation using deep breathing. This was very similar with the boosting (sending energy) we are doing in our boosting chat sessions. We asked permission to enter the water, for protection and blessings, sending love to the dolphins and sea creatures.
We brought orgone gifts (dolphin balls and dolphin hearts) with us making sure the ocean and its inhabitants will accept them with joy and love.
Soon after we left Honokahau harbor, I started my meditation to communicate with cetaceans and other sea creatures. After I finished my meditative call, a huge whale showed up very close to our boat energizing and welcoming everyone on the boat - “welcome to our waters, enjoy the journey of today”. Superb!

Right after whale’s greetings two manta rays showed up. We entered the water and swam with them. They are very delicate and gentle creatures.
We encountered a big pod of approximately 250 dolphins and entered the water to swim and connect with them. They usually come inshore during the day to rest and play along Kona Coast. It’s important for their well-being to rest, so people who swim with them need to give them plenty of space, never chasing or touching them, swimming with arms to the sides. Dolphins are very affectionate, intelligent creatures and they usually initiate communication.
Swimming with them was breath taking. In fact we did not swim with them, they swam with us. Each leap, jump, spin, swimming next to us, brought love and joy into our hearts, making my whole body vibrate. They will initiate communication by nodding, moving their heads gently up and down into a hello motion. We replied “Hello” by doing the same. The beauty and splendor of their circle swim made my mouth drool underwater (this was something else). Their singing is very soothing and healing. I had water in my ears from previous scuba dives and as soon as I got home and listened to the video clip Constantin took, my ears unclogged immediately.
Here you can watch the short video clip here:

I saw the dolphins dancing in a figure 8 pattern with enthusiastic optimism in front of our boat while I was watching them in amazement. It seemed they were gifting us, charging and activating our DNA.
Even if they came very close to us while in the water I got that Constantin and I needed to be with them by ourselves. We decided we were going to rent a kayak next day and try to get in touch with them again. I just knew they will be coming at Captain Cook as I asked them to show up. Our host Pat told us they didn’t show up the last couple of weeks at that bay. Next day, we paddled towards Captain Cook.
They didn’t let me down on my birthday!!! I got chills up and down my body and I knew they were waiting for us in the bay. They offered us all kind of spins, leaps, jumps, showing off, swimming in beautiful endless variations and patterns, keeping us mesmerized with their delicacy, circling us continuously.
Constantin showed one of them a dolphin ball. Soon he came really close to him very curious. I think it was the same dolphin who came close to him inviting to join and watch the playful flipping in circles and splashing water. He wanted to teach Constantin a “spinning” lesson, perhaps. Constantin got so excited that he hit his head on the kayak several times.

Constantin taking a picture of his playful friend

I will never forget the eyes of the two dolphins and a baby swimming close to me, nodding, hello-ing me. They invited us to swim with them sharing their harmony and joy. Some of them slowed down their swim to interact with us, others swam in circles of love slowly besides us. While watching them underwater I saw these beautiful sun rays which looked like a vortex emanating life force. The dolphin’s dance in the rays of vortex was absolutely majestic.

These wild dolphins are not trained by men, their flips and jumps were natural, offering us a “free” show. An equal exchange of love and energy between us and them took place.
Here you can watch two more dolphin video clips shot on Feb 24 and Feb 25.

Whales opening portal of healing - meditation
It was the day when we heard the whales singing in the water during our scuba dive. For their great singing to us we offered them orgone gifts. While Constantin was taking pictures of the sunset, amusing some people, I was watching his glowing aura and beautiful colorful orbs around him and other people. I then looked towards the ocean, watching the sun go down, feeling great peace, getting into meditation mood. I connected with the dolphin ball gifted few hours ago when suddenly I saw in the distance whales’ blowing. I heard them clairaudiently calling me, feeling their sound resonating deep inside my heart, penetrating each cell of my entire body. First thing I got from them was: “ we are the peace keepers of the planet”.
Next I heard the words “from time and space” and in a split second I was out of body. I saw dark and in the middle the most beautiful color orb which took me to a portal underwater. Everything went really fast. However I remember seeing a mermaid and a very big beautiful cobalt blue fish which at the time I thought was a sword fish, leading me into the portal. I don’t remember much, except seeing the whales very clear.
My head started to spin clockwise (see the dolphin meditation) while I was getting cleansed and healed. Old sadness and tension were releasing from the past, I was getting two words “release” relax”. Now all I could see was the deep blue ocean and could feel my tears going down my cheeks.

It was meant for u sto be in Hawaii on February, 2007 for the portal's opening. Now I understand why I felt the urge to come to Hawaii in February. It is the portal of healing, releasing old fears, human ego and old sadness emotions. According to what I was getting from the whales, 2007 is a critical point in time, a year of Awakening and UNITY where human separation from the Creator will be healed. The Creator’s vibrations will intensify and be felt and awaken in many people. Many DNA activation will be taking place, purifications will be taking places on Earth as well as people. Many will get in touch with their higher selves, inner beings.
The work we did on “awakening” during our boosting sessions was greatly appreciated and we need to keep doing this work. Prayer warriors, heart warriors, etheric and astral warriors, light workers, energy workers, healers will be joining in UNITY this work in order to raise the vibration of our beloved Planet and help others who are not ready yet to shift their consciousness. After all it’s the year of UNITY.

An amazing fact that hit me really hard happened after two days when we were waiting to board the boat for the manta ray night dive. Next to our boat there was a fishing boat and on it was a very large blue marlin fish (362 pounds) which looked exactly like the one who guided me thru the portal in my whale meditation. I was sad to see him dead and immediately got it! The old soul marlin sacrificed himself for me to let me know he existed and what I experienced in my meditation was real, never doubting my impressions or psychic messages I receive. The blue marlin confirmed that the physical plane is just one of the dimensions and whales who are multidimensional beings communicate interdimensionally, so are we.
Mauna Kea Observatories One night during prayer I had a psychic vision about a huge satellite antenna: and received a brain respiration technique for mind control. In our boosting sessions we kept boosting those antennas around the world. One of these antennas is located at Mauna Kea Observatory on the Big Island on Hawaii. Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world when measured from base to peak One of the reasons of visiting Hawaii was to gift this antenna and observatory. Job done! Telescopes found at the summit of Mauna Kea are funded by government agencies of various nations.

We arrived at the Visitor Information Center around 4:00 pm, getting ready to go to the summit. However the rangers wouldn’t let us go to the summit, 4 wheel drive required due to a hail storm two hours prior to our arrival. Ouch! We asked people around if they had more room in their cars to take us up and it seemed like no one had room. I thought: we didn’t come here for nothing and I started to boost to find a way to go to the summit. Hiking was out of question as it was getting dark, cold and not to mention the 14 mile round trip. Almost instantaneously from the crowd of people I spotted two men who I “knew” they will take us to the summit. . They were from Germany, really nice people who were happy to take us up to the summit. We had so much fun with them, joking about ET’s and how these large telescopes watch closely the aliens.

Scuba Diving in Hawaii Our host was Jacks’ Diving locker very friendly and professional diving operation. We did 6 dives, 5 during the day and one manta ray night dive. On our way back and from the dive locations we encountered different species of whales including pygmy killer whales which are rarely seen.

Pygmy killer whale
We were very happy with all dives and what we saw underwater. We missed hammer head sharks in the area., the other group we were with, saw them. I haven’t seen them but I have a feeling they’ve seen me. They are not dangerous as most of the people wrongly presume. On the second dive while descending onto the water the whales were singing, I did not hear them the first time due to bubble noise I was making underwater but interesting enough I could hear them psychically after I finished the dive and can hear them sometimes since then. During our dives we saw different sea creatures: Reef fish: butterfly fish, parrot fish, yellow tang, Moorish idol, star fish, goat fish, trumpet fish, garden eels, viper moray, barracuda school. We saw an eagle ray and a green sea turtle. On the fifth dive I could finally hear the whales singing under water, it was DIVINE! Watch our scuba diving video clip here

Sea turtles - Place of Refuge at Honaunau bay
This whole area is an ancient Hawaiian fishing/religious ceremonial area, a place where the colorful reef marine life is abundant. Green turtles are spotted here frequently.
We were snorkeling at place of Refuge admiring the beautiful reef, having fun with the fish, looking for turtles. After about 20 minutes I was getting cold so I told Constantin I am heading to shore. Swimming to shore I finally saw them! Here they were: the graceful and elegant green sea turtles, about 10-15 of them, resting or “flying under water”. Suddenly I became warm and energized, so I could spend some more time with them. Constantin shot a good video and took amazing pictures of them. watch the video here:

Whenever I think of them, I think abundance and prosperity, I think great wise old warriors, I think longevity.

Manta Ray night dive Mantas- the birds of the sea- are the largest mantas of the rays. The largest known specimen is been nearly 7.6 meters (25 ft) across its pectoral fins (or "wings") and weighed in at 3,000 kg (6,600 lb).

That was one of the most exhilarating, rewarding, uplifting experience.
watch the video here:

These amazing gentle, graceful giants, shy thou creatures taught me to be brave. The Mantas come to feed after the divers set up a light source that attracts zoo plankton - mantas’ food. I had troubles descending onto the water as my masked flooded with water, when diving from the boat, trying to clear that mask out. All divers descended except me, I was about to quit when out of nowhere I felt/saw someone pulling me down. It was the master diver guide helping me to descend as the mantas started the acrobatic show already. WOW! My first impression was OMG! I was spooked but at the same time mesmerized. It was a sublime show with about 30-40 divers from different boats arranged in a big circle pointing the flashlights up where the gentle giants were dancing underwater doing loops as they were feeding. A picture tells a thousand word, in this case it tells a million words. You can watch the short video Constantin took here and you’ll get a feel of what we experienced that night.

I was impressed with divers’ behavior, everyone kneeled at the bottom keeping their flashlights pointing up, not touching the mantas just observing enjoying the wonderful moment. It was majestic and I felt UNITY. Mantas showed me my true identity.

The very next day I woke up feeling very weak, my whole body aching, having high temperature, couldn’t eat anything. I was in this state for few days. Those were symptoms of DNA activation, I was going thru an intense cleanse and detox process. Since we came back I dive and swim with those lovely sea creatures every night during my sleep (astral travel) . Those sea creatures’ energy is present every night in my dreams. They raised our vibration and touched our hearts
More pictures of our Hawaii trip here:
A message from all sea creatures in Hawaii - I like calling them angels of the sea: be happy, be compassionate, be forgiving, be gentle, be generous, LOVE! I asked the dolphins to communicate and interact with my friends, and all people who are helping in raising the frequency of this planet. I hope they will touch your hearts the way they touched ours.
Mahalo (thanks) to our creator, God source, who gave us the opportunity to be here in this life time.
Blessings, Lilly

This is what Constantin had to say about our trip:
This was a wonderful trip. Gifting, dolphins, whales, manta rays, turtles, observatories, just too short . It all started when Lilly browsing the net said this place needs to be gifted. And she referred to Mauna Kea Observatories.
We did gift the place, so as far as I’m concerned from that point everything else on our trip was a blessing. I believe we need to go back to the observatories and spend more time and meditate, but that’s on the next trip. It is cold up there and I’m not kidding and if a storm comes in, they won’t let you go through unless you have a 4X4. So keep that in mind. I have to mention that we met two German guys, very nice guys, who took us along. We thank them for that, otherwise the observatories will go ungifted, at least for the time being.
Lilly said the dolphins touched me. I have to agree. I was so overwhelmed, in a good way. Especially when they got close to me, I was amazed, stunned, I felt communication. I kinda bribed this dolphin, I had a dolphin ball in my left hand and the camera rolling in my right hand. He was curious and I believe was the same dolphin which came again and did a few flips for me. Apparently they either liked orgone or liked me, or both. It was nice to hear the dolphins communicating with each other and us, I wish I could understand them more. We rented a kayak for one day, but picked it up in the evening, so first thing in the morning we wasted no time to meet our buddies, the dolphins. Instead of returning the kayak in the evening, we paid for one more day, so we met the dolphins again the next day. I can’t describe enough our experience with the dolphins, you need to experience it yourself .
I heard of the green turtles being at the place of refuge. For some reason I got so interested, I could barely wait for the sun to come up so we go and meet the turtles. We didn’t have the scuba, so snorkeling was the only option. I dove as deep as I could to take pictures and video clips of the turtles, since they were resting on the bottom. Nonetheless my efforts were not in vein. A turtle decided to come close to the surface and graciously swim, letting me to swim along and take pictures and video clips. I swam slowly above and slightly behind being grateful for the granted opportunity, but at the same time I wasn’t intrusive. This was a peaceful experience. The dolphins are more like kids, they’re playful, the turtles are more quite, if that’s the right word. Different connection here. I guess it was the next day when I told Lilly I want to go back to the place of refuge where the turtles are. She was reluctant and then I asked her “did you gifted the place ?” She said no, that’s it I said, it needs a dolphin ball. So off we went and I gave the turtles a dolphin ball. Sure enough, Lilly said, you were right, yes this place needed a gift.
Manta Ray night dive was just, majestic, can’t find a better word. Could be spooky, could be challenging, could be anything you want but ordinary and definitely MAJESTIC. No wonder is rated the ten best dives. The divers in a circle holding flashlights pointing up trying to hold still due to the heavy surge, the snorkelers on the surface pointing their flashlights down, the huge manta rays coming within inches from the divers, the fish, the bubbles, everyone’s behavior not to interfere with the mantas, it was just awesome, it was MAJESTIC. Just watch the video clip and involuntarily you’ll be there, you’ll be part of it. Better yet, do the dive.
We need to thank to our great hosts for this great trip. We need to thank the people of the Big Island of Hawaii, very nice, happy people.
We need to thank Pat at Kona BayView Inn. This is a quite, friendly and very clean place. This is a place that you always want to come back to. BTW, her breakfast is very good and she is very, very nice and spiritual, despite her being modest not admitting any of this.
We need to thank China (Mike Yee) and his wife Melainah at Sunlight on Water. As soon as we were out of the harbor in open waters, Mike told his captain to stop the boat and shut off the engines. Then he asked permission to get in the waters, prayed to all of us to make the correct decisions, everything to be proper. We all prayed , held hands and got grounded, very important in my opinion. And guess what, everything was proper, the dolphins greeted us, everyone was happy. China (as he likes to be called) and his wife are very spiritual and I felt a bond between the four of us. Swimming with the dolphins with China and Sunlight on Water it is a one of a kind experience. I wish we could share with you the 30 min excellent video made on this swimming with the dolphins trip (it is copyrighted by Dolphin Dreams Images).
We thank all staff at Jack’s Diving Locker for being friendly, helpful and professional.
Last, but not least, we thank all cetaceans and marine life for granting us permission to enter the water, for welcoming us, for making us stronger, for letting us be part of their environment and touching our lives.
Ask permission to enter the water, it is their home and you’re a guest. Avoid touching marine life, that’s dolphins and manta rays also, make the correct decisions and for everyone’s sake, behave proper.

Dolphin healing meditation

The day after Constantin and I came from San Clemente Island, California diving-gifting trip, while I was meditating in the bath tube, I invited dolphins into my meditation as I wasn’t feeling very well.
First I invoked the light of Christ within and surrounded my aura with this light. Soon after, the dolphins started to surround me one after another. First one touched my forehead with his nose (rostrum), the second put his nose between my shoulder blades (back of heart chakra ) , two parked their noses on my clavicle bones, one under my tail bone, one above my crown, two on my lower and middle back.
I could feel the energy moving in my body smooth and gentle. My head started to rotate slightly towards left. I saw the dolphins leaving and wondered if they finished their job with me. They came back with a net made out of algae surrounding me with it. Soon after, they took me to some sort of a blue vibrant portal. Most of the time I see that blue vivid color when I meditate or in a trance state. Then my head started to move by itself with dolphin’s assistance. My neck moved to the left and then slowly to the right but there was a blockage. The neck moved slowly to the left and then again to the right with the movement increasing. The blockage was slowly getting released.
Suddenly I saw myself back in time when I was 5 years old when at the time I heard of a child’s death which affected me emotionally. The blockage in my neck released slowly while I was releasing the fear of death which was rooted in my childhood. The whole time I could and could not feel my neck sort of sensation, cannot really describe it in words, it seemed like I was not moving my neck but could feel the movement which was really lite. After I thanked and gave them gratitude, the dolphins left. In our diving-gifting trip to San Clemente I was a little upset because I saw dolphins only for a few minutes although we gifted the ocean. After I finished my meditation with them I realized that time and space doesn’t mater, as the dolphins are always with me if my intent is clear.
Peace and blessings,

Dolphin breathing Meditation

While we were in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii with dolphins, I saw them swimming/dancing in clockwise endless variations of circle games.
Dolphins showed me a meditation technique which I tried after I came home. It is a very powerful healing technique.

As dolphins are conscious breathers, every breath is something they do consciously. Dolphins breathe through their blowhole located at the top of their head. I was getting the related point for humans is the Bak-hoe (Bai-hui) point which is located in the center of the crown. It’s been said that babies breath from Bak-hoe (Bai- hui) point to connect to universal energy, where a human vortex is also found. (one hundred meridians meet at this point) .

While doing this meditation my head started to spin in a clockwise motion slowly at first, increasing gradually until my whole body and head spun clockwise from the waist up. I believe this is kundalini (“circular power”) awakening and activation.
I experience this sort of energy spin from time to time/ The first time I experienced that was in a dolphin boosting meditation.

Cristina and I experienced same circular power, our heads spinning, one time during our meditation, it was a tremendous amount of energy going thru all of our charkas, unblocking them, releasing stagnant energy.
Dolphins have the unique ability to shut down one half of their brain at a time, while the other half remains awake.

So this is what I do: I do a usual meditation focusing on the bai- hui point and/or the dolphin’s blowhole (visualizing it). As energy follows thought and intent, the bahui center gets really energized. While tapping into that energy relax half side of the brain while the other is pretty active and then switch sides. This meditation energizes me and at the same time relaxes me.