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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prayer circle (boosting) for dolphins in Taiji

Greetings and peace,
For two nights now I have sort fo disturbing dreams of dolphins and the energies seem pretty confused, so I was wondering what do they want to tell me? So today I have received the following email from Elizabeth regarding Taiji dolphins... Sighs... I want to suggest a boosting (circle of prayer) session for them only, so if you want to participate you are more then welcome.. we'll post the details her soon, so please watch this thread.

Dear Lady Lilly, Please be sure to spread the word for those you know to see the new movie called “The Cove”. It is a call to action to stop the slaughter by the Japanese of tens of thousands of dolphins each year. This horror is fueled by the dolphin entertainment industry. See links below. An idea for a prayer circle is to create a psychic barrier between the sea next to the city where the slaughter takes place (Taiji, Japan) and the dolphin path, and to communicate to the dolphins psychically to avoid the death trap set up by the fisherman. In my prayers, I am praying for the ascended masters to form a blockade by asking them all to hold hands under water so the dolphins know to stay away. I’m sure you can make a difference, and thank you. Blessings and love to you, dear sister. --- Kind regards, Elizabeth H