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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interdimensional portal opened

An interdimensional portal (I call it the whale portal of healing) opened last year so we might experience lots of “weird phenomena”. Since this new year started I heard many people experiencing "strange phenomena". One of my good friends related to me that out of nowhere she found herself inside a helicopter right between the two pilots who were really surprised to see her there. Constantin and I celebrated the beginning of this new year by going on Turtlehead hike , a place we gifted few years ago. This time I realized that the Turtlehead peak was in fact a smooth feminine energy vortex. I kept getting the same thing while the whole left side of my body (which is related to the feminine side), specially limbs, were tingling and buzzing. While descending someone materialized right in front of me: it was a tiny native american woman. I was WOW! a little spooked though as she appeared suddenly out of nowhere. She wanted to let me know about that vortex thanking for the gifts. The portal is opened. If our frequencies are high we can manifest beautiful things in our lives, meeting with other souls interdimensionally. If we choose to leave in fear, doubt, resentment anger, anxiety, sadness we can meet other souls with the same vibration and manifest not so pleasant things. So its important to do everything possible in our powers to keep ourselves happy inside so we can manifest happiness and peace around.

Whales opening portal of healing - meditation It was the day when we heard the whales singing in the water during our scuba dive. For their great singing to us we offered them orgone gifts. While Constantin was taking pictures of the sunset, amusing some people, I was watching his glowing aura and beautiful colorful orbs around him and other people. I then looked towards the ocean, watching the sun go down, feeling great peace, getting into meditation mood. I connected with the dolphin ball gifted few hours ago when suddenly I saw in the distance whales’ blowing. I heard them clairaudiently calling me, feeling their sound resonating deep inside my heart, penetrating each cell in my entire body. First thing I got from them was: “ we are the peace keepers of the planet”. Next I heard the words “from time and space” and in a split second I was out of body. I saw dark and in the middle the most beautiful color orb which took me to a portal underwater. Everything went really fast. However I remember seeing a mermaid and a very big beautiful cobalt blue fish which at the time I thought was a sword fish, leading me into the portal. I don’t remember much, except seeing the whales very clear. My head started to spin clockwise (see the dolphin meditation) while I was getting cleansed and healed. Old sadness and tension were releasing from the past, I was getting two words “release” relax”. Now all I could see was the deep blue ocean and could feel my tears going down my cheeks. I was meant to be in Hawaii on February, 2007 for the portal of opening. Now I understand why I felt the urge to come to Hawaii in February. It is the portal of healing, releasing old fears, human ego and old sadness emotions. According to what I was getting from the whales, 2007 is a critical point in time, a year of Awakening and UNITY where human separation from the Creator will be healed. The Creator’s vibrations will intensify and be felt and awaken in many people. Many DNA activation will be taking place, purifications will be taking places on Earth as well as people. Many will get in touch with their higher selves, inner beings. The work we did on “awakening” during our boosting sessions was greatly appreciated and we need to keep doing this work. Prayer warriors, heart warriors, etheric and astral warriors, light workers, energy workers, healers will be joining in UNITY this work in order to raise the vibration of our beloved Planet and help others who are not ready yet to shift their consciousness. After all it’s the year of UNITY. An amazing fact that hit me really hard happened after two days when we were waiting to board the boat for the manta ray night dive. Next to our boat there was a fishing boat and on it was a very large blue marlin fish (362 pounds) which looked exactly like the one who guided me thru the portal in my whale meditation. I was sad to see him dead and immediately got it! The old soul marlin sacrificed himself for me to let me know he existed and what I experienced in my meditation was real, never doubting my impressions or psychic messages I receive. The blue marlin confirmed that the physical plane is just one of the dimensions and whales who are multidimensional beings communicate interdimensionally, so are we.

Blessings on your journey, Lilly

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whale Sharks and Mayan gateways - Mexico

Swimming with Whale sharks in Mexico and their messages
Last year I had a beautiful dream about swimming with a whale shark. Colors were beautiful, there was abundance of fish and coral, the whale shark I was interacting with was spreading so much love and high energy. In my dream, I was having the time of my life.
When dreams become reality...
The interaction with whale sharks would have to bring Constantin and I more wisdom, universal knowledge, joy and abundance. Since I had that dream, my focus was to interact with whale sharks as soon as possible. And as the Universe has its plans for us we were fortunate to find about this place in Mexico where whale sharks were spotted, so we booked a trip to Cancun Mexico to meet with the gentle giants.
Just few hours before leaving for the airport to Mexico I felt a very weird sharp abdominal pain. I became anxious and worried thinking we’ll miss our flight due to my pain. There is no way I was missing my whale shark adventure, so I switched my mind into thinking “whale sharks” and placed two of my orgone chakra balancers on the painful area and in less then 2 minutes pain disappeared. Yippee!! This vacation had to be perfect as I mediated, prayed and dedicated few of my yoga practices to this next to come adventure.
Whale shark unique experience Whale sharks are very large, they can grow up to 30-40 feet, in fact they are the largest fish in the sea. Their mouth can reach up to 4 feet across and they can weight up to 20 tons. However they are harmless to human. They eat plankton, not people and they are very gentle and charismatic. Here in Mexico these giants are protected, I think it’s divine intervention as in other countries whale sharks are killed for their meat.

It was August, 16, 2008: full moon equipped with turbo jet engines and also lunar eclipse - intuitive energy, when we encountered these magnificent creatures - whale sharks. Do you think we chose this date? No, I was consciously unaware but when you tap into the Source, perfection will happen.
Before arriving to Cancun, Mexico, while still in the air, I got boosted/contacted by 3 whale sharks. Everything happened so fast, I didn‘t expect to see them so soon. Next day Constantin and I headed towards Isla Contoy, Mexico where whale sharks were spotted.
We got on a new and very cute boat, crew was amazingly friendly, the guide who took us swimming with sharks had a great connection with whale sharks, people on the boat were nice and friendly, waters emerald green, weather was perfect, we got to see manta rays jumping out of water and of course whale sharks showed up. Perfect!

On the way out I could hear my heart pounding in excitement, tears coming down my chicks, emotions running high, reggae music playing…
As I “knew” the whale sharks were around I blessed them with special orgone gifts…. And Yes! They showed up.
The guide is allowed to take only two people in the water at the time and as I imagined Constantin and I were first to enter the water. With a full breath full of excitement we jumped in the water. I expected to see something large but when my eyes saw the large shark I was OMG!!! Was I intimidated? Ohh yeah!! I was swimming next to a HUGE creature!!! The guide took my hand and signaled to me “lets go closer and faster“!! I started to swim faster as I was gaining more courage. As I got closer to the giant, I surrendered to my own fear, intimidation disappeared and the feeling of love and admiration took over. WOW! I told telepathically the shark that I appreciated her for showing up and let us swim by her side. My whole body was vibrating, weeping under my mask. Magic was happening!
We left the first shark letting other people to experience the magic. Our turn to jump the water for the second time came as we continued to indulge ourselves into depths of amazement and happiness.
The third time we jumped in the water we saw the largest of all whale sharks, and the most beautiful one! This one was the fastest and as I was thanking and telling him telepathically that I love him, he suddenly turned towards me…Wow! I did not expect this!!! They usually mind their own business, swimming slowly, feeding on plankton. Was that his reaction to my telepathic love message? As he turned towards me, I felt his great vibration as he understood my telepathic words.

As we left the sharks, while still in that “blissful state” I felt them calling (knock knock!!!) while having amazing sensations on different parts of my body - that’s usually how communication starts)
I asked them for their message to me. This time the message came very clear and right after I asked: the song “Sunshine reggae” started to play on the boat while we were heading to our place of snorkeling. It hit me.
These are the lyrics of the song:
Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile, that's all I ask of you.
Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile, we got a message for you.
Sunshine, sunshine reggae, don't worry, don't hurry, take it easy!
Sunshine, sunshine reggae, let the good vibes get a lot stronger!

Tears were rolling down my soul while I was enjoying the message:
“Enjoy the moment (present) to the maximum, open your heart in PARADISE now! Learn to live in the PRESENT with heart fully opened ! “Being present, fully in the body, focus in your own space. Use focus and intent in order to get in touch with these places you are about to visit.”

Later more messages would come, but the most important thing was the communication with whale sharks was established.

Full moon whale shark meditation

Later when we got back to the hotel, I sat down on the beach, watching the sun going down preparing for meditation after receiving the gifts of complete acceptance and feelings of “deep” from my whale shark teachers. In my conversation with whale sharks I got these:

I asked about the "world situation and more specific about tensions in the world."

The answer was : “there will be peace”.

I asked “what about the near future?“.

I got: "There will be “WEIRD” things happening: earth, nature, hurricanes, economy etc… These weird happenings will be perceived as good for some people and not so good for others. Some will be affected, some will not. If you choose to stay in a high state of consciousness you’ll be unaffected. "

"Should we deny reality?"

"No! It is up to you how much time you put into focusing on staying joyful and happy no matter how challenging it is." YOU GET TO CHOOSE. The fears and worries might be valid but it’s up to us to focus on what is well."

"What about others?"
"Boost and Pray for them to find their inner peace and positive vibrations."

Soon after we got home, hurricane Gustav and Ike unleashed their fury, stock market playing games, banks going bankrupt, creating more insecurity and so on… Staying calm and unattached is one of the answers. Cancun was not affected by the storm this year although the storm was close by. We gifted Cancun and Cozumel, so maybe that made a difference.

I asked about my life and journey and got some amazing answers. I payed attention to the answers I got and my life and relationships are getting better. It’s amazing how this sort of insight can improve your life. I had a question that kept bothering me for a long time and the answer was: “Taking responsibility for everything happening in your life is a challenging thing to do, but once you master this skill you’ll solve the “mysteries” in your life.

Without realizing many of us are blocking the flow of abundance in our lives through our own negativity, fear, anxiety. How many of us have imagined worries? Do you recognize the question you ask yourself or others: “What if?” … fill in the blanks…
“What is something bad will happen? What if I cannot get a job or I get fired? What if I get sick?” etc
Observe your mind, your thoughts. A lot of energy and time is often spent agonizing over negative thoughts. We create our own worries and when we look back, most of those never happened.
Observe, acknowledge and then replace those worry thoughts with vital energy and live in the NOW. The feeling of living in the NOW with absolutely ZERO worries is phenomenal. Making the best of life. I think that can reverse our age. Living life in the present is the greatest reward of all.

Enjoy the short whale shark video clip here:
Every time I think of whale sharks, my energy field increases and my heart fills with love.
More to come…

Blessings and Peace,
Let us keep our faith together,


Dear Lilly,

I got your email a while ago, but I guess I never even saw it. I read your post on the whale boosting. What you said about your meditations was RIGHT ON! It's challenging at this time to keep focused, because the energies are so unpredictable and strong, but the observer's attitude very much affects the outcome. (example: we're more prosperous than ever, amidst everyone's economic despair)

Looking back on all this, it's sort of funny how we came to this realization bit by bit. First we learned to boost, then we learned about law of attraction, now we're really seeing how much a part of our world it is, and we're also learning that there is an amazing world just on our horizon, as soon as we learn how to manifest it. It's like our learning was being carefully guided.

... what an amazing time to be alive! The very idea that we were born into this limited 3D world, and we're learning to bend its rules to our will is absolutely mind-boggling. Lately, I've been very interested in observing older people, and how very different their view of the world is - how rigid and unbending their thinking is, and how ill and dejected they become.

Reading that post really helped to re align my thinking and my attitude. It was much needed. : ) Let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor. I'll send you and Constantin plenty of loving energy, of course. If you ever need a boost, you know where to find me.

Keeping having fun - it's such a wild ride! -Mike -------------------------------

Whale shark encounter dream

One of my wishes is to swim or dive with a whale shark. Whale sharks are filter feeders, they feed on plankton and are harmless to people. It is not a whale, but it is the biggest shark and biggest fish.
They are protected species and are on the endangered list. They are still hunted for their dorsal fins in the Far East. They need protection and our prayers and boosts.
These gentle giants remind me of the gentle manta rays, wonderful creatures who helped on activating my DNA while participating in a night dive on the Big Island of Hawaii with them.
Last night I had a beautiful vivid dream of swimming with a whale shark. The dream started with me watching a woman swimming with a whale shark. I was amazed by their beautiful communication, mesmerized by the gentleness and the huge size of the whale shark. Then I realized that woman was me, I was witnessing my close encounter with a whale shark. Wow!! I cannot describe the beauty of the energy surrounding us. There was an abundance of colorful exotic fish swimming around. The colors of the water and fish were from an other dimension, I haven’t seen such beautiful colors on our dimension. The visibility of the water was awesome. I realized that I was breathing underwater without using any breathing apparatus.
In my dream I was thinking how fortunate I am to swim with a whale shark and see these unique beauties underwater. In my dream I kept being grateful for what I was gifted and blessed with.
Usually fish in ones dream means insights from unconscious mind. Fish is related with spirituality in Christianity, and prosperity in China. Nice!!!
I truly hope my dream will become reality, I would love love love to swim or dive with whale sharks. I want to gift these gentle giants the way I gifted manta rays, whales and dolphins.
Ocean of life!!! What a beautiful dimension.