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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Solstice of June 2009 and the new dolphin chakra

The whole Sunday I spent praying and meditating along with many people for peace and health, sending good thoughts and blessings to water.

At 5:00 pm when the global prayer was held for 9 minutes, I could feel the tremendous powers of prayer as so many people around the world joined in prayer. I had a very strong visual of a doorway opening and angels going and out through that portal of consciousness that will awaken new awareness and open more hearts. There was divine light emanating from the doorway and felt powerful love in my heart.
Mike, Yasmine and I, "the power of three" met in the chat room, prayed and boosted for peace and love. Mike mentioned that his psychic abilities heightens whenever is in the presence of psychics and healers. Healers, meditators, spiritual teachers, true psychics can hold space for divine energies and when they meet miracles happen, their high energies merging, creating a tremendous powerful psychic sacred space. It happened to me so many times with people with high vibes, kundalini raising achieving beautiful state of bliss. While boosting the waters Mike had a visual of dolphins swimming.

Two days prior to the summer solstice I had a "weird dream” about dolphins. I shared the dream with Mike and Yasmine thinking we might get something out of this dream. In my dream I was on a boat looking for dolphins and as I am deeply connected to them they usually have their way of telling me when they show up, so this time in my dream they did. Why the dream was weird? Because they were three dolphins swimming in some sort of “dirty waters” - muddy -but they were jumping up and down through small holes, like small portals.

Behind them there were people watching very curiously. In my dream I was asking myself why they jump through those holes…They really wanted to show me something as they kept communicating to me. So after sharing this dream we started to boost the dolphins to find out what they wanted to show me and for clarity. Immediately I clearly “saw” that each dolphin placed a star on a point on our head, just about two inches bellow the crown chakra , so in between third eye and crown. The star was very shiny, bluish, purple in color. As I was watching them gifting us, I could feel that spot on my head really tingly and warm.

I asked Yasmine and Mike to close their eyes and see if they can feel or see it themselves as it was so powerful. Mike mentioned that normally his third eye starts buzzing when we boost but this time it was higher up and not in the crown either. Yasmine also felt heat and energy in her new “spot”. The three of us just got gifted!!! We were Wowing a lot as we realized that is a new chakra that dolphins were opening for us on Solstice day, the day of new beginnings. Mike mentioned a new major chakra. After we got gifted I got the words “ now you are more connected to Mother Nature”. Portal of radiant love opening into our subtle bodies!!! We started to boost from our new gifted chakra to see what else we were going to get. If we are to compare dolphins to human, their blowhole coincides with this new chakra, and we were more Wowing being so excited with this new opening. Yasmine got that we can connect with water telepathically more easily now. More WOWing as we were feeling very strong energies opening for us. So once this point is opened thru this new dolphin chakra the energy can be absorbed and be cleared easier. The dirty waters were the symbol for clearing and the holes were the “new chakras”… I made some new dolphin elixirs after we came from Florida where we interacted with wild dolphins there. I rub the elixir in a spiral motion and I have all sort of dolphin visuals and dreams. This one was the most intriguing and powerful one so I dint know why until tonight. Amazing gift. Thank you dolphins. Lately I spoke to another friend of mine and she told me she has also had this spot activated so it makes sense to her that would be a dolphin chakra as she has a great connection with them also. Happy dolphin chakra awakening!! YAY!!!

ॐ Lilly ॐ

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dolphins’ Cosmic Ballet Key West Florida

After leaving the magickal Coral Castle in Homestead Florida (check it out , it is very mysterious), Constantin and I headed towards Key Largo Florida for a scuba diving trip and gifting experience. We first stopped at a scuba dive shop. The lady at the stop seemed so familiar (have you met very familiar faces lately but in fact you have never met them before?) We immediately connected. These are past life friends and family. Well this lady, “Ginger” her name, is not only a dolphin lover she was a dolphin in a previous life according to her. We shared so many beautiful experiences and stories, she was fortunate enough to go to Egypt, she swam with dolphins, I told her about orgone and the power magickal stones I own (including a dolphin one gifted by a dear friend) etc…She gave us the information of a lady- Captain Victoria in Key West who takes people out to "dance" and interact with wild dolphins!!! I KNEW I was going to find a dolphin connections in Key West so I thanked my guidance for sending me this angelic lady Ginger and her friend Captain Victoria.Around full moon (May 2009) we headed towards Key West to meet with Captain Victoria and two other women, dolphin lovers and also energy workers!!! What a beautiful “coincidence” (not)!!!

After I did my dolphin meditation and telepathic communication with the free spirited dolphins we headed towards dolphin playground. Before we left the harbor, Victoria saw my clairvoyance orgone pendant and asked me about it. After I explained her about my pendant she showed me an orgone dolphin ball!! Imagine how small this world is, or shall I say that I am impressed how many people know and use orgone creations YAY!!! Power to the people, power to the ORGONE!!! We both felt a strong connection. And again her face and energy looked so familiar, she mentioned many past life connections. As we arrived at dolphins’ playground, Victoria played soft music which dolphins love. Here they were, swimming very gentle, it seemed they were sleeping, their energy felt very meditative and relaxed. As we were watching them one of them slapped his tail, a signal for us to back off, which we did. That particular guy wanted his privacy which we respected, we left the area and moved to another place. Later we found out why he needed his privacy. hmmm… We moved to another place to look for more playful dolphins. Constantin and I were greeted by few dolphins while dancing gentle with them in the water… Dolphins love Constantin and they are never shy to pose for his camera. Will post a video clip hopefully soon. These guys seemed more playful… In fact they approached us very curious… As I know their behavior from Hawaii, I nodded Hello, and one came very close to me and replied smiling ‘Hello”… YAY!!! We connected!! Victoria asked if I made a wish… wished for blessings. The other two ladies were very excited as well. At some point all of us were sending energy to the dolphins. How cool to have few healers working together as ONE with dolphins!!!
I used my orgone dolphin ball and sacred magical spirit stones to bless the dolphins waters and be blessed by dolphins and mother ocean in return. It was an amazing exchange. Victoria handed one of ladies on the boat some blessed water which was prayed over by many peoples, so she could bless the ocean. Captain Victoria received one of the special orgone dolphin balls I made , she could feel the powerful energy of the ball and was so grateful for my gift. I usually use sacred powerful rituals when I make orgone and the aura of orgone changed from blue to gold, even some people who have my orgone reported that. These special balls that I made had the dolphin stone larimar acquired from a sacred source and other angelic stones, plus powerful elixirs and herbs to enhance the communication with our dear “dolphin friends“.

Back on the boat, we kept boosting and interacting with dolphins. They seemed very preoccupied with something. I immediately understood and Victoria confirmed. They were mating! Their society resembles very much our own, they follow the same path in evolution. They play, eat and enjoy sex. Mating is not only for reproduction, it is also pleasurable and establishing friendship. That was the meaning of “back off” tail slapping, experienced earlier. Sexual energies are very powerful energies, when two souls decide to grow together spiritually, sex is the main exchange of energy that happens at soul level. Around full moon sexual energies are very intense. And with that Full moon in Scorpio the sexual energy manifested at a deeper and more internal level. Sex is not just a pleasurable encounter but rather a powerful transformative event along with intense emotions. These energies are the creative power of Mother Earth energies. If the chakras are balanced the sexual energies are aligned with heart energies, if the chakras are unbalanced the sexual energies are kept in lower chakras. Dolphins make love belly to belly like humans, which suggest achievement of orgasmic states. We saw dolphins mating in Hawaii and Honduras, their mating resembles a graceful cosmic ballet. As the “love vibe” was in the air, I asked telepathically one of these guys, joking... to confirm the passionate vibrations and immediately a dolphin jumped out of water. As I "knew" that was coming I took a picture, IT WAS THE ONLY JUMP we saw on this trip!!! Check it out close...

Imagine when wishes come true so fast… When your heart is opened fully and have faith, things are manifesting fast: mine was less then a minute, I was totally blown away. It was also very nice of this guy to jump and let us know what they are up to... that is a lesson to learn... instead of feeling exhausted and tired on full moon, better use those energies Yasmine noticed and this is very true, when we are sexually empowered we are more abundant, more happy, more spiritual. The same fast manifestation I experienced on our way to one of the dive sites “Christ of the Abyss”. Christ of the Abyss is a 8 1/2 foot, 4,000 pound bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ that stands in 25 feet of water off of Key Largo, Florida. The energy of that place is awesome, and the dive was full of beautiful rare fish. There was a puffer fish that was the guardian of that place that greeted us and also showed up on our way back to the boat. They are my favorite fish, I love these guys. The energy of that place is great and blessed. We blessed that place as well.

SO, on the way to this blessed spot, I talked to dolphins telepathically after I meditated to open my heart fully. In less then 2 minutes they showed up. What really blew me away was the captain, he could also understood my thoughts as the moment I pointed towards dolphins, he moved his head towards were I was pointing like he knew what I was saying. His reaction was way too fast, so he must have understood my thoughts, cause usually I sense and see where the dolphins are right before I see them with physical eyes. I love this gift!!! We also had some great dives and it is a blessing to see the other world , the underwater world… I strongly encourage you guys to take scuba lessons, it’s life transforming experience, we get so connected and learn from marine life. What can I say? I love my life, I am so blessed and wish you have similar blessings!! When you are grateful gifts increase. Wishing you a great happy connection with dolphins and marine life. Infinite blessings, Lilly