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Friday, September 4, 2009

Yay!! Could you forward this to all those who took part in the boost last night please!! love ya, oh man, we have to do more of these defo!! yasmine

Japan's Annual Dolphin Cull Disrupted By Activists Dear Whaledefenders! There were no dolphins taken on the first two days because we have managed to focus so much media attention on the slaughter," Ric O'Barry told The Daily Telegraph from Taiji. "I feel great, but I know it's only temporary. In the wake of the controversial and highly acclaimed movie “The Cove,” the first wave of opposition has arrived in Taiji, Japan on the opening day of the dolphin slaughter season. Ric O’Barry, the star of “The Cove,” successfully made it into Japan and to Taiji along with other Save Japan Dolphins staff and news crews from the U.S., Germany, and the U.K., and for the first time ever – three Japanese television crews. The dirty little secret in the cove near Taiji is now an international scandal. The Australian sister city of Taiji, the Shire of Broome in Western Australia, recently suspended it’s sister city status until the killing of thousands of dolphins is ended. The police were waiting for Ric O’Barry and his crew when they arrived, and initially it was a tense scene but Ric made it very clear that the purpose of the visit was educational and that no laws would be broken. The police acted professionally but kept a close watch on the crew and the journalists. No dolphins were rounded up by the fishermen. It is hoped that the presence of crew and the cameras will keep the fishermen from their annual killing spree. Report from Ric O’Barry ( URGENT UPDATE FROM TAIJI September 1, 2009: A Good Day for Dolphins By Richard O'Barry, Director Save Japan Dolphins Coalition Today is September 1st, the first day of the dolphin slaughter season in Japan. But when I arrived today by bus from Kansai Airport with media representatives from all over the world, the notorious Cove from the movie was empty. There were no dolphin killers in sight. So today is a very good day for dolphins! I vowed to be back in Taiji when the dolphin killing began. I've often been here alone, or accompanied by a few environmentalists. Sometimes, I was able to talk a major media organization into sending someone. But the people of Japan never learned about the dolphin slaughter, because none of the media in Japan (with the exception of the excellent Japan Times) have ever sent reporters to the killing Cove. Until today! When I got off the bus at the Cove this afternoon, I was accompanied by my son Lincoln O'Barry's film crew, a crew from Associated Press, Der Spiegel (the largest magazine in Germany), and the London Independent. No dolphins and no dolphin killers. We would not have had a story at all, except for the police who were there, waiting all day for us to appear. Nine policemen came to talk to us. Now, I have said this repeatedly: Unlike the Cove fishermen, the police from this Prefecture have always acted professionally, courteously, and fairly. I have never been mistreated or threatened by the police here. I think they are a microcosm of the people of Japan - the very people I am trying to reach about the dolphins! And as I was talking with the police, as the international journalists stood around listening, suddenly a camera crew arrived from Japan! And then another! And then still another! You have to understand that this is SO IMPORTANT. These TV stations have REFUSED to cover the story in Taiji for years and years. NOW, for the first time, they have shown up, with cameras rolling. The head policeman talking with me even said, for the cameras, that the police are not there to support the dolphin killing fishermen. We shook hands, and they left. As I said, it is a good day for the dolphins. And for me personally, as the police only wanted to talk with me, not arrest me! "The Cove" movie led to the strong action by the city of Broome, Australia, in suspending the sister-city relationship with Taiji. So now, the Japanese media are sitting up and listening, for the first time. And I'm telling them: "This tour is to show journalists the GOOD things about Taiji." You see, with "The Cove" movie out now, we don't have to show the BAD things about Taiji. Soon, the whole world will know about the Taiji dolphin slaughter. And all Japanese will soon know about the cover-up that has occurred by the government in refusing to stop mercury-contaminated dolphin meat from being sold to unsuspecting Japanese consumers and children. But Taiji can change this image of shame, if they want to. I will be telling them that the town of Nantucket used to be the capitol of the whale killing industry in the US. Now, it uses its history of whaling combined with whale-watching to market tourism very successfully. Whales and dolphins are worth more alive then dead. Taiji can do this, too. But the killing has to stop. Yes, today was a good day for dolphins. Tomorrow, I will take journalists with me around town to show them Taiji. Tomorrow, too, I predict will be a good day for dolphins. Every day that we are here and the fishermen KNOW we are here, will likely mean no boats going out to round up dolphins for the killing Cove. And because of "The Cove" movie, the dolphin killers must now fear hidden cameras and microphones, even when they THINK we are not here. And soon the world spotlight from "The Cove" will shine a very bright light on Taiji. Lets hope that the Japanese people will stop that they know about it...nobdoy new about this dirty secret! Lets also stop the whaling this next whale war season! Please invite your friends and support Sea Shepherd ! Whales should not be killed! Whales should realy be proteted! Namasté Hans Lak

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayer circle (boosting) for dolphins in Taiji ...more... Part2

Tonight few of us got together in the chat room joined by others remotely in prayer and meditation to help the dolphins in Taiji survive this year. We surrounded the “death place” with our loving thoughts and prayers and lot of light. Energy felt very intense. Cristen was seeing splinters of dark energy embedded in the line of energy from the Divine to the dolphins, while I was having a similar visual, dark arrows of energy sent to dolphins. We boosted using LOVE, creating a circle of love and healing. At some point Mike and myself saw and felt turbine like spinning motion energy. We followed the energy upwards that was getting more intense, and dense… After a while it was slowly dissipating, at some point it felt like total quietness, like before something big was going to happen. We kept boosting and sending love moving up through different layers until, we got to a point of stillness that we could not intervene anymore. We asked the angels and elements of air and water to take over from here, trusting the universe that will bring the best outcome to the Taiji dolphins. Please keep dolphins in your prayers. Blessings and peace

Prayer circle (boosting) for dolphins in Taiji ..more...

This is what I got last night in my meditation: On or around full moon in September, there is shift happening from higher dimensions to lower ones in Taiji, and dolphins are trapped into the third dimension so they are forced into this hunting energy field. Apparently it’s a curse. They also mentioned that the same thing happens to human when they are trapped in lower dimensions, around the world where there are mass killings. So we might have to remove the “curse”???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prayer circle (boosting) for dolphins in Taiji

Greetings and peace,
For two nights now I have sort fo disturbing dreams of dolphins and the energies seem pretty confused, so I was wondering what do they want to tell me? So today I have received the following email from Elizabeth regarding Taiji dolphins... Sighs... I want to suggest a boosting (circle of prayer) session for them only, so if you want to participate you are more then welcome.. we'll post the details her soon, so please watch this thread.

Dear Lady Lilly, Please be sure to spread the word for those you know to see the new movie called “The Cove”. It is a call to action to stop the slaughter by the Japanese of tens of thousands of dolphins each year. This horror is fueled by the dolphin entertainment industry. See links below. An idea for a prayer circle is to create a psychic barrier between the sea next to the city where the slaughter takes place (Taiji, Japan) and the dolphin path, and to communicate to the dolphins psychically to avoid the death trap set up by the fisherman. In my prayers, I am praying for the ascended masters to form a blockade by asking them all to hold hands under water so the dolphins know to stay away. I’m sure you can make a difference, and thank you. Blessings and love to you, dear sister. --- Kind regards, Elizabeth H

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Solstice of June 2009 and the new dolphin chakra

The whole Sunday I spent praying and meditating along with many people for peace and health, sending good thoughts and blessings to water.

At 5:00 pm when the global prayer was held for 9 minutes, I could feel the tremendous powers of prayer as so many people around the world joined in prayer. I had a very strong visual of a doorway opening and angels going and out through that portal of consciousness that will awaken new awareness and open more hearts. There was divine light emanating from the doorway and felt powerful love in my heart.
Mike, Yasmine and I, "the power of three" met in the chat room, prayed and boosted for peace and love. Mike mentioned that his psychic abilities heightens whenever is in the presence of psychics and healers. Healers, meditators, spiritual teachers, true psychics can hold space for divine energies and when they meet miracles happen, their high energies merging, creating a tremendous powerful psychic sacred space. It happened to me so many times with people with high vibes, kundalini raising achieving beautiful state of bliss. While boosting the waters Mike had a visual of dolphins swimming.

Two days prior to the summer solstice I had a "weird dream” about dolphins. I shared the dream with Mike and Yasmine thinking we might get something out of this dream. In my dream I was on a boat looking for dolphins and as I am deeply connected to them they usually have their way of telling me when they show up, so this time in my dream they did. Why the dream was weird? Because they were three dolphins swimming in some sort of “dirty waters” - muddy -but they were jumping up and down through small holes, like small portals.

Behind them there were people watching very curiously. In my dream I was asking myself why they jump through those holes…They really wanted to show me something as they kept communicating to me. So after sharing this dream we started to boost the dolphins to find out what they wanted to show me and for clarity. Immediately I clearly “saw” that each dolphin placed a star on a point on our head, just about two inches bellow the crown chakra , so in between third eye and crown. The star was very shiny, bluish, purple in color. As I was watching them gifting us, I could feel that spot on my head really tingly and warm.

I asked Yasmine and Mike to close their eyes and see if they can feel or see it themselves as it was so powerful. Mike mentioned that normally his third eye starts buzzing when we boost but this time it was higher up and not in the crown either. Yasmine also felt heat and energy in her new “spot”. The three of us just got gifted!!! We were Wowing a lot as we realized that is a new chakra that dolphins were opening for us on Solstice day, the day of new beginnings. Mike mentioned a new major chakra. After we got gifted I got the words “ now you are more connected to Mother Nature”. Portal of radiant love opening into our subtle bodies!!! We started to boost from our new gifted chakra to see what else we were going to get. If we are to compare dolphins to human, their blowhole coincides with this new chakra, and we were more Wowing being so excited with this new opening. Yasmine got that we can connect with water telepathically more easily now. More WOWing as we were feeling very strong energies opening for us. So once this point is opened thru this new dolphin chakra the energy can be absorbed and be cleared easier. The dirty waters were the symbol for clearing and the holes were the “new chakras”… I made some new dolphin elixirs after we came from Florida where we interacted with wild dolphins there. I rub the elixir in a spiral motion and I have all sort of dolphin visuals and dreams. This one was the most intriguing and powerful one so I dint know why until tonight. Amazing gift. Thank you dolphins. Lately I spoke to another friend of mine and she told me she has also had this spot activated so it makes sense to her that would be a dolphin chakra as she has a great connection with them also. Happy dolphin chakra awakening!! YAY!!!

ॐ Lilly ॐ

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dolphins’ Cosmic Ballet Key West Florida

After leaving the magickal Coral Castle in Homestead Florida (check it out , it is very mysterious), Constantin and I headed towards Key Largo Florida for a scuba diving trip and gifting experience. We first stopped at a scuba dive shop. The lady at the stop seemed so familiar (have you met very familiar faces lately but in fact you have never met them before?) We immediately connected. These are past life friends and family. Well this lady, “Ginger” her name, is not only a dolphin lover she was a dolphin in a previous life according to her. We shared so many beautiful experiences and stories, she was fortunate enough to go to Egypt, she swam with dolphins, I told her about orgone and the power magickal stones I own (including a dolphin one gifted by a dear friend) etc…She gave us the information of a lady- Captain Victoria in Key West who takes people out to "dance" and interact with wild dolphins!!! I KNEW I was going to find a dolphin connections in Key West so I thanked my guidance for sending me this angelic lady Ginger and her friend Captain Victoria.Around full moon (May 2009) we headed towards Key West to meet with Captain Victoria and two other women, dolphin lovers and also energy workers!!! What a beautiful “coincidence” (not)!!!

After I did my dolphin meditation and telepathic communication with the free spirited dolphins we headed towards dolphin playground. Before we left the harbor, Victoria saw my clairvoyance orgone pendant and asked me about it. After I explained her about my pendant she showed me an orgone dolphin ball!! Imagine how small this world is, or shall I say that I am impressed how many people know and use orgone creations YAY!!! Power to the people, power to the ORGONE!!! We both felt a strong connection. And again her face and energy looked so familiar, she mentioned many past life connections. As we arrived at dolphins’ playground, Victoria played soft music which dolphins love. Here they were, swimming very gentle, it seemed they were sleeping, their energy felt very meditative and relaxed. As we were watching them one of them slapped his tail, a signal for us to back off, which we did. That particular guy wanted his privacy which we respected, we left the area and moved to another place. Later we found out why he needed his privacy. hmmm… We moved to another place to look for more playful dolphins. Constantin and I were greeted by few dolphins while dancing gentle with them in the water… Dolphins love Constantin and they are never shy to pose for his camera. Will post a video clip hopefully soon. These guys seemed more playful… In fact they approached us very curious… As I know their behavior from Hawaii, I nodded Hello, and one came very close to me and replied smiling ‘Hello”… YAY!!! We connected!! Victoria asked if I made a wish… wished for blessings. The other two ladies were very excited as well. At some point all of us were sending energy to the dolphins. How cool to have few healers working together as ONE with dolphins!!!
I used my orgone dolphin ball and sacred magical spirit stones to bless the dolphins waters and be blessed by dolphins and mother ocean in return. It was an amazing exchange. Victoria handed one of ladies on the boat some blessed water which was prayed over by many peoples, so she could bless the ocean. Captain Victoria received one of the special orgone dolphin balls I made , she could feel the powerful energy of the ball and was so grateful for my gift. I usually use sacred powerful rituals when I make orgone and the aura of orgone changed from blue to gold, even some people who have my orgone reported that. These special balls that I made had the dolphin stone larimar acquired from a sacred source and other angelic stones, plus powerful elixirs and herbs to enhance the communication with our dear “dolphin friends“.

Back on the boat, we kept boosting and interacting with dolphins. They seemed very preoccupied with something. I immediately understood and Victoria confirmed. They were mating! Their society resembles very much our own, they follow the same path in evolution. They play, eat and enjoy sex. Mating is not only for reproduction, it is also pleasurable and establishing friendship. That was the meaning of “back off” tail slapping, experienced earlier. Sexual energies are very powerful energies, when two souls decide to grow together spiritually, sex is the main exchange of energy that happens at soul level. Around full moon sexual energies are very intense. And with that Full moon in Scorpio the sexual energy manifested at a deeper and more internal level. Sex is not just a pleasurable encounter but rather a powerful transformative event along with intense emotions. These energies are the creative power of Mother Earth energies. If the chakras are balanced the sexual energies are aligned with heart energies, if the chakras are unbalanced the sexual energies are kept in lower chakras. Dolphins make love belly to belly like humans, which suggest achievement of orgasmic states. We saw dolphins mating in Hawaii and Honduras, their mating resembles a graceful cosmic ballet. As the “love vibe” was in the air, I asked telepathically one of these guys, joking... to confirm the passionate vibrations and immediately a dolphin jumped out of water. As I "knew" that was coming I took a picture, IT WAS THE ONLY JUMP we saw on this trip!!! Check it out close...

Imagine when wishes come true so fast… When your heart is opened fully and have faith, things are manifesting fast: mine was less then a minute, I was totally blown away. It was also very nice of this guy to jump and let us know what they are up to... that is a lesson to learn... instead of feeling exhausted and tired on full moon, better use those energies Yasmine noticed and this is very true, when we are sexually empowered we are more abundant, more happy, more spiritual. The same fast manifestation I experienced on our way to one of the dive sites “Christ of the Abyss”. Christ of the Abyss is a 8 1/2 foot, 4,000 pound bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ that stands in 25 feet of water off of Key Largo, Florida. The energy of that place is awesome, and the dive was full of beautiful rare fish. There was a puffer fish that was the guardian of that place that greeted us and also showed up on our way back to the boat. They are my favorite fish, I love these guys. The energy of that place is great and blessed. We blessed that place as well.

SO, on the way to this blessed spot, I talked to dolphins telepathically after I meditated to open my heart fully. In less then 2 minutes they showed up. What really blew me away was the captain, he could also understood my thoughts as the moment I pointed towards dolphins, he moved his head towards were I was pointing like he knew what I was saying. His reaction was way too fast, so he must have understood my thoughts, cause usually I sense and see where the dolphins are right before I see them with physical eyes. I love this gift!!! We also had some great dives and it is a blessing to see the other world , the underwater world… I strongly encourage you guys to take scuba lessons, it’s life transforming experience, we get so connected and learn from marine life. What can I say? I love my life, I am so blessed and wish you have similar blessings!! When you are grateful gifts increase. Wishing you a great happy connection with dolphins and marine life. Infinite blessings, Lilly

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dolphins and Mother Earth Rebirthing

Teresa the Lady of the woods sent us a boost request: "
Marine Mammals Will Die in Navy Warfare Testing Program The Navy and the U.S. Department of Defense have decided that their Northwest Training Range Complex, in the State of Washington, should be expanded, and have devised a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), dated December 2008, for public review and comment. The expansion of their area of operation will include the State of Washington, the State of Oregon, part of the state of Idaho, and Northern California. The final date for public comment is April 13, 2009....... " by Rosalind Peterson

Donna, Yasmine, Mike and myself met and did some powerful boosting for our dear dolphin friends, invoking the elementals, angels, Archangels ( by the way if you are connected or attuned to Archangels they do a lot of fast work for you, for humanity, they are dedicated to service for the greater good). We used the power of OM in our boosting tonight, experimenting with different sensations, energy shifting to a higher gear. I was getting "infinite love" symbol in my left palm which was pulsating strongly, while Yasmine’s third eye was also pulsating. I did not get to see the symbol during the session just felt it very strong, I was supposed to get it later during my dream.
In my dream I saw the symbol very clear, an 'arched dolphin' The whole boosting session my energy was running-buzzing up my spine, kundalini vibration. The message was: “let go off tension and sadness in your heart, we will be okay”. So after letting go myself, I saw dolphins swimming inside my blood and cells that was a strange but beautiful feeling. We asked for whale connection, and Mike saw a beautiful blue whale, energy radiating. I saw few narwhals ( the unicorns of the sea) connecting their “horns ( tooth) above themselves creating a beautiful “chi ball” ready for some of us who are aligned with their energies to get it… We boosted for the greatest outcome for all cetaceans and people who are affected, while OM-ing. Because dolphins and whales are so close to my heart and are also my power animals, my question to you is: Have you ever asked what is your totem animal? Our power (totem) animal resides in the subconscious mind which relates to the lower world, the place of instinct. That is where we access Mother Earth knowledge and connect with her wisdom. Ask what is your power animals, see what you get, it helps you to get to know more about yourself as well as get more powerful knowledge. Speaking of Mother Earth…Donna mentioned she was feeling not so well, and all jumped into expressing that things have been very strange lately. I hear lot of people feeling this way lately. Staying centered and in the present, being aligned with the source helps. Now it is the time to tune inward more by praying, chanting healing mantras, doing yoga or any stretching that keeps us breathing deeply, staying calm and more in our bodies. When we don’t live inside our body, we feel like our body has shrunk. Our body really contracts, it does shrink. Our bodies beg basically for our attention. The begging is nothing more than pain, asking for our presence. We, like others feel like Mother Earth is rebirthing herself. I like to quote Teresa she puts it so nicely: “I now think that we are in the birth canal, and contractions are just beginning. Perhaps Dec. 2012 is the Birth. So, no matter what happens, we just need to breath deeply and relax as much as possible, grounded and connected to her, and Creator, and be Birthed.” We boosted people who are feeling the symptoms of Mother Earth contractions including ourselves. Yasmine and I work a lot with the energies of the Moon, so by aligning with the moon and not the Gregorian calendar, will keep us more aligned. The Gregorian keeps us more in 3rd dimension. That was such a power night and fun night with Yasmine and Mike (our etheric puja guy) both rocking back and forth, my energy was buzzing so nicely up the spine, while shivering in sync with Yasmine. We also felt some other people boosting with us as well, so thank you guys whoever you are. Blessings. Energy has such a beautiful intelligence, it goes wherever it is needed and accepted, it’s never wasted, so at some point we were just sending energy out for whoever needs it. We ended by being grateful to all spirits guiding and helping us tonight and separated for more meditation on our own. For the oceans, cetaceans and Mother Earth, Lilly

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laughing dolphins of Roatan Honduras

Anthony’s key resort, Roatan Island, Honduras was on our wishing list for quite sometimes. Why? There is an abundance of beautiful reef, marine life, diving and of course the dolphins. I was waiting for this trip for quite some time because I knew I will get some answers. I have also knew the island needed orgone (orgonite) gifts and it came out true as there were a lot of transmitter towers on the island. I got that the island and the dolphins asked for orgone gifts made with jade as the main gemstone. The Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS), is a research and educational facility with the dolphin program. Dolphins live in an unaltered natural lagoon, complete with a living coral reef ecosystem, leave to be trained in the open ocean, are well taken care of, and seem very happy with their habitat and interaction with people. I observed the dolphin trainers. I can say they are doing amazing things for educating people through the dolphin programs. The love for dolphins brought most of them on the Island. Each of the dolphins receive the same amount of food every day, about 8 pounds, 3 times/day regardless of their behaviour. Also if they don’t want to respond to a command they don’t have to. I observed dolphins during the program and on their free time. They jump, leap, play and even ask for people’s attention during their free time.
So… the contact with the dolphins on this trip was initiated by them while we were in the air. I felt their so familiar nudges and immediately I found myself smiling. The contact was made through heart center in form of circular energy, third eye - diamond shapes energy and crown chakra - laser beam energy. The message I got was” “We have a LOT for you. Lots of grounding will happen, lots of yoga, lots of “let go” and loads of FUN”. My whole body filled with joy instantaneously, I couldn’t wait.

Dolphin Dive

Our first physical interaction with them was during a scuba dive. I did my short meditation before the dive and made sure I got the orgone dolphin ball ready. Bruce the trainer took three of the dolphins in the open ocean while we were waiting for them on the bottom. These guys went fish hunting first, came to acknowledge us and went back hunting. After they had enough they came to interact with us. They could easily leave if they want to but their choice is to stay in the lagoon and interact with people, perhaps teaching people more about joy, love and happiness.
When they chose to come interact with us I was busy taking pictures of them. I didn’t realize until one of them took my arm in his mouth and began to chew on my arm gently. I immediately knew the dolphin wanted me to pet him instead of taking pictures. "Hey pet me why do you have to take those silly pictures?“ After that two more dolphins showed up, playing really funny around us. They would come check us out, even staying still for more petting and then leave, to come back again.
When they chose to come interact with us I was busy taking pictures of them. I didn’t realize until one of them took my arm in his mouth and began to chew on my arm gently. I immediately knew the dolphin wanted me to pet him instead of taking pictures. "Hey pet me why do you have to take those silly pictures?“ After that two more dolphins showed up, playing really funny around us. They would come check us out, even staying still for more petting and then leave, to come back again.

Dolphin Swim
Our next interaction was the dolphin encounter where the trainer explains facts about dolphins, make the physical contact, explains behaviour and so on. The dolphin we were interacting with was Ken, a teenager and a trouble maker according to the trainer. When the trainer announced that Ken was about to do a trick I heard KEN saying very clear “All Right!” with such a joy. He seemed really happy to be in our presence and of course show off. Anyhow, I was waiting for the dolphin swim as they are free to do what they want. So when the snorkel/swim time came OMG! They were everywhere, speeding like real athletes, following us. Suddenly they were all around me, looking very curious at me. If the dolphins can do tricks I can do some... ... I was holding one orgone pendant make specifically for them and an ulexite stone for psychic connection. I know that orgone makes them really curious. So as they were trying to figure me out, I was enjoying myself to the maximum. Hehehe… I knew that I have to make them curious so they started to bump into me with their rostrum. Oops, now they really needed my attention. I was playing hard to get. Bumping into me anywhere they could, my chest, shoulders. And I was not the only one... they bumped into Constantin like saying "Hey pal, you wanna play?" When I saw them coming towards me I would free dive and swim like them but with no chances to outswim them. At some point I found myself right in the middle of their out of this world cosmic dance. I saw similar dances in Hawaii while swimming with wild spinners dolphins but I was never so close to them. Their noises: chirps, whistles, high pitch noise, even cheering noise were real fun. One of them made a continuous high pitch whistle that made the other dolphins play like nuts. Constantin asked me if I can hear that noise, it was a very high vibrational noise, an invitation to raise our vibrations of joy to the maximum, sort of a climax of that game. “hey you guys give it all you got NOW” hahaha!!!

There was a woman who seemed a little scared of them as she was pushing them away or swim away from them. Do you think they like that? Ohh NO!! “Come and play with us, you woman!“. The dolphins would come close to her and put pranks on her. One of the pranks they were playing was to pull that woman’s bikini while she was struggling to pull them back up. Gosh, I could not stop laughing.. These guys can be real pranksters, very funny mammals, with great sense of humor. This lady relaxed and started to laugh while the rest of us were laughing at the whole show. Dolphins have that permanent smile, but you can actually feel when they smile and laugh. It was absolutely enlightening. Laughter is actually one of the ancient paths to enlightenment. It rejuvenates, it opens one heart, it stimulates healing. At some point one of the dolphins came next to me, stopped and stayed without moving for a few minutes which seemed forever to me. She was asking for energy exchange and communication. I had to found out later who this wonderful creature was. Mika is her name, a 7 year old dolphin who is very gentle and also a healer. We stayed together, undisturbed in the same field of energy for quite a while, communicating, exchanging information and healing energy, merging her aura with mine. It seemed like time stopped , no one being around, no crazy game, except us enjoying each others energies. Speechless! When the swim time was up and we were heading towards the shore , they knew and followed us, like saying good bye. They really love playing with humans.

More dolphin interaction Of course we didn’t have enough of them so we returned for few more times on the lagoon to interact with them from the dock. One time we played the “leaf game”, Ohh they LOVE this game. We would gather leaves and play fetch- catch with them while leaning over the platform. Constantin would make different sounds to attract them and they would come very curious close to him and try to understand what he was saying. My hands were sending energy, moving in circular and figure 8 patterns while dolphins were sprinting towards where we were sitting on the dock, splashing and swimming in circles. They react really well to healing energy. What I have also noticed was dolphins making love, they do that a lot and the message I got from them was “making love keeps us young and healthy”.

Swimming with wild dolphins

One our last dive, while going towards the dive site a pod of few wild dolphins showed up , surfing alongside our boat to play. I knew I had to keep the last orgone dolphin ball for a special occasion. So when we came back from the dive, the dolphins waited on us and the Captain said we can jump in the water and swim with them. Four of us jumped but the dolphins swam away. The second time it was just me jumping in the water with them! Yeay! Dolphins and myself alone… So special! Few dolphins swam right up to me. One of them was carrying sea grass on her left flipper which looked like jewelry on her. I was so happily surprised when she gave it to me, imagine how excited I was. What a gift!

Saying Good Bye
The very last day we went to say good bye to the dolphins. This time they didn’t feel so interested in playing the leaf game except one. One of the trainers who happened to be around told me that was Mika. After a while, Mika refused to play the leaf game. I was "hmmm...okay“… I respected her decision and decided to sort of ignore her. That was not what she wanted, she wanted a new game, as dolphins require you to be creative and inventive, a necessary ingredient to understand them. OMG she came next to where I was sitting, raised her head high above water and started to make loud noises: “hey! why are you ignoring me, pay attention”. She was really loud! I started to play with her by moving my arms in circular motions while she was responding by moving in circles. The trainer said: “Oh Mika again?” Yes I could recognize her by the white spots on her beak. We played a lot, danced together, with me dancing on the platform and her under or above water. I was clapping my hands, she responded by clapping her flippers. She mirrored all my moves in the water while I was mirroring her moves on the platform. She did few splashes for me and I said to myself, “let me try to run on the platform see what she does“. She followed me, swimming really fast after me. We kept that game going for quite sometime. She did that because we bonded really well without food or any rewards being involved in any way. She basically thanked me for my gifts to her while she rewarded me with such a good time and laughter. Her message: “Be optimistic and have a sense of humor”. Mika feels to me like one of my soul mates. More pictures of dolphins in Roatan taken by Constantin and Lilly More pictures of under and above water in Roatan taken by Constantin and Lilly And stay tuned for amazing video clips shut in HD by Constantin. Hope you enjoy them.

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Big kisses and hugs from the dolphins of Roatan, ~~~Lilly

Friday, May 1, 2009

Victory for whales

Got a letter in my inbox from regarding victory of whales

This is an exciting time for our work protecting whales and other marine mammals. The Marine Sanctuaries Campaign has been working as a joint partnership between Seaflow and Pacific Environment for the past 5 months. We have now received our formal notice from the Attorney General allowing us to fully integrate into Pacific Environment. As you may have seen following the Salazar Hearing in San Francisco to voice public opinion on off-shore drilling, this partnership is allowing us greater resources and networks to carry forward our goal of protecting whales and other marine wildlife from human-made noise. We will continue our work to advance adequate protections for California's marine sanctuaries, organizing Vessel Watch trips to experience first-hand the impacts of human-made noise to whales and other sea dwellers, securing safeguards for sea mammals from human-made noise around the world, and offering opportunities to come together locally as a community to make a difference.
Lately, we are seeing some tremendous victories for whales!
This past Friday, we received great news for one very vulnerable population of whales! Following insistent pressure from Pacific Environment and our partners, Sakhalin Energy - a consortium led by Gazprom and Shell - agreed to suspend seismic testing, an extreme form of human-made noise, planned for this summer off Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East. This is a crucial feeding area for the critically endangered Western Gray Whale. With only 25 breeding females remaining, the Western Gray Whales would have faced tremendous peril if seismic testing commenced this summer. Experts believe the loss of just one breeding female would likely mean extinction for these whales. To learn more about this victory, please click here.The week before, we won another impressive reprieve for marine mammals in the Arctic. Pacific Environment and our partners won a lawsuit that canceled the Bush Administration's 5-year plan for offshore oil drilling!
Thank you for your continued support!
Jackie Dragon Marine Sanctuaries

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interdimensional portal opened

An interdimensional portal (I call it the whale portal of healing) opened last year so we might experience lots of “weird phenomena”. Since this new year started I heard many people experiencing "strange phenomena". One of my good friends related to me that out of nowhere she found herself inside a helicopter right between the two pilots who were really surprised to see her there. Constantin and I celebrated the beginning of this new year by going on Turtlehead hike , a place we gifted few years ago. This time I realized that the Turtlehead peak was in fact a smooth feminine energy vortex. I kept getting the same thing while the whole left side of my body (which is related to the feminine side), specially limbs, were tingling and buzzing. While descending someone materialized right in front of me: it was a tiny native american woman. I was WOW! a little spooked though as she appeared suddenly out of nowhere. She wanted to let me know about that vortex thanking for the gifts. The portal is opened. If our frequencies are high we can manifest beautiful things in our lives, meeting with other souls interdimensionally. If we choose to leave in fear, doubt, resentment anger, anxiety, sadness we can meet other souls with the same vibration and manifest not so pleasant things. So its important to do everything possible in our powers to keep ourselves happy inside so we can manifest happiness and peace around.

Whales opening portal of healing - meditation It was the day when we heard the whales singing in the water during our scuba dive. For their great singing to us we offered them orgone gifts. While Constantin was taking pictures of the sunset, amusing some people, I was watching his glowing aura and beautiful colorful orbs around him and other people. I then looked towards the ocean, watching the sun go down, feeling great peace, getting into meditation mood. I connected with the dolphin ball gifted few hours ago when suddenly I saw in the distance whales’ blowing. I heard them clairaudiently calling me, feeling their sound resonating deep inside my heart, penetrating each cell in my entire body. First thing I got from them was: “ we are the peace keepers of the planet”. Next I heard the words “from time and space” and in a split second I was out of body. I saw dark and in the middle the most beautiful color orb which took me to a portal underwater. Everything went really fast. However I remember seeing a mermaid and a very big beautiful cobalt blue fish which at the time I thought was a sword fish, leading me into the portal. I don’t remember much, except seeing the whales very clear. My head started to spin clockwise (see the dolphin meditation) while I was getting cleansed and healed. Old sadness and tension were releasing from the past, I was getting two words “release” relax”. Now all I could see was the deep blue ocean and could feel my tears going down my cheeks. I was meant to be in Hawaii on February, 2007 for the portal of opening. Now I understand why I felt the urge to come to Hawaii in February. It is the portal of healing, releasing old fears, human ego and old sadness emotions. According to what I was getting from the whales, 2007 is a critical point in time, a year of Awakening and UNITY where human separation from the Creator will be healed. The Creator’s vibrations will intensify and be felt and awaken in many people. Many DNA activation will be taking place, purifications will be taking places on Earth as well as people. Many will get in touch with their higher selves, inner beings. The work we did on “awakening” during our boosting sessions was greatly appreciated and we need to keep doing this work. Prayer warriors, heart warriors, etheric and astral warriors, light workers, energy workers, healers will be joining in UNITY this work in order to raise the vibration of our beloved Planet and help others who are not ready yet to shift their consciousness. After all it’s the year of UNITY. An amazing fact that hit me really hard happened after two days when we were waiting to board the boat for the manta ray night dive. Next to our boat there was a fishing boat and on it was a very large blue marlin fish (362 pounds) which looked exactly like the one who guided me thru the portal in my whale meditation. I was sad to see him dead and immediately got it! The old soul marlin sacrificed himself for me to let me know he existed and what I experienced in my meditation was real, never doubting my impressions or psychic messages I receive. The blue marlin confirmed that the physical plane is just one of the dimensions and whales who are multidimensional beings communicate interdimensionally, so are we.

Blessings on your journey, Lilly

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whale Sharks and Mayan gateways - Mexico

Swimming with Whale sharks in Mexico and their messages
Last year I had a beautiful dream about swimming with a whale shark. Colors were beautiful, there was abundance of fish and coral, the whale shark I was interacting with was spreading so much love and high energy. In my dream, I was having the time of my life.
When dreams become reality...
The interaction with whale sharks would have to bring Constantin and I more wisdom, universal knowledge, joy and abundance. Since I had that dream, my focus was to interact with whale sharks as soon as possible. And as the Universe has its plans for us we were fortunate to find about this place in Mexico where whale sharks were spotted, so we booked a trip to Cancun Mexico to meet with the gentle giants.
Just few hours before leaving for the airport to Mexico I felt a very weird sharp abdominal pain. I became anxious and worried thinking we’ll miss our flight due to my pain. There is no way I was missing my whale shark adventure, so I switched my mind into thinking “whale sharks” and placed two of my orgone chakra balancers on the painful area and in less then 2 minutes pain disappeared. Yippee!! This vacation had to be perfect as I mediated, prayed and dedicated few of my yoga practices to this next to come adventure.
Whale shark unique experience Whale sharks are very large, they can grow up to 30-40 feet, in fact they are the largest fish in the sea. Their mouth can reach up to 4 feet across and they can weight up to 20 tons. However they are harmless to human. They eat plankton, not people and they are very gentle and charismatic. Here in Mexico these giants are protected, I think it’s divine intervention as in other countries whale sharks are killed for their meat.

It was August, 16, 2008: full moon equipped with turbo jet engines and also lunar eclipse - intuitive energy, when we encountered these magnificent creatures - whale sharks. Do you think we chose this date? No, I was consciously unaware but when you tap into the Source, perfection will happen.
Before arriving to Cancun, Mexico, while still in the air, I got boosted/contacted by 3 whale sharks. Everything happened so fast, I didn‘t expect to see them so soon. Next day Constantin and I headed towards Isla Contoy, Mexico where whale sharks were spotted.
We got on a new and very cute boat, crew was amazingly friendly, the guide who took us swimming with sharks had a great connection with whale sharks, people on the boat were nice and friendly, waters emerald green, weather was perfect, we got to see manta rays jumping out of water and of course whale sharks showed up. Perfect!

On the way out I could hear my heart pounding in excitement, tears coming down my chicks, emotions running high, reggae music playing…
As I “knew” the whale sharks were around I blessed them with special orgone gifts…. And Yes! They showed up.
The guide is allowed to take only two people in the water at the time and as I imagined Constantin and I were first to enter the water. With a full breath full of excitement we jumped in the water. I expected to see something large but when my eyes saw the large shark I was OMG!!! Was I intimidated? Ohh yeah!! I was swimming next to a HUGE creature!!! The guide took my hand and signaled to me “lets go closer and faster“!! I started to swim faster as I was gaining more courage. As I got closer to the giant, I surrendered to my own fear, intimidation disappeared and the feeling of love and admiration took over. WOW! I told telepathically the shark that I appreciated her for showing up and let us swim by her side. My whole body was vibrating, weeping under my mask. Magic was happening!
We left the first shark letting other people to experience the magic. Our turn to jump the water for the second time came as we continued to indulge ourselves into depths of amazement and happiness.
The third time we jumped in the water we saw the largest of all whale sharks, and the most beautiful one! This one was the fastest and as I was thanking and telling him telepathically that I love him, he suddenly turned towards me…Wow! I did not expect this!!! They usually mind their own business, swimming slowly, feeding on plankton. Was that his reaction to my telepathic love message? As he turned towards me, I felt his great vibration as he understood my telepathic words.

As we left the sharks, while still in that “blissful state” I felt them calling (knock knock!!!) while having amazing sensations on different parts of my body - that’s usually how communication starts)
I asked them for their message to me. This time the message came very clear and right after I asked: the song “Sunshine reggae” started to play on the boat while we were heading to our place of snorkeling. It hit me.
These are the lyrics of the song:
Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile, that's all I ask of you.
Gimme gimme, gimme just a little smile, we got a message for you.
Sunshine, sunshine reggae, don't worry, don't hurry, take it easy!
Sunshine, sunshine reggae, let the good vibes get a lot stronger!

Tears were rolling down my soul while I was enjoying the message:
“Enjoy the moment (present) to the maximum, open your heart in PARADISE now! Learn to live in the PRESENT with heart fully opened ! “Being present, fully in the body, focus in your own space. Use focus and intent in order to get in touch with these places you are about to visit.”

Later more messages would come, but the most important thing was the communication with whale sharks was established.

Full moon whale shark meditation

Later when we got back to the hotel, I sat down on the beach, watching the sun going down preparing for meditation after receiving the gifts of complete acceptance and feelings of “deep” from my whale shark teachers. In my conversation with whale sharks I got these:

I asked about the "world situation and more specific about tensions in the world."

The answer was : “there will be peace”.

I asked “what about the near future?“.

I got: "There will be “WEIRD” things happening: earth, nature, hurricanes, economy etc… These weird happenings will be perceived as good for some people and not so good for others. Some will be affected, some will not. If you choose to stay in a high state of consciousness you’ll be unaffected. "

"Should we deny reality?"

"No! It is up to you how much time you put into focusing on staying joyful and happy no matter how challenging it is." YOU GET TO CHOOSE. The fears and worries might be valid but it’s up to us to focus on what is well."

"What about others?"
"Boost and Pray for them to find their inner peace and positive vibrations."

Soon after we got home, hurricane Gustav and Ike unleashed their fury, stock market playing games, banks going bankrupt, creating more insecurity and so on… Staying calm and unattached is one of the answers. Cancun was not affected by the storm this year although the storm was close by. We gifted Cancun and Cozumel, so maybe that made a difference.

I asked about my life and journey and got some amazing answers. I payed attention to the answers I got and my life and relationships are getting better. It’s amazing how this sort of insight can improve your life. I had a question that kept bothering me for a long time and the answer was: “Taking responsibility for everything happening in your life is a challenging thing to do, but once you master this skill you’ll solve the “mysteries” in your life.

Without realizing many of us are blocking the flow of abundance in our lives through our own negativity, fear, anxiety. How many of us have imagined worries? Do you recognize the question you ask yourself or others: “What if?” … fill in the blanks…
“What is something bad will happen? What if I cannot get a job or I get fired? What if I get sick?” etc
Observe your mind, your thoughts. A lot of energy and time is often spent agonizing over negative thoughts. We create our own worries and when we look back, most of those never happened.
Observe, acknowledge and then replace those worry thoughts with vital energy and live in the NOW. The feeling of living in the NOW with absolutely ZERO worries is phenomenal. Making the best of life. I think that can reverse our age. Living life in the present is the greatest reward of all.

Enjoy the short whale shark video clip here:
Every time I think of whale sharks, my energy field increases and my heart fills with love.
More to come…

Blessings and Peace,
Let us keep our faith together,


Dear Lilly,

I got your email a while ago, but I guess I never even saw it. I read your post on the whale boosting. What you said about your meditations was RIGHT ON! It's challenging at this time to keep focused, because the energies are so unpredictable and strong, but the observer's attitude very much affects the outcome. (example: we're more prosperous than ever, amidst everyone's economic despair)

Looking back on all this, it's sort of funny how we came to this realization bit by bit. First we learned to boost, then we learned about law of attraction, now we're really seeing how much a part of our world it is, and we're also learning that there is an amazing world just on our horizon, as soon as we learn how to manifest it. It's like our learning was being carefully guided.

... what an amazing time to be alive! The very idea that we were born into this limited 3D world, and we're learning to bend its rules to our will is absolutely mind-boggling. Lately, I've been very interested in observing older people, and how very different their view of the world is - how rigid and unbending their thinking is, and how ill and dejected they become.

Reading that post really helped to re align my thinking and my attitude. It was much needed. : ) Let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor. I'll send you and Constantin plenty of loving energy, of course. If you ever need a boost, you know where to find me.

Keeping having fun - it's such a wild ride! -Mike -------------------------------

Whale shark encounter dream

One of my wishes is to swim or dive with a whale shark. Whale sharks are filter feeders, they feed on plankton and are harmless to people. It is not a whale, but it is the biggest shark and biggest fish.
They are protected species and are on the endangered list. They are still hunted for their dorsal fins in the Far East. They need protection and our prayers and boosts.
These gentle giants remind me of the gentle manta rays, wonderful creatures who helped on activating my DNA while participating in a night dive on the Big Island of Hawaii with them.
Last night I had a beautiful vivid dream of swimming with a whale shark. The dream started with me watching a woman swimming with a whale shark. I was amazed by their beautiful communication, mesmerized by the gentleness and the huge size of the whale shark. Then I realized that woman was me, I was witnessing my close encounter with a whale shark. Wow!! I cannot describe the beauty of the energy surrounding us. There was an abundance of colorful exotic fish swimming around. The colors of the water and fish were from an other dimension, I haven’t seen such beautiful colors on our dimension. The visibility of the water was awesome. I realized that I was breathing underwater without using any breathing apparatus.
In my dream I was thinking how fortunate I am to swim with a whale shark and see these unique beauties underwater. In my dream I kept being grateful for what I was gifted and blessed with.
Usually fish in ones dream means insights from unconscious mind. Fish is related with spirituality in Christianity, and prosperity in China. Nice!!!
I truly hope my dream will become reality, I would love love love to swim or dive with whale sharks. I want to gift these gentle giants the way I gifted manta rays, whales and dolphins.
Ocean of life!!! What a beautiful dimension.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whales dream, prediction of unknown species

Before going to sleep last night I instructed my powerful personal pendant and a new astral travel orgone creation (made with strong astral travel gems, elixirs and herbs, empowered with sacred vibrations) to take me astral travel to remote places to do psychic work during the travel. I have injured my knee while scuba diving few days ago and another instruction given was to get my knee healed over night. First my knee healed amazingly over nigh, I was limping the previous day. Second, I dreamt of whales: many of them, many species, colors, dimensions, as well as unknown species. The astral traveled took me to a beautiful place, very pristine and sacred.
Before getting onboard I was boosting to meet whales on this trip. The boat left the harbor, and as I wasn’t satisfied with the direction we were heading, I sent telepathic messages to the captain to change boat’s direction. He suddenly heard on the radio that orcas have been seen around. Yay! The boat changed its course and indeed we saw orcas - a lot of them. They were curious, approaching us. The water was crystal clear and I remember the place being close to the shore. The whole environment was so pristine, so awesome. As we were heading towards the whales, we saw different species: humpback, pilot, grey, blue, white, also unknown species I have never seen or heard of.
A mythological specie with a long swordfish like beak caught my attention. They were so many of them. At some point our boat was running over on of these unicorn whales, while I was freaking out, as I thought the boat injured the whale, however the whale was unharmed and the captain said this type of whales are very intelligent creatures and know how to dive when a boat approaches them. I didn’t like the reply and boosted to correct that. However I saw the whale surfacing again and realized how smart this whale is.
This type of whale intrigued me, so I researched whales today and surprisingly found out about Narwhals - the unicorns of the sea, whales beak horn like. I was so blown away by the similarities and so pleasantly surprised they do exist. They look exactly like in my dream. At first they seemed to appear from another dimension to connect with us. The more we are changing our structure, more souls bring themselves forth to interact with us. Narwhals want to connect and work with us.

Next, all sort of whales showed up one after another, dancing with grace around and under our boat making themselves known and willful to connect with us. Few of them were absolutely unknown species, I saw a big white whale, then another one which in my dream seemed to be a “tiger whale” ( I researched and this one doesn’t exists but have feeling it is yet to be discovered). People on the boat kept Awwwing, saying how lucky we were to see these creatures.
In my dream I asked myself what IF I can look into a whale’s eye? So as soon as I finished that question I found myself underwater with whales, it was a weird feeling as I wasn’t wet, but saw all the whales in front of me very close. Then I realized in my dream that I was astral projecting.
In the dream state whales represent deep emotions, intuition, messages from the spiritual realms, higher sources. It makes so much sense, as lately I am ridding on a spiritual emotional rollercoaster with lots of empowerments received by different ancient masters.
Those unknown species shown in my dream represent a prediction of discovery of more species in the future: the new species I saw very clear were a huge white whale, not a beluga though and a tiger whale (I saw the tiger markings on the skin, very clear).
Also all different species of whales presenting themselves in front of us represent UNITY, spiritual unity.
Whales and dolphins are still slaughtered today and many of us want to stop that. I want to take this opportunity and boost whales and our connections with them. The dream connection I had was to get in touch with whales at deeper levels and work to boost for a strong human cetacean connection. Also the fact that I dreamt about unknown species makes sense that we need to work on preserving the species that exist today.
Migaloo or white (albino) humpback
Larina, my dear psychic friend who lives next to the ocean in Australia mentioned she knew about narwhals so that's a yay!!! She sent me more info on Migaloo whales the white whale that appeared in my dream. They definitelly want to communicate with us. I also hope we'll find something about mysterious "tiger whale" that appeared in my dream.
Here is the website with information about Migaloos: I am reposting some of the facts:Migaloo Research FACTS:
On 28th June, 1991, an all-white humpback whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point.
This unusual whale is, so far, the only documented record of an all-white humpback whale in the world. It has been named "Migaloo"This is the name Australian Aboriginal community elders from the Hervey Bay area in Queeensland use to describe a White Fella.
Migaloo is an adult male.
Researchers from Southern Cross University were able to collect sloughed skin samples from Migaloo in October 2004 when he breached. Small pieces of skin fell off him into the water and were collected and analysed for DNA. From this it was confirmed that Migaloo is definitely a male. A genetic fingerprint for Migaloo was also obtained, allowing researchers to check for relatives of Migaloo amongst the other whales they have samples from, as well as to check whether Migaloo is the father if they obtain skin from a calf.
Migaloo is suspected to be an albino whale, but without definitive evidence for the moment he is known as a "hypo-pigmented" humpback.
Sightings of Migaloo provide valuable insight into the migratory behaviour of humpback whales along the east coast of Australia.
Migaloo is part of the east Australian humpback population, now suspected to number around 8-10,000 individuals in 2007. This population was likely around 30,000 before commercial whaling began, but was possibly as low as 104 individuals after commercial whaling on humpbacks ceased in the 1960s..
This population is one of six in the southern hemisphere that migrate north from Antarctica each year to give birth in tropical waters.
Whale watching guidelines exist to protect humpback whales in Australian waters. These include slow approach speeds when within 300m of an adult humpback, and vessels are prohibited from approaching closer than 100m of adults, or 300m if a calf is present. The full regulations and guidelines can be found at: The Australian Department of the Environment and Water Resources
Because Migaloo is such a unique whale he has special legislation that is enacted each year to protect him from harassment. For this reason vessels are prohibited from approaching Miagloo closer than 500m.
Migaloo was struck by a trimaran off Townsville, Queensland in August 2003 and still bears the scars from the collision on his back. ... read more:
For the whales and oceans, ~Lilly

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolphin friends in California

Another great dolphin "meeting" in “real time” in Venice California. I was meditating with a wonderful and open group of souls -yogis and yoginis at the beach when suddenly felt someone boosting me with strong healing energy. At first I thought that was our yoga teacher sending healing energy to us… However the energy didn’t feel like his energy, so I immediately knew the dolphins showed up and wanted our attention, interacting with us. I couldn’t wait to finish my meditation and see if it’s "real". I had to stop meditating because the energy was so playful. There they were!!! My beautiful friends - jumping, leaping, playing, surfing the waves, inviting us to play with them. Their energy is so familiar to me!! I started crying. One of my friend who is a dolphin lover and lives in the area was absolutely amazed as she has never seen them so happy and playful. She said: “Lilly you called them, it’s you”! The whole day I was in playful mood, I laughed all day long, I even had to leave the yoga class as I couldn't stop laughing. Next day while meditating with the same group, the dolphin friends nudged me again… this time was a soft nudge but same energy.. dolphin energy… I opened my eyes and right in front of us there were a couple of dolphin females and their babies… How nice of them to stop and say “Hi!” to us!!! I love their great spirit and every time I interact and gift them, they always return my gifts. This time the gift was to see babies inside pregnant women with so much detail that it's mind blowing for me. I love love love these guys… My heart melts when I am in their presence…

Dolphins can scan your body with their sonar and see inside like an xray. I usually can tell when someone is pregnant, or can tell the sex of the baby but seeing so clearly the fetus inside was a mind blowing experience. I just came across to this article and now it makes sense why I could see so clearly the fetus. Was I a dolphin in a past life? Was I gifted by dolphins with this ability? See the article bellow:

Their powerful sonar can penetrate up to three feet through sand and mud
with resolution significant enough to distinguish between a dime and a penny.
Due to this power, scientists believe that dolphins can view the inside of our
bodies similar to a sonogram performed on pregnant women. Indeed, dolphins are
fascinated with pregnant women, honing in on the unborn fetus. Furthermore, they
often focus on individuals’ specific areas of impairment, as well as places
containing tumors. Many times people who swim with the dolphins can feel himself
being scanned. As if bypassing the ears, the sound resonates in the bones,
traveling up the spine. Furthermore, this blast is delivered through water,
which is 60 times more efficient than air for sound transference, to a body that
is three-quarters fluid. It is believed that ultrasound resonance within the
cerebrospinal fluid is especially important due to the fluid’s key influence on
the brain and spinal cord...from an article at

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ancient, sacred sword dream

Last night I placed my Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer under my pillow and asked it to deliver a psychic dream to me from my dolphin friends I visited in Roatan Honduras. I have also asked the dolphins to visit my friend Yasmine. The dream was short but very intense and vivid. A very ancient and sacred sword was given to me and I was supposed to use its powers to empower myself and others. The sword was to be used on this specific day before the ending of the year (2008). When I picked up the sword from its case, people around were sort of intimidated by its power. I was a little intimidated myself but also very attracted to its bright, powerful energy which vibrated with its highest vibration. I picked it up in my right hand, when suddenly I found myself watching my hand moving in very beautiful geometrical healing patterns. These patterns were thought to me by dolphins, recently visited in Rotan, Honduras. The rays of such powerful energy emanating from the sword were being sent out to people. I was in a total state of bliss, truly humble and honored at the same time to be able to use this sword for sending powerful energy out. I am getting this sword can be accessed in the ether by people with highest pure intentions and elevated relationship with a higher power. Try it, it has amazing powerful healing energies. Wishing you abundance on all levels of your life and spiritual growth. Lilly

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Los Coronados islands: whales, dolphins, sea lions

August 8, 2008 Constantin and a group of friends went scuba diving on Lois Anne boat in Mexico, Los Coronados islands, great opportunity to gift and bless the Mexican waters and marine life. Few days prior to this trip I meditated on and prayed for PERFECTION, fun, abundance, prosperity, to see whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and get to communicate with them at subtle levels. Everything was PERFECT indeed! And let me tell you why. The day we went out was August 8, 2008 - (8 - 8 - 08 )!!! Multiple 8’s. The numerology of this day is a rare geometric, symmetric alignment. A day bounded by 8’s is a most favorable configuration within the collective consciousness. Eight represents prosperity, abundance, energy, vitality. When I think of ocean I think abundance. Los Coronados Islands The Coronado Islands are a group of four islands off the northwest coast of the Mexican state of Baja California. They are uninhabited except for a small military detachment and a few lighthouse keepers. As I was experiencing motion sickness on the boat I chose a place where I could sit quietly and meditate on abundance and high vibrations inviting whales and dolphins to be part of our trip. Not long after few whales showed up, which according to Karma (our sweet and great dive master on the boat) were fin whales. Fin whale is the second largest whale and the second largest living animal after the Blue Whale which we encountered two years ago on our trip with Ken Adachi and his wife to Catalina Island. The whales put on a great show for us: breaching, tail slaps and spy hops. I asked the whales what was the message for today and the answer was : “dive safe, dive properly equipped and have lots of fun”. Thank you! I was enjoying and appreciating every single moment, realizing how blessed I am to see and communicate with these wise creatures of the deep.

I was wearing a t-shirt with dolphins while Jammie another girl diver who loves whales, was wearing a whale t-shirt. I told Jammie: “we saw whales, watch for dolphins next”. Soon after a pod of white sided dolphins joined our boat, racing around diving under the boat and then surfacing on a crest of a wave. It was absolutely magical. These guys were having so much fun, putting up a beautiful show for us: spinning, jumping, leaping. Karma and I were applauding and talking to these guys, thanking them for the entertainment. Sea lions These guys came to greet us while we were scuba diving. They were playful and would try to imitate divers' movements. They let out air bubbles, look at you then look at the bubbles like saying: “Hey look at me, I can make those bubbles too”. They are nearly always playful and curious. Remarkably graceful and quick, their underwater acrobatics resemble a graceful and at the same time energetic modern dance or ballet. A Sea lion showed out of nowhere right in front of my nose. They are so agile they catch you by surprise. She blew a bubble and then played with it, inviting us to play with her. I noticed that blowing bubbles at us divers is one of their popular games. She swam so close to us and if you would stay calm she would come and kiss you (your mask). Pete one of the divers had a “romantic encounter” with this sea lion. The sea lion kissed his mask. Pete was ecstatic. It was so funny that I could hear myself laughing in my regulator. Their playing behavior reminds me of dolphins, they use a leaf as a toy. I love interacting with these sea creatures, they are so intelligent and inspirational.

We encountered an abundant and wide variety of marine life. Watch the short video clip here:

An interesting fact I noticed was a trigger fish I saw. Trigger fish are tropical fish but for some reason they made it and adapted to this environment. Karma told me I was lucky to see the trigger fish as they are quite rare.

Heading back to San Diego, we were joined by dolphins again.

Manta ray night dive- one of the best shows on Planet Earth

Although this article is not about dolphins or whales, MANTA rays are great creatures of the sea which were part of activating my DNA in Hawaii

Manta rays also referred to as the "Butterflies of the sea”, have NO stingers so are completely safe to be around. We couldn’t miss the manta rays magnificent show this year! We were so excited to see them again this year performing their night ballet feeding on plankton, delighting us with their gracefulness. The dive master on the boat was a little nervous about mantas not showing up tonight. He said one has to have a good karma to see these creatures. I boosted him as I knew the mantas would show up. As soon as we arrived at the dive site - Garden Eel Cove, two mantas leaped out of water to assure us they will perform tonight. Although it is said that mantas are attracted by light, I think they also love interacting with people and like dolphins, mantas are curious as well. Using dive lights, we are able to attract concentrations of plankton and therefore attract the Manta rays. There were about 40 scuba divers in the water and 30 snorklers above watching the magnificent show. As soon as I started my descent I saw the first manta ray and I had to adjust my buoyancy not to lend on top of her. I made my way thru water to where the show was taking place, waited and boosted them to show up. Imagine praying and meditating under water, what an interesting experience. After about 5 minutes they arrived: one after another dancing their sacred dance through the water. They were quite a few, more then we’ve seen last year. Last year I was a little nervous when I saw these big creatures in the water with us. This year I could not have enough of them. My heart was so open this time that instead of avoiding their touch I let them touch me watching the whole thing in amazement. My body and soul were touched by manta rays. WHAT A FEELING!!! As I write this my heart vibrates and tears come to my eyes, I cannot describe the feeling, words have no value, you gotta be present there to feel these powerful emotions.
Enjoy the short manta ray video clip here: After we left the show we swam thru the night waters to see other night creatures. The night life is different from day life: red sparkle shrimps looking like glitters, moray eels not so shy, interesting fish. When I turned my head to look for Constantin there was a manta ray right in front of my nose. She was swimming right above my head touching my face. Breath taking! Then another one came right towards us, performing her nigh routine. She escorted us as we were heading towards the boat. She did not want us to leave yet, so I had to wait before getting back on the boat while manta somersaulted in circles off the stern of the boat. Whenever I am underwater I think of mantas so I can fly weightless underwater. Manta rays’ supple movement and energy inspired my yoga practice tremendously as I now move from posture to posture with gracefulness. It’s amazing how much we can learn from wild creatures. Before we left Hawaii, I meditated and said few prayers, thanking the ocean for welcoming us, dolphins for sharing their vibrant energies, whales for beautiful concert and wisdom, turtles for their cute nature, mantas for their gracefulness, all marine life and people who shared their energies with us. I also took this opportunity to bless and boost the whole planet and its inhabitants with Hawaii’s sacred energy with all people living in love-based consciousness, in peace and balance with mother earth and nature. Merging with whales, dolphins, marine and other life manta awareness, people open themselves to new levels, appreciating nature and being part of evolution together with other species. ---Lilly

Hawaii - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part2

Swimming with the angels of the sea (dolphins) in the wild
The whole trip to Hawaii I was in detox mode: coughing, high fever and all those cold symptoms. I didn’t feel like going to the ocean today but after checking with my heart I knew the dolphins were at the place of refuge (2 steps) bay ready for human interaction. The Place of Refuge is considered a place of forgiveness. Sure enough, Hawaiian spinner dolphins were swimming peacefully in the bay. Hawaiian waters is heaven for them. Dolphins never stop to amaze me whenever they call me, or when I call them.
We got in the water really FAST to meet our sweet old friends. There was a pod of about 30 to 40 dolphins. Some of them were resting, some playing and chasing each other like kids do. As we got in the water they greeted us with friendly nodding of their heads. That’s their way of saying “HELLO”, inviting you to swim with them. “Great!” I said to myself: “they are ready to interact with us, so I thanked them for the invitation.” Connection was established and let me tell you it was absolutely MAGICAL. Two adult dolphins swam towards me, surrounding me. Another two followed the previous ones and slowed down to check me out, scanning me curiously with their sonar. My body was vibrating in harmony with their vibration. “I came in peace guys, I would love to interact with you beautifully” I said telepathically to them. Great! They accepted us as they started to surface for air right next to us. I got a little message from the two adults: “Open your heart”. “It is already opened” I said “Open it wider” hmmm… I pictured my heart opening wider.
Wow, what a feeling!! LOVE penetrating all my cells!! Two of them swam under me nodding their head up and down which in their language means “Hello”. I did the same, with a huge smile on my face. My mask would get flooded because of too much smiling and laugher under the water. I started to laugh and send telepathic messages of happiness and joy to them: “I love you guys, I love you guys, I love you“… Thank you… Then I started to speak to them though my snorkel. I could hear my own words and soon after vocalizing underwater I heard them chirping and whistling. They responded with a great amount of love and happiness. What a joy! How much fun!! A lady who was swimming around, noticed dolphins swimming very close to me and asked me: “How do you that“? “They are always next to you”. I winked and I told her my magic tricks: I usually stay very calm, allowing myself to be opened to their energies and wait for them to interact with me. If you swim towards them they will most probably swim away. Stay calm and wait for them to initiate contact. Also tell them telepathically or even say it out loud that you love them, meaning that!!! She was WOW!!!… I saw her glowing and aura expanding. Later on she was having the time of her life interacting with them so beautifully. I was happy to see others in the state of bliss I was also experiencing. They were involving us in their behavior, inviting us to play their “leaf” game, being part of their pod. I knew that game from last year trip to Hawaii and observed it with so much joy. The pattern of their swim was geometric, resembling some sort of sacred dance and/or a DNA pattern. When I returned to the shore, I was no longer sick, being fully energized, vibrant and centered. YES!!! NO LONGER SICK!!! Constantin asked me if it would be a good idea to go back to the farm and grab the video camera and photo camera to take few pictures and video shots. I said: “why not, if the dolphins want us to take few snap shots that means they will wait for us, so we can share their energy and joy with others.” I hope you enjoy and feel some of their amazing vibration while you see the pictures and watch the short video clip where you’ll also see whales. here: .

Next day we went to the bay again to meet our beloved friends. Asked permission to get in the water and waited for dolphin contact. Contact established. There were greetings, interaction, healing, playing time. We met with a local who is also a dolphin lover, whom we met last year…how interesting we cross our paths!!! The local swam towards me and said: “How interesting the dolphins chose to interact with us so beautifully today” as he saw me in the middle of the pod all the time. All night long I was present on the astral level with my dolphfriends in their magical environment, a very deep special place for me where I surrender and let go of things which no longer serves me, got renewed and healed on different levels. I still carry their frequency in my cells and intend to do so always. I can see a lot of dolphin interaction and vibratory communication with people in the near future as dolphins can assist humans with ways of healing at deeper and subtle levels. Because they emit these vibrations abundantly and freely, dolphins and whales have a profound impact on humans. In their presence, people experience tremendous increase in energy, vitality and awareness on all levels: physical, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dolphins message: “follow your bliss” ---Lilly

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hawaii trip - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part1

What a birthday present! My husband and I had such an amazing experience last year in Hawaii that we decided to go back this year. We immersed ourselves in the spirit of Aloha for 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii, the land of power and mystery. We were drawn by this special, strong energy place on earth where heaven joins the earth, to experience the art of living through the eyes of nature physically and spiritually, to embrace a higher path on our journey, taking our life dance to a new level. When there is a will the doors will open, so we focused on having the best time of our lives, swim with the dolphins, experience the birth of new earth - the volcano erupting, connect with whales, dance with manta rays, “cuddle” with green sea turtles.

Humpback Whales of Hawaii On our first scuba diving trip we were greeted by a humpback whale and her calf, soon after we left the harbor. The captain stopped the boat to watch the whale and her calf. Breath taking! So far so good, the law of attraction and boosting we are applying works really well. I wanted to see whales so bad, and my wish was fulfilled. We had to leave and go to the diving spot, so we had to say good bye to the whales. However there was no such a “good bye” as the whales were present everywhere. People on the boat were very excited and happy. “Wow!!! There are tons of them” people were exclaiming very pleased. Last year we haven’t seen so many, so I was pleasantly surprised. They probably roam freely around Hawaiian waters where they are loved and can communicate with great elevated souls instead of being hunted by the Japanese whalers. Sea Shepherd- Paul Watson does a good job by chasing the Japanese whalers, keeping the whales from being unharmed. After I thanked and gifted the whales, I gifted, blessed and thanked the ocean for allowing us to jump in and have fun diving. We were happy: we saw whales, we had two great dives, was something else missing? Dolphins!!!
Well they didn’t let us down, there was a pod of about 15 bottle nose dolphins swimming towards our boat. Bottle nose dolphins are rather shy and solitaire comparing to spinners and common dolphins which are more curious. Nevertheless they swam straight to our boat. The personal message from them was to work on improving my social skills. I am usually reserved due to my empathic abilities, and in order to grow spiritually I need to develop my social skills, so thank you bottlenose guys.

South Point - (more whales) and Kilauea Volcano - Goddess Pele
Heading towards the Kilauea - volcano, we stopped to gift the very south point of the United States of America. The beauty of this place was enhanced by the presence of whales. We don’t remember going to the beach or being around the ocean without seeing or hearing whales. Many people from around the world come to see the volcano and make offerings to the Goddess Pele, which is the Goddess of Fire according to Hawaiian culture. The volcano has been erupting nearly continuously since 1983. About 90 percent of Kilauea's land surface is less than 1,100 years old. The eruption reminds me that the whole universe is moving and continually changing. Everything has a rhythm and our planet is an ever changing environment. Volcano which is the youngest and one of the world's most active is filled with such a strong feminine energy. For my birthday this year I felt like I had to honor the spirit of the volcano, get in touch with its feminine energy and make my own offerings. My gift to Pele was very special: it was one of my personal healing orgone cones I have offered to Pele Goddess. Soon after we arrived at the volcano I felt the whole left side of my body tingling and vibrating with a rush of intense energy in my left hand (left side of the body is associated with feminine side). The energy of the volcano was so strong that I was really overwhelmed. Being an empath I felt all the “sympathetic” birthing symptoms such as headache, intense overwhelming energy, third eye throbbing, strongly opening, temples pulsating continuously.

More vents at one of the craters

As we stayed quite late we decided to walk through hardened lava on a trail to watch the volcano erupting from the distance. We turned off our flashlights and experienced the power of the complete darkness and silence. It was an amazing feeling to see and hear Mother earth giving birth… if we could only listen to her heartbeat and what she has to share with us… The whole experience at the volcano made me get in touch with my feminine side.

Diving and swimming with green sea turtles at place of refuge (Two step)
We love, love, love so dearly green sea turtles - cute, wise, ancient beings which are one of the few species on earth to have witnessed dinosaurs evolving and going extinct. We planned to interact with Hawaiian green sea turtles, so we went swimming and free diving at “place of refuge“ - (2 steps site), where green sea turtles ("honu" as locals call them) usually rest and feed. As we were looking for them, we spotted one at about 30 feet down, when out of nowhere a cute little turtle swam really fast from the depth towards the surface right between Constantin and myself, looking very curious at us. Ohhhh WOW!!! He was right on my nose almost touching me, he was so funny. We wanted so much to hug and pet her, but respecting their privacy, we refrained from touching this very little guy. He even enjoyed few of our photo shots and then dove where he came from. He just came to check us out, say “hi”, play a little with us and then left. How neat! And to add to this funny show a large turtle this time, swam up to us from below, checking us out as well, “smiling” at us and then dove back. We kept being relaxed but joyful, swimming in a gentle and relaxed manner so they could approach us. My meditation on turtles became reality as I visualized swimming with these “green” cute guys before we went out searching for them.

Whales concert - one of the best performances on Earth ever!!!
We went on a boat for a scuba dive trip and as soon as we left the harbor, we were greeted by two pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. The captain stopped the boat so the dolphfriends could play around the boat. When the boat started to move, four adult spinner dolphins started to ride the bow wake in the figure 8 pattern (infinity or DNA activation, chakra balancing - I like to call). They seemed to enjoy our presence to the maximum, putting up an amazing show for us while we couldn’t stop “awww-ing” and “ahhhaaa-ing” and applauding. I allowed their vibration of clearing to permeate every cell of my body, while getting all the chakras balanced. For their wonderful show they’ve been rewarded with a special orgone dolphin heart.

The most wonderful day dive (the manta ray night dive was the best though) I have ever done so far was at the place called Kaiwi Point in Kona Hawaii… As soon as we got in the water we could hear humpback whales vocalizing, sharing their repertoire of relaxing songs with us, the divers. We were so fortunate to hear the whales song for almost the whole duration of our dive. The dive master said we must have had a great karma to be so fortunate. The sound was really loud and clear, no hydrophones... LIVE concert from the vastness of the ocean. They seem like they were next to us, but as sound travels much faster in the water then air (approximately 4 times faster) they were probably further away. Althought there was some distance between us, there was no distance between our hearts. Quite a lot of messages were exchanged at subtle levels. Whales’ concert relaxed me and put me into a such a trance healing mood and bliss that I wanted to stay in the water forever. In order to experience bliss, the vibration of peace has to happen - well… whales are the essence of the ocean and our dear planet’s Peace keepers. To Hawaiians, the whale is a representation of the Hawaiian god, Kanaloa - the god of animals in the ocean. After an hour or so of diving the dive master asked me by the end of the dive if I am not cold, because everyone ended the dive except Constantin, myself and the dive master who had to stay with us in the water. What an inspiration! You’ve got to be present and experience something like this in order to appreciate… “Mahalo“ - “Thank you, thank you thank you“ . No wonder my husband says that I breath like a whale…

Whale watch trip

As whales were present everywhere we were this year (the research indicated about 10,000 humpback whales this year!!!) we went on a whale watch trip. We saw amazing breaching, various acrobatic displays, tail slap, flipper-slap, whales teaching their babies lessons of life and so on… Whales come a lot in my meditations and their energy always reminds me of peace, making me achieve the state of bliss. For quite sometimes I pray for an end to their suffering, they are still hunted and killed by humans (Japanese are few of the hunters). However the peace vibration of the planet is rising with whales and dolphins continuosly connected with the universal vibration coming from the Source. The human growing sense of protection is surprising. If almost 40 years ago, first divers were primarily hunters, nowadays divers’ spear guns were replaced by underwater cameras.