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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Magic Land of Aloha Spirit ~Hawaii 2011_Whale empowerment

Have you ever felt a deep call from the sacredness of Earth?

I let the spirit carry me to the blessed land of Hawaii, one of the most spiritual places on Earth. It’s the third time we immerse ourselves fully in the spirit of aloha. Whales - the peace keepers called me: I needed their guidance, I needed another step into my greatness. It was time for a spiritual upgrade, an expansion and a new direction of swimming in my life.

Traveling to sacred places on earth is giving back to Earth and also BIG investment in myself: I always grow and expand spiritually and financially. You cannot expand if you do not invest in yourself, it’s that simple! ...and the more you grow the more you can share...

As we were ready to land on the Big Island, I heard psychically the whales call, so I looked at the ocean while Constantin was elbowing me very excited: “Whales, whales!” There were four whales blowing powerfully welcoming us to the land of Aloha spirit” What a way to start a journey!

My psychic senses told me I was there for two main reasons: a lot of giving and excellent receiving.

As for giving: as I was there to do offerings (gifting and ceremonies) to the ocean, kahunas spirits (ancient Hawaiian shamans) the sky and air (North Element), turtles, dolphins and whales. Hawaii needed extra orgone (life force)boost - I felt very deep inside my being. Why? I had to receive answers after our journey was completed.

As for receiving: new upgrades and activations: in my cellular memory and nadis (channels), psychic awareness and DNA.

Watch the video here:

The light emerges from the darkness of the ocean
There were a few challenges and tests for us in this journey. We passed them successfully.

The only way you become more powerful is when you are faced with challenges so you learn, grow and evolve from experiences. Conquering challenges is quite empowering- more spiritual powers revealing! A childish behavior is necessary though, as innocence is the way to deal with seriousness of the imaginary drama our minds create.

The energies of this entire journey were mixed as duality is within us (dark and light forces).

The more you work with the light the deeper the dark side will make its presence. The point is how you integrate the darkness into your work. Darkness can remind us of releasing and purging unsupported believes, behaviors, energetic cords. Only by going deep into the darkness for cleansing and purging, the light emerges.

Spiritual strength is about recognizing the true energy that resides in you and let’s be brutally honest: it is not always positive and happy, unless you are born a saint or became one.

The first night we spent in Hawaii, Mother Natures shook forcefully: thunderstorm and rain were falling heavily from the sky. It was mystic and powerful! I truly enjoyed the power of cleansing, as the next day the energies were amazingly clear and peaceful.

To add to the power of cleansing and purging (in my case fear), we went on a night dive called “Magic pelagic” 5 miles out in the ocean. It was a gift that I gave myself for my birthday to work on facing and releasing more hidden fears.

So what is magic pelagic ?
watch the video here:

There is a small group of divers going about 5 miles out into the darkness of the ocean, which is between 4000 to 7000 feet deep. A 50 foot rope is attached to you from the boat for safety, so you cannot exceed 50 feet depth, as darkness in the ocean can be very deceiving, weird things can happen into someone’s mind: ohh yeah!

To give you my visual of this kind of environment: it’s a combination of other planet (perhaps Mars) and water environment.

The ocean is completely dark, you only have a flash light and wonder around watching the magic creatures of deep ocean darkness that come to the surface emitting light. It is frightening and the same time mesmerizing (duality again).

The mystery of the unknown and the possibility of encountering some large animals like sharks that could have appeared out of nowhere was making me nervous before the dive.

When I descended in the water column I was totally disoriented and afraid (darkness fear kicked in). As I started to accommodate and befriended the ocean and its creatures (very rare, mostly unknown to men) I became one with the environment. I thought of the power of present moment!

I kept repeating to myself: ”It’s only a dive and it’s safe”…

When my fear was gone all sort of magic creatures started to manifest in front of my very eyes. WOW!!! Absolutely surreal!

Once we acknowledge and respect the darkness, the fear disappears, and the beauty and magic of the LIGHT emerges and we can see clearly.

And the Birthday Party goes on

We are noticing that everytime we go on a new adventure that wild animals seem to gravitate towards us more and more. It is the power of orgone (life essence) that we carry in us for so many years and we are so grateful for these gifts that we were blessed with.

Saying that, next morning I woke up knowing that dolphins made their presence to a particular bay to greet us. We went to the bay to check if the dolphins were there and sure enough they came to say “hi”. How cool is that?

We got rewarded with the gift of joy and playfulness of our long time dolphin friends.

Same as previous years they came to us surrounding with their joyful vibrations. My body was again upgraded to a higher level, I could feel their clicking and noise energizing my chakras. Energy exchanges happened. They let me know I was ready for more… this time a “whale attunement“.

It is so amazing the way humpback whales showed up everyday in my awareness. I could see them or hear them everyday either from the boat or shore. They were tons out there!

On different occasions I could see them with my third eye before they would make their presence known to us.

On returning from one of the dives, a few of them were actually coming towards our boat. I asked them for a sign and one of them breached right in front of us, showing his majestic skills. Letting go in the vastness of the ocean was the message”… Next we saw another one surfacing opening his mouth wide open very clear and then disappearing into the ocean. My understanding is that it’s pretty rare to see one with a mouth open.

The message was: Keep mouth slightly open and release the jaw in order to release unsupported emotional garbage. How cool is that?

Sea turtles followed me during some of swims or dives.. Some of them touched me with the flipper (front leg), some just came right in front of my mask to check me curiously.

Same thing happened with Manta rays - I allowed them to touch me.

We never touch them, we let them approach us and initiate contact, this way is much more powerful. It’s the power of orgone (life force) energy that attracts all kind of wild life, because life essence is present in each and every live creature on Earth.


Gathering of elevated souls - The power of Consciousness

“As it gains it's momentum it spirals out in waves of Unity and Synchronicity”

Again dolphins called: this time to a different bay. Why? They facilitated deep spiritual connections with people on the similar spiritual path: intuitives, spiritual teachers, spiritual musicians and healers from around the world. Constantin and I found ourselves in the middle of this circle of people doing powerful spiritual work for peace, global awareness while wild dolphins were boosting our powerful work. It was kind of shocking as none of us expected to do this work in this 3 dimension. It was more of a soul connection rather then human connection, Dolphins - the ohana (familiy) attuned us even deeper to the power of unity: we must learn to dance with one another with greater Wisdom and Love. I see the power of unity and consciousness happening in many small circles around the world, expanding exponentially.

Please be part of those Unity of Love circles, together we can change chaotic energies around us. It is the power of personal or group rituals that we lack in our modern world that could make us more powerful, more loving, more compassionate.


The temple of (ka)hunas

This very particular temple had such a weird vibe. An orgone offering was needed in order to help maintain peace in this particular bay and island. We later found out about the power of this sacred place. The secret teaching of mystic kahunas (Hawaiian shamans, healers) are meant to surface for the people that are ready to embrace their teachings. We encountered deep resistance and I had no idea I was supposed to gift this temple, but when spirit carried me there I had a huge “AHhaaaa” moment! We were guided again this time by the spirit of whale and dolphin to help open the channels of understanding and forgiveness around the temple, hence the environment surrounding the temple, expanding throughout the world.


Following the whales guidance

We never knew what will happen next and where we were guided to go and do, so we trusted the guidance of whales and dolphins.

We found ourselves heading towards the very north point of the Island. As we drove towards the north point, we saw from our vehicle tons of whales heading towards North. We were celebrating by singing “Balena!!! Balena!!!”

We stopped the car so we can communicate with them and realized how important was to do gifting and offerings to the very north point, which in shamanic tradition is associated with the sky element.

Few years back we were guided to do a gifting ceremony on the South Point to offer our gifts to the element of Water - Ocean. That time we also made offerings to Goddess Pele, the volcano Kilauea volcano (the fire element ) and also Earth element (Mauna Kea, tallest mountain in the world). Mauna Kea mountain is under water and when measured from its oceanic base, Mauna Kea is over 10,000 m (33,000 ft) tall—significantly taller than Mount Everest

The one that was left to be gifted this year was the Air- Element, which is associated with the North direction.

Fresh air is imperative! Don’t mean to scare anyone.. Do you ever watch our sky? If not, make a habit to watch it on a regular basis. Notice the quality of your air you are breathing. Have you heard of chemtrails, or geoengineering? If not do some research, stay open to what you’ll find. In case you know what chemtrails are then do something about it, please! Here is an audio that my souls sister Yasmine shares on how to stay healthy and protected from aerial poison:

After we have left Hawaii we've found out that Mother Earth gave birth to more Earth. It is the third time that history repeats itself - volcano Kilauea erupted, time for fire element activation. Second I have just found today of the Tsunami in Japan, and loss of lives and damages… My prayers are with them. Hawaii was spared this time. Ceremonies and work done helped release some of the tensions in this area… Hawaii is still in my prayers as I feel fiery dormant energies are still ready to surface.

The whales carry the history of Mother Earth and are in charge with keeping peace on Planet Earth. There are many weird events happening and we'll see even more disasters. We have to work with the whales to keep peace and highten our frequencies for the sake ouf our world.


Whale blessings,

Love all ways