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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayer circle (boosting) for dolphins in Taiji ...more... Part2

Tonight few of us got together in the chat room joined by others remotely in prayer and meditation to help the dolphins in Taiji survive this year. We surrounded the “death place” with our loving thoughts and prayers and lot of light. Energy felt very intense. Cristen was seeing splinters of dark energy embedded in the line of energy from the Divine to the dolphins, while I was having a similar visual, dark arrows of energy sent to dolphins. We boosted using LOVE, creating a circle of love and healing. At some point Mike and myself saw and felt turbine like spinning motion energy. We followed the energy upwards that was getting more intense, and dense… After a while it was slowly dissipating, at some point it felt like total quietness, like before something big was going to happen. We kept boosting and sending love moving up through different layers until, we got to a point of stillness that we could not intervene anymore. We asked the angels and elements of air and water to take over from here, trusting the universe that will bring the best outcome to the Taiji dolphins. Please keep dolphins in your prayers. Blessings and peace

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  1. Would you also please pray for the orcas and dolphins in captivity to be released to natural sea pens. We are working hard to get Lolita out of her tank at the Miami Seaquarium and back to the state of Washington where she belongs. She was captured August 8, 1970. Her family is L pod, one of our resident orca pods and they are still alive. What a joyous day it will be when she can once again feel the sea, and the rhythms of the tides against her skin.

    Thank you for your prayers,