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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dolphins stampede

In my dream last night I was invited to swim with dolphins, however I noticed their very peculiar behavior. In my usual dolphin encounters (real time as well as astral) they are usually very friendly, playful and full of joy. In my dream I was with three more people trying to figure out why dolphins would swim so erratically- it looked like a dolphin stampede. A t some point we were worried they might crash onto our heads. After I got out of the water I sat down with a young man who seemed to be a scientist, trying to decipher dolphin messages. I have also seen tropical fish washed ashore…

Then I got the location where something will happen, like a tsunami or earthquake, there were 4 words… I cannot remember them except the word “Capricorn” and tropic”… The scientist and I worked on some geometric angles using the tropic of Capricorn, to find out the location and the radius was pretty big.

So I am asking you to please send prayers to this “unknown” location that seems to be in danger. This is a prophetic type dream and it usually becomes reality after a few days (usually 2) if I do not tell anyone or do nothing about it. Future can be changed and better being ridiculed than do nothing.

This type of dream requires more people working together.
I usually do a lot of work in the astral but at a much smaller scale. In one of my last working dreams few months ago I was in a bus trying hard to convince the driver to take another route because I was foreseeing a collision with a big track but he would not listen to me. So I jumped off the bus the very last second before it collided. Immediately I run towards the bus and started working on saving people’s lives by doing CPR and healing power work… My intention and prayers while helping them was that all people would be saved…
Two days after this dream, a news page popped up on my computer without me searching for it and saw an article about a bus crashing into a big track in London with many people being hospitalized with no one in critical condition. Thank God…
Please send your good thoughts to the situation …


  1. Funny thing how the capricorn tropic goes through South America, which is where I live.

    I' ve sent my efforts during approximately one hour of journeying and I hope It works well.

    Best regards.

  2. I posted the above dolphin dream in a "dream forum" to make it public as it usually works on preventing catastrophes from happening. I did send some prayers and boosts to the whole situation but this type of work requires a larger number of people working on it, I have also received guidance lately that if I do this type of work myself I will get depleted.

    This is the answer I received from a man who also did some work on the situation however not much.

    This email is meant for Lilly.
    There was a flood in Madeira, Portugal. The news just got to the forum. I really tried to help on that day. During the rest of the day I ended up being immersed in stress and hatred from daily activities and was too much tired and emotionally weak to try it again at night. If is it that this flood is what Lilly's dream predicted.
    40 people died and over 120 got hurt. And those are not the numbers I want to receive with my efforts. If you can maintain a direct contact with me so I can assist you in any other prophetic dream catastrophe you might have, I will be solely glad.
    Best regards,
    X X X

    news from madeira:

    I believe that both of us and probably others that read my post, prevented the catastrophe from being bigger…
    Prayers and blessings to Madeira victims and their families.