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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dolphins and Mother Earth Rebirthing

Teresa the Lady of the woods sent us a boost request: "
Marine Mammals Will Die in Navy Warfare Testing Program The Navy and the U.S. Department of Defense have decided that their Northwest Training Range Complex, in the State of Washington, should be expanded, and have devised a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), dated December 2008, for public review and comment. The expansion of their area of operation will include the State of Washington, the State of Oregon, part of the state of Idaho, and Northern California. The final date for public comment is April 13, 2009....... " by Rosalind Peterson

Donna, Yasmine, Mike and myself met and did some powerful boosting for our dear dolphin friends, invoking the elementals, angels, Archangels ( by the way if you are connected or attuned to Archangels they do a lot of fast work for you, for humanity, they are dedicated to service for the greater good). We used the power of OM in our boosting tonight, experimenting with different sensations, energy shifting to a higher gear. I was getting "infinite love" symbol in my left palm which was pulsating strongly, while Yasmine’s third eye was also pulsating. I did not get to see the symbol during the session just felt it very strong, I was supposed to get it later during my dream.
In my dream I saw the symbol very clear, an 'arched dolphin' The whole boosting session my energy was running-buzzing up my spine, kundalini vibration. The message was: “let go off tension and sadness in your heart, we will be okay”. So after letting go myself, I saw dolphins swimming inside my blood and cells that was a strange but beautiful feeling. We asked for whale connection, and Mike saw a beautiful blue whale, energy radiating. I saw few narwhals ( the unicorns of the sea) connecting their “horns ( tooth) above themselves creating a beautiful “chi ball” ready for some of us who are aligned with their energies to get it… We boosted for the greatest outcome for all cetaceans and people who are affected, while OM-ing. Because dolphins and whales are so close to my heart and are also my power animals, my question to you is: Have you ever asked what is your totem animal? Our power (totem) animal resides in the subconscious mind which relates to the lower world, the place of instinct. That is where we access Mother Earth knowledge and connect with her wisdom. Ask what is your power animals, see what you get, it helps you to get to know more about yourself as well as get more powerful knowledge. Speaking of Mother Earth…Donna mentioned she was feeling not so well, and all jumped into expressing that things have been very strange lately. I hear lot of people feeling this way lately. Staying centered and in the present, being aligned with the source helps. Now it is the time to tune inward more by praying, chanting healing mantras, doing yoga or any stretching that keeps us breathing deeply, staying calm and more in our bodies. When we don’t live inside our body, we feel like our body has shrunk. Our body really contracts, it does shrink. Our bodies beg basically for our attention. The begging is nothing more than pain, asking for our presence. We, like others feel like Mother Earth is rebirthing herself. I like to quote Teresa she puts it so nicely: “I now think that we are in the birth canal, and contractions are just beginning. Perhaps Dec. 2012 is the Birth. So, no matter what happens, we just need to breath deeply and relax as much as possible, grounded and connected to her, and Creator, and be Birthed.” We boosted people who are feeling the symptoms of Mother Earth contractions including ourselves. Yasmine and I work a lot with the energies of the Moon, so by aligning with the moon and not the Gregorian calendar, will keep us more aligned. The Gregorian keeps us more in 3rd dimension. That was such a power night and fun night with Yasmine and Mike (our etheric puja guy) both rocking back and forth, my energy was buzzing so nicely up the spine, while shivering in sync with Yasmine. We also felt some other people boosting with us as well, so thank you guys whoever you are. Blessings. Energy has such a beautiful intelligence, it goes wherever it is needed and accepted, it’s never wasted, so at some point we were just sending energy out for whoever needs it. We ended by being grateful to all spirits guiding and helping us tonight and separated for more meditation on our own. For the oceans, cetaceans and Mother Earth, Lilly


  1. Hi Lilly,

    I just had to write you and thank you so much for your post on the woman warriors concerning disabling implants. Unfortunately I couldn't find you email address on the site (sometimes I'm a bit slow). Anyhow, this has greatly improved my life! In the last week, I've applied your suggestions and have had amazing relief. So much so in fact, that I've linked to your site from my blog at:

    Many people are going through a strange phenomenon that's referred to as organized stalking/electronic harassment. I currently believe that this is none other than alien harassment. I believe your information will be invaluable to many who are suffering.

    Thanks again.

    Best wishes,

    Truth Seeker

  2. You are very welcome Truth Seeker. I am glad I could help. blessings and peace

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