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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laughing dolphins of Roatan Honduras

Anthony’s key resort, Roatan Island, Honduras was on our wishing list for quite sometimes. Why? There is an abundance of beautiful reef, marine life, diving and of course the dolphins. I was waiting for this trip for quite some time because I knew I will get some answers. I have also knew the island needed orgone (orgonite) gifts and it came out true as there were a lot of transmitter towers on the island. I got that the island and the dolphins asked for orgone gifts made with jade as the main gemstone. The Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences (RIMS), is a research and educational facility with the dolphin program. Dolphins live in an unaltered natural lagoon, complete with a living coral reef ecosystem, leave to be trained in the open ocean, are well taken care of, and seem very happy with their habitat and interaction with people. I observed the dolphin trainers. I can say they are doing amazing things for educating people through the dolphin programs. The love for dolphins brought most of them on the Island. Each of the dolphins receive the same amount of food every day, about 8 pounds, 3 times/day regardless of their behaviour. Also if they don’t want to respond to a command they don’t have to. I observed dolphins during the program and on their free time. They jump, leap, play and even ask for people’s attention during their free time.
So… the contact with the dolphins on this trip was initiated by them while we were in the air. I felt their so familiar nudges and immediately I found myself smiling. The contact was made through heart center in form of circular energy, third eye - diamond shapes energy and crown chakra - laser beam energy. The message I got was” “We have a LOT for you. Lots of grounding will happen, lots of yoga, lots of “let go” and loads of FUN”. My whole body filled with joy instantaneously, I couldn’t wait.

Dolphin Dive

Our first physical interaction with them was during a scuba dive. I did my short meditation before the dive and made sure I got the orgone dolphin ball ready. Bruce the trainer took three of the dolphins in the open ocean while we were waiting for them on the bottom. These guys went fish hunting first, came to acknowledge us and went back hunting. After they had enough they came to interact with us. They could easily leave if they want to but their choice is to stay in the lagoon and interact with people, perhaps teaching people more about joy, love and happiness.
When they chose to come interact with us I was busy taking pictures of them. I didn’t realize until one of them took my arm in his mouth and began to chew on my arm gently. I immediately knew the dolphin wanted me to pet him instead of taking pictures. "Hey pet me why do you have to take those silly pictures?“ After that two more dolphins showed up, playing really funny around us. They would come check us out, even staying still for more petting and then leave, to come back again.
When they chose to come interact with us I was busy taking pictures of them. I didn’t realize until one of them took my arm in his mouth and began to chew on my arm gently. I immediately knew the dolphin wanted me to pet him instead of taking pictures. "Hey pet me why do you have to take those silly pictures?“ After that two more dolphins showed up, playing really funny around us. They would come check us out, even staying still for more petting and then leave, to come back again.

Dolphin Swim
Our next interaction was the dolphin encounter where the trainer explains facts about dolphins, make the physical contact, explains behaviour and so on. The dolphin we were interacting with was Ken, a teenager and a trouble maker according to the trainer. When the trainer announced that Ken was about to do a trick I heard KEN saying very clear “All Right!” with such a joy. He seemed really happy to be in our presence and of course show off. Anyhow, I was waiting for the dolphin swim as they are free to do what they want. So when the snorkel/swim time came OMG! They were everywhere, speeding like real athletes, following us. Suddenly they were all around me, looking very curious at me. If the dolphins can do tricks I can do some... ... I was holding one orgone pendant make specifically for them and an ulexite stone for psychic connection. I know that orgone makes them really curious. So as they were trying to figure me out, I was enjoying myself to the maximum. Hehehe… I knew that I have to make them curious so they started to bump into me with their rostrum. Oops, now they really needed my attention. I was playing hard to get. Bumping into me anywhere they could, my chest, shoulders. And I was not the only one... they bumped into Constantin like saying "Hey pal, you wanna play?" When I saw them coming towards me I would free dive and swim like them but with no chances to outswim them. At some point I found myself right in the middle of their out of this world cosmic dance. I saw similar dances in Hawaii while swimming with wild spinners dolphins but I was never so close to them. Their noises: chirps, whistles, high pitch noise, even cheering noise were real fun. One of them made a continuous high pitch whistle that made the other dolphins play like nuts. Constantin asked me if I can hear that noise, it was a very high vibrational noise, an invitation to raise our vibrations of joy to the maximum, sort of a climax of that game. “hey you guys give it all you got NOW” hahaha!!!

There was a woman who seemed a little scared of them as she was pushing them away or swim away from them. Do you think they like that? Ohh NO!! “Come and play with us, you woman!“. The dolphins would come close to her and put pranks on her. One of the pranks they were playing was to pull that woman’s bikini while she was struggling to pull them back up. Gosh, I could not stop laughing.. These guys can be real pranksters, very funny mammals, with great sense of humor. This lady relaxed and started to laugh while the rest of us were laughing at the whole show. Dolphins have that permanent smile, but you can actually feel when they smile and laugh. It was absolutely enlightening. Laughter is actually one of the ancient paths to enlightenment. It rejuvenates, it opens one heart, it stimulates healing. At some point one of the dolphins came next to me, stopped and stayed without moving for a few minutes which seemed forever to me. She was asking for energy exchange and communication. I had to found out later who this wonderful creature was. Mika is her name, a 7 year old dolphin who is very gentle and also a healer. We stayed together, undisturbed in the same field of energy for quite a while, communicating, exchanging information and healing energy, merging her aura with mine. It seemed like time stopped , no one being around, no crazy game, except us enjoying each others energies. Speechless! When the swim time was up and we were heading towards the shore , they knew and followed us, like saying good bye. They really love playing with humans.

More dolphin interaction Of course we didn’t have enough of them so we returned for few more times on the lagoon to interact with them from the dock. One time we played the “leaf game”, Ohh they LOVE this game. We would gather leaves and play fetch- catch with them while leaning over the platform. Constantin would make different sounds to attract them and they would come very curious close to him and try to understand what he was saying. My hands were sending energy, moving in circular and figure 8 patterns while dolphins were sprinting towards where we were sitting on the dock, splashing and swimming in circles. They react really well to healing energy. What I have also noticed was dolphins making love, they do that a lot and the message I got from them was “making love keeps us young and healthy”.

Swimming with wild dolphins

One our last dive, while going towards the dive site a pod of few wild dolphins showed up , surfing alongside our boat to play. I knew I had to keep the last orgone dolphin ball for a special occasion. So when we came back from the dive, the dolphins waited on us and the Captain said we can jump in the water and swim with them. Four of us jumped but the dolphins swam away. The second time it was just me jumping in the water with them! Yeay! Dolphins and myself alone… So special! Few dolphins swam right up to me. One of them was carrying sea grass on her left flipper which looked like jewelry on her. I was so happily surprised when she gave it to me, imagine how excited I was. What a gift!

Saying Good Bye
The very last day we went to say good bye to the dolphins. This time they didn’t feel so interested in playing the leaf game except one. One of the trainers who happened to be around told me that was Mika. After a while, Mika refused to play the leaf game. I was "hmmm...okay“… I respected her decision and decided to sort of ignore her. That was not what she wanted, she wanted a new game, as dolphins require you to be creative and inventive, a necessary ingredient to understand them. OMG she came next to where I was sitting, raised her head high above water and started to make loud noises: “hey! why are you ignoring me, pay attention”. She was really loud! I started to play with her by moving my arms in circular motions while she was responding by moving in circles. The trainer said: “Oh Mika again?” Yes I could recognize her by the white spots on her beak. We played a lot, danced together, with me dancing on the platform and her under or above water. I was clapping my hands, she responded by clapping her flippers. She mirrored all my moves in the water while I was mirroring her moves on the platform. She did few splashes for me and I said to myself, “let me try to run on the platform see what she does“. She followed me, swimming really fast after me. We kept that game going for quite sometime. She did that because we bonded really well without food or any rewards being involved in any way. She basically thanked me for my gifts to her while she rewarded me with such a good time and laughter. Her message: “Be optimistic and have a sense of humor”. Mika feels to me like one of my soul mates. More pictures of dolphins in Roatan taken by Constantin and Lilly More pictures of under and above water in Roatan taken by Constantin and Lilly And stay tuned for amazing video clips shut in HD by Constantin. Hope you enjoy them.

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Big kisses and hugs from the dolphins of Roatan, ~~~Lilly


  1. Beautiful. I've watched the dolphins from a speedboat, with them keeping pace and showing off for the cameras. I can only imagine what it's like to swim with them.

    Awesome imagery and a great blog. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Thank you Ryan,
    If you ever have the opportunity to swim with them go for it, it's a life transforming, unique experience. Blessings,