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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whale shark encounter dream

One of my wishes is to swim or dive with a whale shark. Whale sharks are filter feeders, they feed on plankton and are harmless to people. It is not a whale, but it is the biggest shark and biggest fish.
They are protected species and are on the endangered list. They are still hunted for their dorsal fins in the Far East. They need protection and our prayers and boosts.
These gentle giants remind me of the gentle manta rays, wonderful creatures who helped on activating my DNA while participating in a night dive on the Big Island of Hawaii with them.
Last night I had a beautiful vivid dream of swimming with a whale shark. The dream started with me watching a woman swimming with a whale shark. I was amazed by their beautiful communication, mesmerized by the gentleness and the huge size of the whale shark. Then I realized that woman was me, I was witnessing my close encounter with a whale shark. Wow!! I cannot describe the beauty of the energy surrounding us. There was an abundance of colorful exotic fish swimming around. The colors of the water and fish were from an other dimension, I haven’t seen such beautiful colors on our dimension. The visibility of the water was awesome. I realized that I was breathing underwater without using any breathing apparatus.
In my dream I was thinking how fortunate I am to swim with a whale shark and see these unique beauties underwater. In my dream I kept being grateful for what I was gifted and blessed with.
Usually fish in ones dream means insights from unconscious mind. Fish is related with spirituality in Christianity, and prosperity in China. Nice!!!
I truly hope my dream will become reality, I would love love love to swim or dive with whale sharks. I want to gift these gentle giants the way I gifted manta rays, whales and dolphins.
Ocean of life!!! What a beautiful dimension.

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