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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interdimensional portal opened

An interdimensional portal (I call it the whale portal of healing) opened last year so we might experience lots of “weird phenomena”. Since this new year started I heard many people experiencing "strange phenomena". One of my good friends related to me that out of nowhere she found herself inside a helicopter right between the two pilots who were really surprised to see her there. Constantin and I celebrated the beginning of this new year by going on Turtlehead hike , a place we gifted few years ago. This time I realized that the Turtlehead peak was in fact a smooth feminine energy vortex. I kept getting the same thing while the whole left side of my body (which is related to the feminine side), specially limbs, were tingling and buzzing. While descending someone materialized right in front of me: it was a tiny native american woman. I was WOW! a little spooked though as she appeared suddenly out of nowhere. She wanted to let me know about that vortex thanking for the gifts. The portal is opened. If our frequencies are high we can manifest beautiful things in our lives, meeting with other souls interdimensionally. If we choose to leave in fear, doubt, resentment anger, anxiety, sadness we can meet other souls with the same vibration and manifest not so pleasant things. So its important to do everything possible in our powers to keep ourselves happy inside so we can manifest happiness and peace around.

Whales opening portal of healing - meditation It was the day when we heard the whales singing in the water during our scuba dive. For their great singing to us we offered them orgone gifts. While Constantin was taking pictures of the sunset, amusing some people, I was watching his glowing aura and beautiful colorful orbs around him and other people. I then looked towards the ocean, watching the sun go down, feeling great peace, getting into meditation mood. I connected with the dolphin ball gifted few hours ago when suddenly I saw in the distance whales’ blowing. I heard them clairaudiently calling me, feeling their sound resonating deep inside my heart, penetrating each cell in my entire body. First thing I got from them was: “ we are the peace keepers of the planet”. Next I heard the words “from time and space” and in a split second I was out of body. I saw dark and in the middle the most beautiful color orb which took me to a portal underwater. Everything went really fast. However I remember seeing a mermaid and a very big beautiful cobalt blue fish which at the time I thought was a sword fish, leading me into the portal. I don’t remember much, except seeing the whales very clear. My head started to spin clockwise (see the dolphin meditation) while I was getting cleansed and healed. Old sadness and tension were releasing from the past, I was getting two words “release” relax”. Now all I could see was the deep blue ocean and could feel my tears going down my cheeks. I was meant to be in Hawaii on February, 2007 for the portal of opening. Now I understand why I felt the urge to come to Hawaii in February. It is the portal of healing, releasing old fears, human ego and old sadness emotions. According to what I was getting from the whales, 2007 is a critical point in time, a year of Awakening and UNITY where human separation from the Creator will be healed. The Creator’s vibrations will intensify and be felt and awaken in many people. Many DNA activation will be taking place, purifications will be taking places on Earth as well as people. Many will get in touch with their higher selves, inner beings. The work we did on “awakening” during our boosting sessions was greatly appreciated and we need to keep doing this work. Prayer warriors, heart warriors, etheric and astral warriors, light workers, energy workers, healers will be joining in UNITY this work in order to raise the vibration of our beloved Planet and help others who are not ready yet to shift their consciousness. After all it’s the year of UNITY. An amazing fact that hit me really hard happened after two days when we were waiting to board the boat for the manta ray night dive. Next to our boat there was a fishing boat and on it was a very large blue marlin fish (362 pounds) which looked exactly like the one who guided me thru the portal in my whale meditation. I was sad to see him dead and immediately got it! The old soul marlin sacrificed himself for me to let me know he existed and what I experienced in my meditation was real, never doubting my impressions or psychic messages I receive. The blue marlin confirmed that the physical plane is just one of the dimensions and whales who are multidimensional beings communicate interdimensionally, so are we.

Blessings on your journey, Lilly

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