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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ancient, sacred sword dream

Last night I placed my Mini-Orgone Dream Enhancer under my pillow and asked it to deliver a psychic dream to me from my dolphin friends I visited in Roatan Honduras. I have also asked the dolphins to visit my friend Yasmine. The dream was short but very intense and vivid. A very ancient and sacred sword was given to me and I was supposed to use its powers to empower myself and others. The sword was to be used on this specific day before the ending of the year (2008). When I picked up the sword from its case, people around were sort of intimidated by its power. I was a little intimidated myself but also very attracted to its bright, powerful energy which vibrated with its highest vibration. I picked it up in my right hand, when suddenly I found myself watching my hand moving in very beautiful geometrical healing patterns. These patterns were thought to me by dolphins, recently visited in Rotan, Honduras. The rays of such powerful energy emanating from the sword were being sent out to people. I was in a total state of bliss, truly humble and honored at the same time to be able to use this sword for sending powerful energy out. I am getting this sword can be accessed in the ether by people with highest pure intentions and elevated relationship with a higher power. Try it, it has amazing powerful healing energies. Wishing you abundance on all levels of your life and spiritual growth. Lilly

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