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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hawaii - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part2

Swimming with the angels of the sea (dolphins) in the wild
The whole trip to Hawaii I was in detox mode: coughing, high fever and all those cold symptoms. I didn’t feel like going to the ocean today but after checking with my heart I knew the dolphins were at the place of refuge (2 steps) bay ready for human interaction. The Place of Refuge is considered a place of forgiveness. Sure enough, Hawaiian spinner dolphins were swimming peacefully in the bay. Hawaiian waters is heaven for them. Dolphins never stop to amaze me whenever they call me, or when I call them.
We got in the water really FAST to meet our sweet old friends. There was a pod of about 30 to 40 dolphins. Some of them were resting, some playing and chasing each other like kids do. As we got in the water they greeted us with friendly nodding of their heads. That’s their way of saying “HELLO”, inviting you to swim with them. “Great!” I said to myself: “they are ready to interact with us, so I thanked them for the invitation.” Connection was established and let me tell you it was absolutely MAGICAL. Two adult dolphins swam towards me, surrounding me. Another two followed the previous ones and slowed down to check me out, scanning me curiously with their sonar. My body was vibrating in harmony with their vibration. “I came in peace guys, I would love to interact with you beautifully” I said telepathically to them. Great! They accepted us as they started to surface for air right next to us. I got a little message from the two adults: “Open your heart”. “It is already opened” I said “Open it wider” hmmm… I pictured my heart opening wider.
Wow, what a feeling!! LOVE penetrating all my cells!! Two of them swam under me nodding their head up and down which in their language means “Hello”. I did the same, with a huge smile on my face. My mask would get flooded because of too much smiling and laugher under the water. I started to laugh and send telepathic messages of happiness and joy to them: “I love you guys, I love you guys, I love you“… Thank you… Then I started to speak to them though my snorkel. I could hear my own words and soon after vocalizing underwater I heard them chirping and whistling. They responded with a great amount of love and happiness. What a joy! How much fun!! A lady who was swimming around, noticed dolphins swimming very close to me and asked me: “How do you that“? “They are always next to you”. I winked and I told her my magic tricks: I usually stay very calm, allowing myself to be opened to their energies and wait for them to interact with me. If you swim towards them they will most probably swim away. Stay calm and wait for them to initiate contact. Also tell them telepathically or even say it out loud that you love them, meaning that!!! She was WOW!!!… I saw her glowing and aura expanding. Later on she was having the time of her life interacting with them so beautifully. I was happy to see others in the state of bliss I was also experiencing. They were involving us in their behavior, inviting us to play their “leaf” game, being part of their pod. I knew that game from last year trip to Hawaii and observed it with so much joy. The pattern of their swim was geometric, resembling some sort of sacred dance and/or a DNA pattern. When I returned to the shore, I was no longer sick, being fully energized, vibrant and centered. YES!!! NO LONGER SICK!!! Constantin asked me if it would be a good idea to go back to the farm and grab the video camera and photo camera to take few pictures and video shots. I said: “why not, if the dolphins want us to take few snap shots that means they will wait for us, so we can share their energy and joy with others.” I hope you enjoy and feel some of their amazing vibration while you see the pictures and watch the short video clip where you’ll also see whales. here: .

Next day we went to the bay again to meet our beloved friends. Asked permission to get in the water and waited for dolphin contact. Contact established. There were greetings, interaction, healing, playing time. We met with a local who is also a dolphin lover, whom we met last year…how interesting we cross our paths!!! The local swam towards me and said: “How interesting the dolphins chose to interact with us so beautifully today” as he saw me in the middle of the pod all the time. All night long I was present on the astral level with my dolphfriends in their magical environment, a very deep special place for me where I surrender and let go of things which no longer serves me, got renewed and healed on different levels. I still carry their frequency in my cells and intend to do so always. I can see a lot of dolphin interaction and vibratory communication with people in the near future as dolphins can assist humans with ways of healing at deeper and subtle levels. Because they emit these vibrations abundantly and freely, dolphins and whales have a profound impact on humans. In their presence, people experience tremendous increase in energy, vitality and awareness on all levels: physical, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dolphins message: “follow your bliss” ---Lilly

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