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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dolphins, blue whales, California gifting trip

Connecting with dolphins is one of my many interests. For a couple of weeks we prepared for gifting the ocean in California. Gifting the ocean with Alicia last year was a lot of fun and very interesting experience. About four weeks after we gifted the ocean we went back and noticed amazingly crystal clear waters. This time we had with us around 60 dolphin balls and 60 TB’s, all made with strong charged water in our cloud buster and/or zam zam water. According to quite a few energy sensitive including myself, a Dolphin ball or a TB with charged zam zam water is approximately equivalent with 20 dolphin balls (DB‘s) or TB’s without zam zam charged water. A simple example of what boosting/praying does We have a few outdoor plants which I water them everyday. As we don’t have a sprinkler system to water my plants before we go away for a few days, I usually do a strong boosting/prayer invoking the rain and Indian spirits, and every time I do that it rains. This time we’ve been away for five days and I was worried that my plants will die as Las Vegas is quite brutal hot in the summer. I looked at the weather forecast: - no sign of rain whatsoever. So, I did my raining meditation and prayer and after few days our friend Art called us: “hey guys what did you do again? It rained big time here in Vegas”. He actually noticed that every time we go gifting it rains heavily.

Implants (obstacles) interfering with psychic abilities
The morning we left I noticed a tiny blood spot on my right nostril. I showed it to Constantin and he nodded unsatisfied. That blood spot was a sign that I was implanted. I am struggling to understand how in the world they manage to do that. They do it during the night when we are most vulnerable. Its not the first time I woke up with a similar blood spot on my right nostril. It happened many times. Anyway, I worked on that implant for about half an hour or so and as soon as I started the work I felt pain in my forehead - third eye area, right nostril, back of my right eye, right ear, and jaw, in fact the whole right side of my face was completely numb. The implant was meant to block my third eye and right side of my brain which has to do with spirituality.

Visiting friends and gifting in San Diego We visited Alicia in San Diego and we finally met her gifting buddy Miguel who has such a wonderful heart and very deep understanding. We did lots of testing, we exchanged gifts as well as energy. Apart from orgonite they use ash-agnihotra clay balls to disable towers and clean the environment. What I have noticed is that the ash they use in their clay gifts are stronger if they add zam zam water and if the shape is round. Later in the afternoon the four of us went gifting: we had dolphin balls, Tb’s, ash clay balls, and charged water. We went to La Jolla Cove where the water was still amazingly crystal clear, since last year and the beautiful seals pleased our eyes again. Alicia gifted the whole area in the past , however we did some more gifting over there. Then we went gifting from the Ocean Beach pier. Next morning Constantin and I gifted from the Imperial beach pier and later in the afternoon we met Alicia and did some more gifting around San Diego. Alicia gave me some ash-clay balls and as soon as she showed me a building with microwave towers on it, my hand which was holding the ash balls was starting to pulsate really strong. Wow! Even after I gifted that ash ball, my hand was still vibrating and the vibration lasted until I washed my hands. It's really interesting how this ash works. I couldn’t feel the energy of the ash ball until I saw the microwave towers. We ended up our day by doing healing on Alicia’s dogs.

Meeting Ken Adachi and his wife
Next day we met Ken Adachi and his wonderful wife, spending around 5 hours together having fun talking. I did some healing work on Ken and showed his wife some healing techniques. She is energy sensitive, she could feel the sore spots on Ken’s feet, she could feel the energy from a dolphin ball made with zam zam, she said she felt very relaxed and saw beautiful colors while she was tuning into the ball. Working on Ken, at some point I picked up some nasty energy and a huge pain in my back. It was a similar stab the gals from our forum and I experienced before in the boosting sessions or when we were onto something. Ken experiences these “stabs” from time to time and I am sure the ones responsible for his “stabs” are the same ones responsible for our attacks. Breathing slowly and deeply thru pain when these attacks happen and sending back the energy where it comes from, usually works. Ken looked more relaxed at the end and the color of his skin looked much more healthier. Folks, keep Ken in your prayers and boostings. He does a great job on for so many years, no wonder he is getting all sorts of attacks. We told him about our plan to go to Catalina Island to gift the dolphins and interesting enough he had similar thoughts. Cetaceans must have communicated with him at subtle levels. His wife had to cancel few classes (she teaches music) in order to go with us. How nice of her.

Trip to Catalina Island- gifting the cetaceans
So, the next day the four of us went to Catalina Island, starting point - New Port Beach. The water looked very clean. I told Ken that I have a feeling the ocean was gifted before and he mentioned he has the same feeling. So thank you guys out there who are gifting the ocean!

New Port Beach - clean water view from the boat

Now out in the ocean I did my own meditation technique to communicate with cetaceans. I knew exactly where they were and asked them to show up and pick up our gifts. There were quite a few pods of dolphins swimming happily in the water, dancing in front of our faces. They were next to the shore or out in the ocean. My heart filled with joy, it’s impossible not to feel love when you see these wonderful creatures. Dolphins swimming happily, New Port Beach This is my meditation technique I used: I relax, close my eyes and smile. (when you smile you automatically get centered in your heart). I expanded my aura and I connected to Christ luminous frequencywhich I was shown in one of our boosting session when I left my body. Then I send the energy above my crown chakra towards universe and I asked the dolphins to show up. Usually I have visuals; in this case I saw dolphins swimming happily. Every time I used this technique the dolphins would show almost immediately or within minutes. This technique could be done as fast as a few seconds if you are familiar with meditation techniques. We arrived to Catalina Island. The water was crystal clear, beautiful. We split in two teams, Ken and his wife gifted one side of the Island (ocean), Constantin and I gifted the other side.

Catalina Island view from the boat

Crystal clear water and beautiful colorful fish - Catalina Island Constantin and I rented kayaks and snorkeling gear and off we went. Kayaking is amazingly peaceful and relaxing, we loved it and gifting is done very easily. After about 20 minutes of paddling I stopped and did my own meditation asking the dolphins to show up. Few seconds after I opened my eyes I saw a big dolphin on my left side very close swimming towards me. I screamed with delight at Constantin, very excited, asking him if he can see the dolphin. I have to admit I was shocked and sort of shaky, as I couldn’t believe the dolphin would swim right under my kayak almost touching the kayak immediately after I asked them to show up. Constantin didn’t see it but then I showed him the dolphin swimming close to the shore about 20 feet away from us. I wanted to actually prove myself that I am not dreaming and I am still in 3D. I still have tears in my eyes when I connect with that energy. While he was swimming under my kayak I got this very strong message: “YOU CAN FIGHT THE CORPORATE GREED”. I asked “HOW?” . The answer was amazingly simple: “LOVE”.

I strongly believe the cetaceans want to communicate with us and teach us about LOVE. I was also getting this message: “Keep doing what you are doing”. Folks I believe this message is not for me only, it’s actually for all of us, we can fight the corporate greed with love. I know its hard, looking around and see so much greed and corruption makes me feel sad and sick to my stomach but there are the good guys out there who are helping us and I believe in the divine force which will make justice in the end, we just need to continue to do what we are doing, be respectful to each other, learn from each other, be aware of our weaknesses and work with them not against them. Love is the answer, if we know how to tap into the love frequency and actually use it, than I believe we’ll win over the corporate greed. Another interesting thing we noted: we have spotted chemtrails out in the ocean and I got that the chemtrailing program has actually to do with global warming. I have to retype this part again as my computer rebooted out of blue, so that must be important. We were driving from San Diego to Irvine and the temperature was pleasant: around 79-82 degrees, as soon as we entered a populated area, the temperature raised to about 92-96 degrees in a matter of 5-10 minutes. I have a feeling that they manipulate not only the weather but our minds as well. They know how to manipulate energy and we don’t, well at least some of us started to learn how to manipulate it. We can all do that by meditation: meditate on raising or dropping your body temperature to achieve a decent pleasant temperature of your body as well as environment. Ask for balance and harmony. We create our own reality, so why not give it a try? It's not complicated, in fact all these energy meditations are quite simple, the key factor is patience.


After our wonderful experience kayaking and snorkeling we left Catalina Island going back to New Port Beach. We still had some gifts left so Ken and us decided we’ll throw a gift every 5 minutes or so. Soon after we started gifting I connected with the cetaceans again. I saw a whale but I was not sure If I saw it interdimensionally or in 3D, so I asked Ken and Constantin if they saw it too, but they didn’t. I also knew that the whale season - the gray whales season starts in December/January and ends in March/April, so the chances of meeting the whales in July were low. I thought: “okay its only me seeing it, I saw the whale interdimensionally“, it happens many times. However after my mediation dolphins showed up again. There were many large pods of white-sided dolphins, they were offering us an amazingly beautiful show. A big mama dolphin with her baby jumping at the same time caught my attention. People on the boat were happy to see them, laughing, applauding, screaming with delight, I felt an unspeakable rush of emotion and energy through my whole body, my eyes and body crying of happiness, it was absolutely amazing. I was mesmerized by them, I could spend hours just watching them. We were throwing all the gifts we had because the dolphins were literarily following our boat for quite some time now, picking up our gifts. That was the most beautiful show I have ever seen!

Note: this boat is just a shuttle and doesn’t stop to watch the cetaceans like the whale watching trip boats do. We didn’t followed the cetaceans they followed us. I only had a dolphin ball left and I was getting a strong message that I need to keep this one for a special experience. Suddenly I heard the captain talking on the microphone: “look at your left side, there is a big BLUE WHALE”. WOW!!! That was my special experience! I was profoundly moved and honored by “meeting” the whale. At subconscious levels I felt a deep understanding, I just knew things which I cannot explain in this realm. Immediately after he heard the captain talking, Ken came very excited to ask us if we saw the blue whale. I told him that was not a coincidence, the whale showed up for a reason, to communicate with us telepathically - which is a gift we were born with and need to reconnect and develop it. When we arrived back to New Port Beach I asked one of the sailors how often do they see blue whales. He replied that the whales arrived for two weeks but never seen them before on this route. Blue whales are considered endangered species and they are the largest animals on earth. I believe the whales are the wisdom keepers of planet earth. They showed up to communicate with people. They teach people wisdom and respect for each other and the environment.

Let me give you a silly example about LOVE learned from the dolphins. The day we went to Catalina Island we left our stuff in the hotel room and when we came back I noticed that almost all my shea butter lotion was gone. The container was full with lotion when we left and now I only had a little, almost nothing left. I knew someone took some of my lotion but instead of getting annoyed I felt sort of happiness and talked to myself: “someone needed that lotion so let him/her have it”. I know this is silly but I also know that my reaction to this has to do with the Dolphins’ LOVE. I believe if we connect with them, they teach us LOVE, compassion and forgiveness. They show us how to transform fear into joy, fun and confidence. They teach us how to grow spiritually and heal ourselves helping us to fight for our freedom, freedom of our own minds. The experienced we had was of a profound beauty and it moved every single cell in my entire body. The word LOVE is very simple but very deep, one has to feel its energy. If you want to feel the deepest meaning of the word LOVE, make a few dolphin balls, pray over them, go gift the cetaceans and meditate for a pure connection with them. Your life will not be the same once "their spiritual healing” touched you. Lilly

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