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Friday, February 13, 2009

The matrix and dolphins

The matrix - “Man made world reality” locks us into past, present and future. We live in the third dimension and we are chained by time (an illusion). This linear time creates fear, boredom, frustration, anxiety, tension, etc. I believe dolphins don’t understand linear time, as they do not have to pay bills, struggle financially, not having to wash the dishes, or take the garbage out etc...

In the Spirit world there is no such linear time, it is difficult to explain, one needs to elevate to a higher dimension to have a deeper understanding of this past-present-future timeless concept. In the fourth dimension and higher, we become unchained from time and space measurements. There we have freedom in moving around space/time and travel, moving objects with our minds, doing miraculous healings, etc are instantaneous and effortless. However we still live in this 3RD so I guess we need a foot planted into this world and the other planted into the spiritual world in order to keep balance. By freeing our mind: quoting from the matrix Movie:
“stop trying to hit me. Hit me!”… “What are you waiting for? You are faster then this. Don’t think you are, KNOW YOU ARE”.


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