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Friday, February 13, 2009

Hawaii trip - the spirit of Aloha 2008 Part1

What a birthday present! My husband and I had such an amazing experience last year in Hawaii that we decided to go back this year. We immersed ourselves in the spirit of Aloha for 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii, the land of power and mystery. We were drawn by this special, strong energy place on earth where heaven joins the earth, to experience the art of living through the eyes of nature physically and spiritually, to embrace a higher path on our journey, taking our life dance to a new level. When there is a will the doors will open, so we focused on having the best time of our lives, swim with the dolphins, experience the birth of new earth - the volcano erupting, connect with whales, dance with manta rays, “cuddle” with green sea turtles.

Humpback Whales of Hawaii On our first scuba diving trip we were greeted by a humpback whale and her calf, soon after we left the harbor. The captain stopped the boat to watch the whale and her calf. Breath taking! So far so good, the law of attraction and boosting we are applying works really well. I wanted to see whales so bad, and my wish was fulfilled. We had to leave and go to the diving spot, so we had to say good bye to the whales. However there was no such a “good bye” as the whales were present everywhere. People on the boat were very excited and happy. “Wow!!! There are tons of them” people were exclaiming very pleased. Last year we haven’t seen so many, so I was pleasantly surprised. They probably roam freely around Hawaiian waters where they are loved and can communicate with great elevated souls instead of being hunted by the Japanese whalers. Sea Shepherd- Paul Watson does a good job by chasing the Japanese whalers, keeping the whales from being unharmed. After I thanked and gifted the whales, I gifted, blessed and thanked the ocean for allowing us to jump in and have fun diving. We were happy: we saw whales, we had two great dives, was something else missing? Dolphins!!!
Well they didn’t let us down, there was a pod of about 15 bottle nose dolphins swimming towards our boat. Bottle nose dolphins are rather shy and solitaire comparing to spinners and common dolphins which are more curious. Nevertheless they swam straight to our boat. The personal message from them was to work on improving my social skills. I am usually reserved due to my empathic abilities, and in order to grow spiritually I need to develop my social skills, so thank you bottlenose guys.

South Point - (more whales) and Kilauea Volcano - Goddess Pele
Heading towards the Kilauea - volcano, we stopped to gift the very south point of the United States of America. The beauty of this place was enhanced by the presence of whales. We don’t remember going to the beach or being around the ocean without seeing or hearing whales. Many people from around the world come to see the volcano and make offerings to the Goddess Pele, which is the Goddess of Fire according to Hawaiian culture. The volcano has been erupting nearly continuously since 1983. About 90 percent of Kilauea's land surface is less than 1,100 years old. The eruption reminds me that the whole universe is moving and continually changing. Everything has a rhythm and our planet is an ever changing environment. Volcano which is the youngest and one of the world's most active is filled with such a strong feminine energy. For my birthday this year I felt like I had to honor the spirit of the volcano, get in touch with its feminine energy and make my own offerings. My gift to Pele was very special: it was one of my personal healing orgone cones I have offered to Pele Goddess. Soon after we arrived at the volcano I felt the whole left side of my body tingling and vibrating with a rush of intense energy in my left hand (left side of the body is associated with feminine side). The energy of the volcano was so strong that I was really overwhelmed. Being an empath I felt all the “sympathetic” birthing symptoms such as headache, intense overwhelming energy, third eye throbbing, strongly opening, temples pulsating continuously.

More vents at one of the craters

As we stayed quite late we decided to walk through hardened lava on a trail to watch the volcano erupting from the distance. We turned off our flashlights and experienced the power of the complete darkness and silence. It was an amazing feeling to see and hear Mother earth giving birth… if we could only listen to her heartbeat and what she has to share with us… The whole experience at the volcano made me get in touch with my feminine side.

Diving and swimming with green sea turtles at place of refuge (Two step)
We love, love, love so dearly green sea turtles - cute, wise, ancient beings which are one of the few species on earth to have witnessed dinosaurs evolving and going extinct. We planned to interact with Hawaiian green sea turtles, so we went swimming and free diving at “place of refuge“ - (2 steps site), where green sea turtles ("honu" as locals call them) usually rest and feed. As we were looking for them, we spotted one at about 30 feet down, when out of nowhere a cute little turtle swam really fast from the depth towards the surface right between Constantin and myself, looking very curious at us. Ohhhh WOW!!! He was right on my nose almost touching me, he was so funny. We wanted so much to hug and pet her, but respecting their privacy, we refrained from touching this very little guy. He even enjoyed few of our photo shots and then dove where he came from. He just came to check us out, say “hi”, play a little with us and then left. How neat! And to add to this funny show a large turtle this time, swam up to us from below, checking us out as well, “smiling” at us and then dove back. We kept being relaxed but joyful, swimming in a gentle and relaxed manner so they could approach us. My meditation on turtles became reality as I visualized swimming with these “green” cute guys before we went out searching for them.

Whales concert - one of the best performances on Earth ever!!!
We went on a boat for a scuba dive trip and as soon as we left the harbor, we were greeted by two pods of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. The captain stopped the boat so the dolphfriends could play around the boat. When the boat started to move, four adult spinner dolphins started to ride the bow wake in the figure 8 pattern (infinity or DNA activation, chakra balancing - I like to call). They seemed to enjoy our presence to the maximum, putting up an amazing show for us while we couldn’t stop “awww-ing” and “ahhhaaa-ing” and applauding. I allowed their vibration of clearing to permeate every cell of my body, while getting all the chakras balanced. For their wonderful show they’ve been rewarded with a special orgone dolphin heart.

The most wonderful day dive (the manta ray night dive was the best though) I have ever done so far was at the place called Kaiwi Point in Kona Hawaii… As soon as we got in the water we could hear humpback whales vocalizing, sharing their repertoire of relaxing songs with us, the divers. We were so fortunate to hear the whales song for almost the whole duration of our dive. The dive master said we must have had a great karma to be so fortunate. The sound was really loud and clear, no hydrophones... LIVE concert from the vastness of the ocean. They seem like they were next to us, but as sound travels much faster in the water then air (approximately 4 times faster) they were probably further away. Althought there was some distance between us, there was no distance between our hearts. Quite a lot of messages were exchanged at subtle levels. Whales’ concert relaxed me and put me into a such a trance healing mood and bliss that I wanted to stay in the water forever. In order to experience bliss, the vibration of peace has to happen - well… whales are the essence of the ocean and our dear planet’s Peace keepers. To Hawaiians, the whale is a representation of the Hawaiian god, Kanaloa - the god of animals in the ocean. After an hour or so of diving the dive master asked me by the end of the dive if I am not cold, because everyone ended the dive except Constantin, myself and the dive master who had to stay with us in the water. What an inspiration! You’ve got to be present and experience something like this in order to appreciate… “Mahalo“ - “Thank you, thank you thank you“ . No wonder my husband says that I breath like a whale…

Whale watch trip

As whales were present everywhere we were this year (the research indicated about 10,000 humpback whales this year!!!) we went on a whale watch trip. We saw amazing breaching, various acrobatic displays, tail slap, flipper-slap, whales teaching their babies lessons of life and so on… Whales come a lot in my meditations and their energy always reminds me of peace, making me achieve the state of bliss. For quite sometimes I pray for an end to their suffering, they are still hunted and killed by humans (Japanese are few of the hunters). However the peace vibration of the planet is rising with whales and dolphins continuosly connected with the universal vibration coming from the Source. The human growing sense of protection is surprising. If almost 40 years ago, first divers were primarily hunters, nowadays divers’ spear guns were replaced by underwater cameras.

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