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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Manta ray night dive- one of the best shows on Planet Earth

Although this article is not about dolphins or whales, MANTA rays are great creatures of the sea which were part of activating my DNA in Hawaii

Manta rays also referred to as the "Butterflies of the sea”, have NO stingers so are completely safe to be around. We couldn’t miss the manta rays magnificent show this year! We were so excited to see them again this year performing their night ballet feeding on plankton, delighting us with their gracefulness. The dive master on the boat was a little nervous about mantas not showing up tonight. He said one has to have a good karma to see these creatures. I boosted him as I knew the mantas would show up. As soon as we arrived at the dive site - Garden Eel Cove, two mantas leaped out of water to assure us they will perform tonight. Although it is said that mantas are attracted by light, I think they also love interacting with people and like dolphins, mantas are curious as well. Using dive lights, we are able to attract concentrations of plankton and therefore attract the Manta rays. There were about 40 scuba divers in the water and 30 snorklers above watching the magnificent show. As soon as I started my descent I saw the first manta ray and I had to adjust my buoyancy not to lend on top of her. I made my way thru water to where the show was taking place, waited and boosted them to show up. Imagine praying and meditating under water, what an interesting experience. After about 5 minutes they arrived: one after another dancing their sacred dance through the water. They were quite a few, more then we’ve seen last year. Last year I was a little nervous when I saw these big creatures in the water with us. This year I could not have enough of them. My heart was so open this time that instead of avoiding their touch I let them touch me watching the whole thing in amazement. My body and soul were touched by manta rays. WHAT A FEELING!!! As I write this my heart vibrates and tears come to my eyes, I cannot describe the feeling, words have no value, you gotta be present there to feel these powerful emotions.
Enjoy the short manta ray video clip here: After we left the show we swam thru the night waters to see other night creatures. The night life is different from day life: red sparkle shrimps looking like glitters, moray eels not so shy, interesting fish. When I turned my head to look for Constantin there was a manta ray right in front of my nose. She was swimming right above my head touching my face. Breath taking! Then another one came right towards us, performing her nigh routine. She escorted us as we were heading towards the boat. She did not want us to leave yet, so I had to wait before getting back on the boat while manta somersaulted in circles off the stern of the boat. Whenever I am underwater I think of mantas so I can fly weightless underwater. Manta rays’ supple movement and energy inspired my yoga practice tremendously as I now move from posture to posture with gracefulness. It’s amazing how much we can learn from wild creatures. Before we left Hawaii, I meditated and said few prayers, thanking the ocean for welcoming us, dolphins for sharing their vibrant energies, whales for beautiful concert and wisdom, turtles for their cute nature, mantas for their gracefulness, all marine life and people who shared their energies with us. I also took this opportunity to bless and boost the whole planet and its inhabitants with Hawaii’s sacred energy with all people living in love-based consciousness, in peace and balance with mother earth and nature. Merging with whales, dolphins, marine and other life manta awareness, people open themselves to new levels, appreciating nature and being part of evolution together with other species. ---Lilly

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