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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolphin friends in California

Another great dolphin "meeting" in “real time” in Venice California. I was meditating with a wonderful and open group of souls -yogis and yoginis at the beach when suddenly felt someone boosting me with strong healing energy. At first I thought that was our yoga teacher sending healing energy to us… However the energy didn’t feel like his energy, so I immediately knew the dolphins showed up and wanted our attention, interacting with us. I couldn’t wait to finish my meditation and see if it’s "real". I had to stop meditating because the energy was so playful. There they were!!! My beautiful friends - jumping, leaping, playing, surfing the waves, inviting us to play with them. Their energy is so familiar to me!! I started crying. One of my friend who is a dolphin lover and lives in the area was absolutely amazed as she has never seen them so happy and playful. She said: “Lilly you called them, it’s you”! The whole day I was in playful mood, I laughed all day long, I even had to leave the yoga class as I couldn't stop laughing. Next day while meditating with the same group, the dolphin friends nudged me again… this time was a soft nudge but same energy.. dolphin energy… I opened my eyes and right in front of us there were a couple of dolphin females and their babies… How nice of them to stop and say “Hi!” to us!!! I love their great spirit and every time I interact and gift them, they always return my gifts. This time the gift was to see babies inside pregnant women with so much detail that it's mind blowing for me. I love love love these guys… My heart melts when I am in their presence…

Dolphins can scan your body with their sonar and see inside like an xray. I usually can tell when someone is pregnant, or can tell the sex of the baby but seeing so clearly the fetus inside was a mind blowing experience. I just came across to this article and now it makes sense why I could see so clearly the fetus. Was I a dolphin in a past life? Was I gifted by dolphins with this ability? See the article bellow:

Their powerful sonar can penetrate up to three feet through sand and mud
with resolution significant enough to distinguish between a dime and a penny.
Due to this power, scientists believe that dolphins can view the inside of our
bodies similar to a sonogram performed on pregnant women. Indeed, dolphins are
fascinated with pregnant women, honing in on the unborn fetus. Furthermore, they
often focus on individuals’ specific areas of impairment, as well as places
containing tumors. Many times people who swim with the dolphins can feel himself
being scanned. As if bypassing the ears, the sound resonates in the bones,
traveling up the spine. Furthermore, this blast is delivered through water,
which is 60 times more efficient than air for sound transference, to a body that
is three-quarters fluid. It is believed that ultrasound resonance within the
cerebrospinal fluid is especially important due to the fluid’s key influence on
the brain and spinal cord...from an article at

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