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Friday, February 13, 2009

The power of a dolphin ball (orgone)

Dolphin ball - two interesting words of great vibration.

Dolphins are considered great healers and the round shape of the ball is one of the most friendlier shapes on earth. Constantin and I experienced weird attacks since we use these friendly dolphin balls. We don’t pay much attention to these attacks but it’s worth mentioning because attacks most of the time mean confirmations. Blood cells are sphere shaped. The Earth is sphere shaped allowing its atmosphere to flow over, creating life… I personally love this shape of a dolphin ball, it gives out pleasant vibes. Donna’s cat favorite toy is a dolphin ball, Cristina sleeps with a dolphin ball in bed since the attempted alien abduction

Even the authorities are interested in the orgone dolphin balls: a dolphin ball was confiscated in Romania at the customs The package was held and as soon as we made a complaint the package left the very next day. Thanks God for delivery confirmations and insurance. I’ve sent a dolphin ball to Tommy in Texas and he received it after 2 weeks, usually it takes 2-3 days. It is obvious someone has an interest in checking that ball out.


Dear Lilly, I did in fact receive the dolphin ball today, January 24th. Though I don't think I'm yet able to sense energies, I felt a nice vibe when my mother walked in the door with the package. I'm curious as well to know why it took so long to get here, but it was well worth the wait. I appreciate you sending another one in spite of what happened. I've never come in contact with a dolphin, though I do plan on interacting with some soon. Now I will have a ball for them to enjoy, and one to keep for myself. I greatly appreciate your kindness. I've been lucky enough to be enlightened over the past few years, and I often visit your websites (as well as Ken Adachi's Educate Yourself site). I want to start making my own orgone to gift the area that surrounds me. However, before I start making my own, I must know; what is this zam zam water and Agnihotra Ash you speak of? If they amplify the energy, I would like to make my own orgonite with this stuff. Could you explain to me how it works and how I could get a hold of some? Thanks again for your kindness and guidance. Take care. Love & Light, Tommy

Dear Tommy, First thank you for the nice words. I believe everything has a purpose, now you have a ball for yourslef and one for the lovely dolphins. I am sure that someone was “curious” to “learn” more about this dolphin ball, it is not the first time we experience this sort of delays and held packages. I have a feeling it has to do with dolphin ball’s charged water orgone energy and its round shape. Zam zam water is a very strongly charged water, it comes from underground Mecca and I believe it is not polluted by man yet. I have no scientific explanation of this water, I just use my feelings and abilities and they tell me its very powerful. One dolphin ball with charged water has the same energy if not stronger then my fresh homemade juice (carrots added). Raw juice which is live food, nourishes ones body, a dolphin ball will nourish and heal the environment. Cloudbuster charged water is also a very strong. I love adding water into my creations, it gives strength to orgonite and most of all has the power to heal and amplify energy. Water heals and purifies. I believe it keeps the orgonite matrix energy clean and pure.
I bought zam zam water online. No wonder why my orgone creations have been attacked lately.

Usually people with low frequency cannot bear the power of strong orgone, which sometimes will create what’s called “Healing CRISES” if the physical body or spiritual body is really intoxicated. If the physical body or mental, etheric, emotional, spiritual etc. are polluted with drugs, alcohol , unexplained fear, hatred, anger etc, or are under some sort of entity possession - in other words low frequencies, the power of orgone will create a vibratory field which will try to heal. The result will be the body (bodies) detoxing really fast, creating all sorts of reactions, going into elimination process in order to achieve good health including “spiritual” health. Old, stagnant, unhealthy energies get repaired and replaced with new healthy ones.

“Agnihotra is an ancient science given in Sanskrit language at the time of creation.
Sanskrit was never anyone's mother tongue; it is a language of vibration. It is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire performed at sunrise and sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life can do Agnihotra and heal the atmosphere in his/her own home. Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love. It is a great aid to drug and alcohol deaddiction. Agnihotra also nourishes plant life and neutralizes harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It harmonizes the functioning of Prana (life energy) and can be used to purify water resources.” read more here:
Alicia and her friend Miguel know more about this healing method, which they use in healing the atmosphere in San Diego. I strongly encourage anyone to use their own healing methods and make their own gifts, this way you’ll get in touch with the divine and grow spiritually.

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