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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Los Coronados islands: whales, dolphins, sea lions

August 8, 2008 Constantin and a group of friends went scuba diving on Lois Anne boat in Mexico, Los Coronados islands, great opportunity to gift and bless the Mexican waters and marine life. Few days prior to this trip I meditated on and prayed for PERFECTION, fun, abundance, prosperity, to see whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and get to communicate with them at subtle levels. Everything was PERFECT indeed! And let me tell you why. The day we went out was August 8, 2008 - (8 - 8 - 08 )!!! Multiple 8’s. The numerology of this day is a rare geometric, symmetric alignment. A day bounded by 8’s is a most favorable configuration within the collective consciousness. Eight represents prosperity, abundance, energy, vitality. When I think of ocean I think abundance. Los Coronados Islands The Coronado Islands are a group of four islands off the northwest coast of the Mexican state of Baja California. They are uninhabited except for a small military detachment and a few lighthouse keepers. As I was experiencing motion sickness on the boat I chose a place where I could sit quietly and meditate on abundance and high vibrations inviting whales and dolphins to be part of our trip. Not long after few whales showed up, which according to Karma (our sweet and great dive master on the boat) were fin whales. Fin whale is the second largest whale and the second largest living animal after the Blue Whale which we encountered two years ago on our trip with Ken Adachi and his wife to Catalina Island. The whales put on a great show for us: breaching, tail slaps and spy hops. I asked the whales what was the message for today and the answer was : “dive safe, dive properly equipped and have lots of fun”. Thank you! I was enjoying and appreciating every single moment, realizing how blessed I am to see and communicate with these wise creatures of the deep.

I was wearing a t-shirt with dolphins while Jammie another girl diver who loves whales, was wearing a whale t-shirt. I told Jammie: “we saw whales, watch for dolphins next”. Soon after a pod of white sided dolphins joined our boat, racing around diving under the boat and then surfacing on a crest of a wave. It was absolutely magical. These guys were having so much fun, putting up a beautiful show for us: spinning, jumping, leaping. Karma and I were applauding and talking to these guys, thanking them for the entertainment. Sea lions These guys came to greet us while we were scuba diving. They were playful and would try to imitate divers' movements. They let out air bubbles, look at you then look at the bubbles like saying: “Hey look at me, I can make those bubbles too”. They are nearly always playful and curious. Remarkably graceful and quick, their underwater acrobatics resemble a graceful and at the same time energetic modern dance or ballet. A Sea lion showed out of nowhere right in front of my nose. They are so agile they catch you by surprise. She blew a bubble and then played with it, inviting us to play with her. I noticed that blowing bubbles at us divers is one of their popular games. She swam so close to us and if you would stay calm she would come and kiss you (your mask). Pete one of the divers had a “romantic encounter” with this sea lion. The sea lion kissed his mask. Pete was ecstatic. It was so funny that I could hear myself laughing in my regulator. Their playing behavior reminds me of dolphins, they use a leaf as a toy. I love interacting with these sea creatures, they are so intelligent and inspirational.

We encountered an abundant and wide variety of marine life. Watch the short video clip here:

An interesting fact I noticed was a trigger fish I saw. Trigger fish are tropical fish but for some reason they made it and adapted to this environment. Karma told me I was lucky to see the trigger fish as they are quite rare.

Heading back to San Diego, we were joined by dolphins again.

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