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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dolphin breathing Meditation

While we were in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii with dolphins, I saw them swimming/dancing in clockwise endless variations of circle games.
Dolphins showed me a meditation technique which I tried after I came home. It is a very powerful healing technique.

As dolphins are conscious breathers, every breath is something they do consciously. Dolphins breathe through their blowhole located at the top of their head. I was getting the related point for humans is the Bak-hoe (Bai-hui) point which is located in the center of the crown. It’s been said that babies breath from Bak-hoe (Bai- hui) point to connect to universal energy, where a human vortex is also found. (one hundred meridians meet at this point) .

While doing this meditation my head started to spin in a clockwise motion slowly at first, increasing gradually until my whole body and head spun clockwise from the waist up. I believe this is kundalini (“circular power”) awakening and activation.
I experience this sort of energy spin from time to time/ The first time I experienced that was in a dolphin boosting meditation.

Cristina and I experienced same circular power, our heads spinning, one time during our meditation, it was a tremendous amount of energy going thru all of our charkas, unblocking them, releasing stagnant energy.
Dolphins have the unique ability to shut down one half of their brain at a time, while the other half remains awake.

So this is what I do: I do a usual meditation focusing on the bai- hui point and/or the dolphin’s blowhole (visualizing it). As energy follows thought and intent, the bahui center gets really energized. While tapping into that energy relax half side of the brain while the other is pretty active and then switch sides. This meditation energizes me and at the same time relaxes me.

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